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did i make a mistake ?
  • i have just discovered Aneros, and in my enthusiasm to get started, i didnt read the whole website, and ordered the Eupho.. i have now just read its for advanced users.. do i have get one for beginners to "learn" or should i be ok with the Eupho ?

    either way, i cant wait for fedex to arrive !
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    You may want to begin with a different unit. Keep the eupho, but get yourself an MGX or Helix. Those are great for people new to aneros and anal play in general. The eupho is considered an "Advanced" model simply because it's a little harder to control for beginners. But by all means, use it! Just be sure to take your time and be patient. Many aneros users (such as myself) have multiple models (I have 4) and enjoy mixing things up once in a while.

    You may be one of the lucky ones and achieve the illustrious "Super-O" your first time out (THIS IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY!!!), or you may find that the Eupho is a little boring because you can't figure out how to control it.

    At any rate- if it doesn't work, get another one and try again. I consider the aneros line of toys to be fairly indestructible. They should last forever. So in the long run they really aren't that expensive!

    (Aneros employees- Can I have a free euhpo now? I think I just sold a couple hundred more units for you guys...)

    Ride the 'ros.
  • advice taken, i have ordered the Helix !
  • You could always sell the new Eupho on eBay and make most of your money back.