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Sexual Energy
  • OK, so... After more than year of using the aneros and experimenting, I've discovered the single biggest factor that seems to determine whether or not my sessions are duds, or awesome beyond words seems to be a factor I'll call "Sexual Energy".

    Basically, if I am extremely aroused and craving the feeling of orgasm to the point that I "can't wait" for my usual private time of having a session, then that session generally turns out to be really great. On the other hand, there are sessions where I'm not really aroused, or feeling in the mood, but I'll remember the intense pleasure I had, say a few nights before, and then end in total disappointment.

    It's like, it all depends on how excited I am. It has come the the point that sometimes I think I can even judge whether or not a session will be fantastic before I even start. But I do not know how to control or to turn on or off this energy. A lot of it seems to depend on frame of mind and mood. But, I really wish I had more control over it. I can go a days without any of it, and then there are days where I am about to go crazy from overload. It almost seems random. There are some theories that it is random, or cyclical, like maybe males have hormonal cycles that determine it and it is truly something that can't be controlled. But, I don't completely believe this, because it does seem to be strongly influenced by certain things.

    There are only a handful of ways I have found to do anything to boost it. There are a few fantasies I have, and certain erotic stories that really help sometimes. Masturbation (particularly ejaculation) seems to drain it. But, there have been times where I went a good while without any sexual energy, and masturbation seemed to bring it all back. There have even been times where a near dud session one night would seem to bring the desire up the next day to the point that I'd have a splendid session the next night.. it is weird.

    One thing that really seems to boost it like nothing else, is when I discover something new. It may be ordering a new aneros model, or coming up with a new fantasy, or other things. As an example I read a post about the "horny goat weed" herb and went and tried it. I think the excitement of "what will this stuff do to me?" lead to an awesome session, because trying it in the following days seemed to have little if any effect.

    Another thing that I think may be very important is being in good health, and getting good nutrition. I was sick and feeling bad for about 2 weeks a while back, and didn't have any sexual desire for the whole time. Zaneblue's diet is probably a good start for the nutrition. I do take fish oil and dark chocolate. But more generally, I believe eating healthy is probably a good idea for sexual energy as well as for other benefits. I guess food, water, sleep, and being in good health are more basic bodily needs than having orgasms, and the body will tend to those other needs first.

    Anyway, I imagine this is something very personal (ie, what works for one person may not work for another). I tried to make this post informative so others might can learn what I have discovered. But, I am also wanting to know what others have discovered as well. I doubt I am the only person in this forum that would like to know these things, so please post any suggestions for how to increase and control sexual energy.

  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80

    You have opened an excellent topic. I have often pondered the same question. I agree with all of the factors you have mentioned - good health and diet are very important. I think also adequate sleep, and definitely freedom from chronic stress are important. Depression puts a big lid on libido. When I'm happy and very content with my life, my libido is great. You mentioned the role of anticipation of something new or exciting; that has always been a big turn-on for me.

    Many years ago I read about a simple study a scientist did on himself. He lived on a tropical island by himself for several weeks at a time, and then he would go ashore for a brief period and would have sex. He shaved every day with an electric razor and weighed the whiskers on a sensitive scale. He discovered that from day to day on the island the whiskers always weighed about the same, but one or two days before going ashore, the weight went up significantly, presumable due to increased testosterone production in anticipation of sexual activity. When I read about this little study I was on a Navy ship for weeks at a time and could definitely relate to it.

    So I guess the secret to keeping a high libido - aside from all the life-style factors - is to find novel ways to spice up your sex life!

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey BF!

    I'm with Marmot!

    A whole lot of the things you listed in this post were like Deja Vu or you
    took the words right out of my mouth!

    Everything you have said seems very valid to me!

    Sometimes when I order a new toy, the first couple of times seem to be
    like these amazing fireworks, then they seem to disappear into the toy box
    with others! (into the sex toy graveyard!)

    Although, I never throw any away, because some will come back better than
    ever as my Journey twists and turns down the Orgasmic path . . .

    Good Post!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi binaryfellow,

    First of all, let me tell you how much I have enjoyed these posts of your where you go into detail about trying to figure things out. I believe that they are very helpful. For me anyway.

    I believe it was my friend hlaser99 that at one time said that he can have some of his best Aneros sessions within a day of having a traditional ejaculation. I have thought about that a lot because you would think that the ejaculation would drain you of the sexual energy as that is how it has always been understood. I have found the same results to be true with me. But, as has also been said many times, it is not ALWAYS the case.

    As experienced as I am with Aneros, the last model I got was the Peridise. I remember that first session to be phenomenal. I believe that the first session was charged with me being excited about trying something new. I still have great sessions with Peridise, but I will always remember that first one.

    The one thing that I have found fascinating is how on a particular day, my body will send me signals. It is not that I am particularly horny but I will get some "twitches" in the nether region that is like a signal that it is time. On these particular days (as weird as this sounds) I can also experience the beginnings of mini o's if I exhale deeply. The exhaling phenomenon became more acute as I started my KSMO practice. These signals very seldom (if ever) disappoint. I have no idea what that is about because like I said, it is not like I feel as though I am that high in sexual energy.

    There have also been times where my sexual energy was quite high and I have had only marginal quality sessions. You mentioned the potential for men to have some kind of cycles and said that you don't buy into that theory. I actually do buy into it. That seems to be the only explanation that I can wrap my head around. I have never tracked anything on a calendar but probably should. Maybe I would learn something.

    Again, good thread.

    edit: funny how hlaser99 responded to this thread in the time that it took to write mine.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Good idea, Buster!

    I think I will mark in the squares of this big calendar here with an: (O-1 or 2, 3, 4 or 5)
    on it to tell when I have a session and what degree of power it had???

    We'll see???

    Later, Hlaser99