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Feel it working, but missing some pleasure?
  • ummmx2ummmx2
    Posts: 3
    Ive been using the Aneros for about a couple months now, and think that I am finally starting to get somewhere with it. Within the past 4 or 5 sessions I have been able to get it to start the involuntaries and maintain them. I can feel my prostate swell, and it feels like the aneros is hitting it harder each contraction, however I can feel it moving in and out, but no sustained pleasure? Ive felt the pleasure before and it feels like a tingle deep inside/in the balls, but once that pleasure goes away, its very hard to get it to come back. During one session the pleasure actually built up and moved toward my stomach as I felt like I was about to achieve orgasm and then it died and nothing happened since. (that was about 3 sessions ago). I was just wondering is there anything specific I might be doing wrong to lose the feeling of pleasure? or something I should change to maintain the pleasure? Could it possibly be due to me needing to find a better position?
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80

    Congratulations on your progress. The fact that you are getting involuntaries and tingling, especially when it spreads to your abdomen, indicates you are right on track and doing things the right way. I've found that progress is not so much determined by technique (ie position) as it is by mental attitude. This includes being relaxed yet open to erogenous feelings (being horny and open to sexual fantasy). I do best when I have no goal but simply focus on whatever good feelings are there in the present, even if they are minimal. Sustained attention to the good feelings - without trying to change them - has a way of amplifying them. Another technique which helps me is when I'm feeling myself approaching orgasm, I simply let my mind go completely blank. This is usually followed by such a wonderful bliss in my mind that I am only vaguely aware of the incredible physical sensations of orgasm, thrashing about, and endless dry ejaculation. Once you have allowed your self to have an orgasm and you know you can do it, I think a lot of the anxiety about getting one is resolved, and that makes it a lot easier for it to happen again. Keep up the good work!

  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146 said when you get close to Orgasm you sometimes let your mind go blank.
    Sounds like it might work for me ..gonna try that.
    I was unlucky and had a super O on the third day of trying....which totaly blew my mind
    and has mad it difficult to resist constantly trying to make it happen which has resulted in slower rewiring for me.
    Anyhow the total blanking of the mind sounds likely to be key.
  • ummmx2ummmx2
    Posts: 3
    I think I'm going to try that on my next session. It's just a little frustrating because I can feel the potential of what everyone on the forum speaks of. But it's difficult to reproduce at will. I think I might possibly be expecting and be too worried about feelings similar to what I felt before rather than focusing on the feelings I get during the session.