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Precum flow
  • Hi all,

    I have had an aneros MGX for quite some time now and have had some very pleasurable sessions with it. However a few hours ago I had one of the best ever and what made it stand out was not only the intense waves of pleasure but the huge amount of precum I produced during the session. I have often had a little precum in the past but today I was watching the clear fluid literally drip out of my penis, my prostate felt like and must have been getting a really good milking. I kept it up for about an hour and didn't really want to stop but my arms were getting tired from the position I was in. I don't know what in particular caused it this time although on reading through various posts on the forum I have started taking fish oil, or maybe it was the position I was in (on all fours with my back curved). Has any one else had a similar experience? I have to say the aneros never ceases to surprise me.

  • First let me say welcome to the forum. There are a few of use that produce alot of precum with use of these devices. Please look back at some of my posts. After starting Zane's diet recommendations my super-O's got even more wet. The texture changes quickly from clear cowpers gland secretions to semen. There is not a session that ends without me producing alot of semen. I just consider myself lucky and go with flow. Major pun intended ha ha. Just enjoy the orgasms these devices induce.

  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi James_UK,
    I have never been a person to have a great quantity of pre-cum, some times a few drops to what almost seems like a small amount of actual pre-cum continual flow.

    I never know, and it may change from time to time. The Progasm definitely make me flow a bit more for sure.

    I would just enjoy it!! :D