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    I know there's been some discussion about caffeine and how refraining from its use may enhance sessions etc., including mention of same from zaneblue's diet. However, I seem to have noticed that caffeine before sessions can sometimes send me through the roof. Anyone else? The caffeine buzz is much like a pleasure wave due to nervous sustem stimulation - that's enough to stoke the fire for me. Doing a little experiementation this evening with a Dew Preview!
  • As someone who was on stimulant therapy for ADD (adderall), stimulants most certainly help with focus. And being more focused, I think, would most certainly help with the sessions.
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
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    Personally, ohmy06,

    I have not had a problem with caffeine at all, I can drink a couple cups of coffee, and go directly into a full blow super-O, but for some folks it may be an issue.

    Everybody's body, and body chemistry is different, and what may affect one does not affect another.

    Zaneblue has a great diet, but even she says everybody's body works differently.

    ohmy.. you now have your own Viagra type substance. :D
  • hlaser99hlaser99
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    Hey Guys!

    You can add me to the list!

    My morning coffee routine is very important to me. I guess it is more like a ritualistic thing with me, actually! I start the coffee
    brewing and kind of meditate (rest and breathe) until it's done; then I sip my Joe slowly till I come into my surroundings and then
    the world of "Norm" . . .

    I don't do anything without a Starbucks or 2 under my belt!

    Later, Guys!

  • I decreased my caffiene intact after reading Zane's book. I usually only have one cup of coffee per day appx 4 oz. If any at all. With the increase of omega-3 I orgasm non-stop. I have also noticed a decrease in my refractory period between erections after traditional orgasms usually 4-5 minutes to which my wife greatly enjoys. Thanks Zane.

  • BadgerBadger
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    Not me! I cannot tolerate caffeine at all, it winds me up tighter than a cheap watch. Like some people are mean drunks, I am mean on caffeine. A large dose (i.e., a can of Coca Cola, a glass of ice tea) can even set off panic attacks and fits of irrational rage over the tiniest minutiae.
  • OH!!OH!!
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    Yeah, the caffeine level seems to have little to no effect on me. I don't usually drink a ton, but I'll typically have a 2 shot cappacino in the morning and maybe a glass or two of iced tea at lunch along with whatever caffeine from the dark chocolate dose. I think this issue may be less of an issue for men than women, though I haven't compared by going with no caffeine. Zane does tell the women they can have some caffeine, but there should be a big gap between say a morning cup of joe and later sex in the day. Her diet also recommends for women no Ginko Biloba or Ginseng, but they seem to really help me. I think this is also an area different for guys.