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  • tace February 2005
Using myofascial balls with the aneros
  • tacetace
    Posts: 2
    I'm a newbie and have just started exploring with my MGX. I have studied extensively several mind/body disciplines. I saw a UK site that described this as a mind/body sex toy; I completely agree. Although I just started, practicing on the aneros seems to be a completely complimentary discipline to the other bodywork that I do.

    One of those disciplines is my myofascial balls. I have a set of small balls that I use for deep self-massage (AKA myofascial release). These are sold by an exercise company called Ball Dynamics; they call them Body Therapy Balls (you can see at ). When I use these balls, I regularly roll with a ball between me and my sacrum (the fused vertebrae just above the tail bone). Based on how I roll the ball, I can position my pelvis in a variety of angles.

    I found that being on top of the large/beginner ball is a great aid to inserting/removing the aneros while on my back. I have just begun to explore the dynamics of being suspended above the ball while playing with the aneros; I find it very pleasing. These are the right kind of balls to use for this kind of exploration: they have just the right amount of "give" and they are burst-proof.

    Has anyone else tried using these balls in their anerosplay? Any particular recommendations/pointers?

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Very interesting... Till now I've used a pillow in the small of my back to achieve the same effect as you'd get from sitting on one of these balls. Hmm... Must try it :)
  • tacetace
    Posts: 2

    Were you able to find these balls locally? Did you order one for yourself?

    Besides the ability to orient oneself in an interesting fashion, the intended function of these balls is to provide deep self-massage of superficial muscles. It reminds me somewhat of the Aneros devices: a very plesant device that can also contribute significantly to our health. And both the Aneros and the Myofascial balls require much time, energy, and imagination to use well.

    It points to an interesting relationship of our bodies: devices that allow us to remove long-standing tensions in our superficial muscles allow us to engage/develop the strength of our deepest muscles. I strongly suspect that profound sexual release both facilitates "core strength" and is in turn facilitated by "core strength".