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Very excited
  • Just ordered a Helix today and cannot wait to get it. It should arrive in several days and after reading about this on the forums and wiki for months and finally pulling the trigger on a purchase, I cannot wait. Should I not get off over the next several days in order to be "primed"? lol

    Any advice you can give a newbie would be appreciated as I start this journey!
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi MDGuy27,
    Welcome!!! Congrats!!
    It is good to wait a few days for sure to be primed! :D

    Now... one thing to do is be very patient with your sessions, don't force anything, feel and acknowledge the feelings you may get, clear your mind of expectations, and most important of all, relax!!

    Best of luck on the start of your journey!
  • Abstinence can be a good thing. Chances are you'll probably be pretty horny and excited as it is getting ready to use it the first time, so getting off now probably won't matter too much in the scheme of things. (if you're really feeling the urge) But as stated above, clear you expectations, relax, and enjoy whatever you discover along the way.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Yo, listen to skeeter!

    TAKE IT EASY! Don't expect fireworks your first few times out!

    You should aim for leaving it in no longer than 30 minutes a time at first. This is uncharted territory for you- don't mess it up by trying too hard.

    Your enthusiasm can potentially lead to pain or even worse - damage. Ease into it! I recommend getting yourself ready for it before it arrives. Get some vaseline and try to play with your ass a little. BE GENTLE! See if you can insert up to the second knuckle on your index or middle finger. If you can, try to curl it towards your belly and see if you can find your prostate. The key to successful aneros usage depends upon your ability to tune into your prostate and the feelings it provides you.

    Relax. It may take some time to get to the "Super-O", but the journey itself is filled with pleasure.