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Progress comes to a halt...
  • Hello Everyone,

    I've had my Aneros sessions religiously since I first got my MGX about a week and a half ago. After an original post here about abstinaning for a few days, I didn't listen to my own advice have continued to use both the Aneros as well has "finishing" in the traditional manner.

    Hopefully with some will power I can get a rest for a few days and get back to it. In the meantime, my progress so far has led me to some questions.

    I have developed increased sensitivity...quivering when tensing and I feel like I could practically sign my signature if a pen were up my ass! Yes, that is a joke but the point being is that I'm become very much more aware of that area.

    The tough part I have now is this..after an hour (and up to two hours) of various tension on the MGX...there is nothing that hints of an orgasm yet. The rest of my body is relaxed but I'm always keeping various tension on this device. With keeping the tension going so long..there are times that I lose awareness that I'm applying this tension which makes it seem that at times the quivering and sensations are involuntary.

    Is a matter of this tension that eventually brings on the Super-O in time? Obviously I'm a tad bit impatient...I was just under the illusion that if I put in TONS of time right off the would have me "rewired" that much quicker.

    My own intuition is telling me to give a rest for a few days and then resume where I left off.

    Any insight would always be appreciated!

  • Misterb,

    Congratulations on the progress you have made so far and also on your conscientious efforts. I have two suggestions: I think most long-term Aneros users will agree that one cannot make an orgasm happen. The more you try, the greater the chance that not only will it not happen but also that you will not enjoy the experience because your expectations are not met. I suggest that you focus on the pleasures the Aneros is giving you in the moment and forget about where it might go.

    My second suggestion is to remember that having MMO's is a matter of the body "re-wiring" itself. (I personally think that this is a neurological process which takes place in the brain.) This process takes an amount of time which is different with each person. Some members report success almost immediately, and others report success after one or two years. So my second suggestion is to be patient.

    Enjoy each session for what it brings you, and have no expectations.

    As far as taking a break, if you are feeling "driven" to get a Super-O, then by all means take a break and try to put your Aneros experience into perspective. For many of us, Aneros has opened many life-changing experiences. They didn't happen overnight but rather with a regular practice such as I suggested above.

  • rumelrumel
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    ‘Marmot’s advice is sound and I concur with it, I would also like to add the following notes as way of encouragement.
    That’s good you are becoming more aware of your body and the sensations it is capable of producing. This will serve you well as you progress. The loss of awareness of your tension level is both good and not so good. It is not so good because you want to be able to vary the intensity to create minor movement with the three main muscle groups involved with moving your massager. It is good because you are training your muscles to act automatically in response to your mental intent. The involuntary quivering is a very good sign of progress.
    IMHO, though, it is not the level of muscular tension which will instigate the Super-O, but rather the build-up of pleasure waves emanating from your prostate as a result of the massaging action of your MGX.
    You are not alone in being captivated by “… the illusion …” spending a great deal of concentrated time practicing will somehow accelerate your progress, You are quite correct, this is an illusion.
    Your own insight is excellent, when you said : “My own intuition is telling me to give a rest for a few days and then resume where I left off.” This is wonderful self counsel, I hope you follow it.
    If you are continuing to use the “HypnAerosession” CD, I also hope you will listen to ‘Alana’s invitation to keep your session a “hands free” one. I think it is important you not establish a link between Aneros use and ejaculatory orgasms if you wish to get to the Super-O.
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    1-1/2 weeks? I don't mean to sound rude but talk to us in six months or a year and tell us how it's going. Don't even try to have orgasms right now - just try to find and focus on very, very subtle pleasurable feelings. Once you do they will grow in intensity on their own - but it takes time. Not to worry, the time taken becomes very pleasurable. In the early days, I found I could jump start the pleasure and build up pre-orgasmic feelings by slowly thrusting my hips forward and backward. The feelings that I was about to have an orgasm would take me 15 to 30 minutes to achieve after beginning the slow thrusting. For 5 or 10 minutes I would feel nothing and then the feelings would slowly begin to increase. I also found, early on, that I had much better results by not ejaculating for 3, 4, or even 5 days. Keep at it - it's worth it.