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Is it normal to feel absoultely nothing your first few uses?
  • So I got the helix in the mail yesterday and have tried it out a few times already but I'm getting no pleasure at all from this thing. I wasn't excepting a lot right away, I've read the forums and understand there's a process and you need to take baby steps, but I haven't felt anything even remotely pleasurable, just the sensation that I have something in my ass. It's almost more of a turn off then a turn on.

    I'm going to keep trying I guess but this is very discouraging.

    It's almost like it's not even touching my prostate at all, I know what that feels like and even when I use the handle to angle it foward more I still don't feel anything

  • Are you on antidepressants? Because those can numb your sensations down there. Also make sure you are breathing, relaxing, use plenty of lube, total privacy, plenty of time, no manual and penile stimulation, etc. Get yourself aroused and horny before starting.
  • rumelrumel
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    Hi jax39,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    My, my, you are an impatient one, discouraged after only one day of use! I detect an attitude of immediate expectation for mind blowing orgasms. Sorry, but it most often doesn’t work that way.
    In response to your thread’s query – “Is it normal to feel absoultely nothing your first few uses?” The answer is, it is not at all unusual for new users to report their initial sessions to be devoid of sensation.
    Your Aneros massager is a gentle action device, even more gentle than being probed by a finger. As such your prostate may be slow to awaken to the gentle nudging action of these little wonders, but if you are patient and willing to listen to your body’s response language it will awaken and ultimately sing joy for you. I believe one of the keys to understanding this process is relaxing and dropping expectations of any particular session outcome.
    If you have read the Forums, as you say you have, then you are already aware of this process and the length of time many members have spent in the “rewiring” of their bodies to fully enjoy the effects the Aneros massagers are capable of instigating. My suggestion is too adopt a "don't care" attitude as you experiment with your new play thing. Tell yourself "I don't care if I don't get an orgasm right now, I don't care if it takes a week or a month or more to feel something, I don't care how long I take on this journey of learning, I don't care if I do need to read the WIKI, I don't care..."
  • Hi jax39,
    Welcome to the forum!!
    You have only had the helix one day..... You really should not expect fireworks yet!

    I don't know if you are new to anal play, but that may be part of your reason for saying it is kind of a "turn off". You must be very open minded to this type of pleasure play.

    Don't have any expectations so soon with the usage, and definitely don't give up! Your body and mind don't even know what to do yet. You will need to "Rewire". Rewiring is really a whole body training process, and you are just now starting to tell it what you want to teach it.

    I don't know what type of sessions you have had so far, but they must be about relaxation and enjoying the moment. Make sure you have at least 1/2 to 1 hour just for you, and your sessions.

    When you are new, I don't think it helps to have really long sessions, but that is just my opinion.

    Once you have lubed and inserted the helix, relax, put on some porno if that helps, take deep slow breaths, feel the helix, and start to do gentle contractions with your pc or anal muscle. Hold the contractions only about half strong for about 15 to 20 seconds each, then release. continue this for a bit, you should feel a kind of tingle when the contraction is at the proper level for each. This may help start some enjoyment.

    Gentle contractions may also help you with some prostate touching.

    I hope this helps...Oh..By the way.... it does help to be a bit horny before doing a session! :D
  • Thanks for the replies guys, there's some useful tips.

    rumel said:

    My, my, you are an impatient one, discouraged after only one day of use! I detect an attitude of immediate expectation for mind blowing orgasms.

    Sorry but I didn't mean to sound that way. As I said in my first post, I know not to expect much at first and that you have to take baby steps with it. My concern was that I haven't felt even a twinge of anything. But I'm pleased to hear that some people don't feel anything, I guess the next question is, do those people then go on to get some sensation? I didn't expect anything "mind blowing" but I did expect I would feel a little something from it after a few uses.

    I've used a small dildo (very small, like a circumference no bigger then the widest part of my helix) to play with my prostate before so I kind of know what the feeling is like. But I'm not experienced in anal play besides that. I left it in long enough to get over the odd initial sensations but after awhile the ptab just gets uncomfortable.

    As for antidepressents, I'm not on any of those. But for two of those sessions I wasn't really that horny.

    Another question, does it take some time to get it to slide in and out correctly? Right now it's moving maybe half an inch, if that. Do I need more lube? I got the syringe thing and put about 5mL in and lube up the helix itself. Seemed like enough lube, I hope I just need more practice or something
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I’ve sent you a PM with some tips and hints for your edification. In particular I noted some sections of the WIKI for you to read, please do so, I believe you will find a great deal of valuable information there.
    The amount of lube you are injecting (5ml) should be quite adequate, as you get more experienced you will probably find you are able to cut that down significantly. I rarely inject lube any more, I find coating my Aneros with the ‘Natural Jelly’ formula and a little swabbed into my anus is sufficient to keep me well lubed for several hours.
    I can’t speak for others, but I find the amount of movement in and out of my anus is probably only ¼”, now overall movement may be at most ½” for me. As you become more sensitive to the internal feelings you will find pleasurable feelings can and will be generated from even the slightest of motion. If you are getting ½” movement now, that is more than adequate to generate good massage action.
  • Hi Jax39,
    I must have been writing about the same time as rumel, and
    did not see his post until I submitted later.
    rumel ALWAY has some of the best advice available for new users. :)

    Also did not see equalityboy81 post as well. must have some real lag time tonight :o

    Jax, you have some good information to move forward.

    You will get the sensations, give it some time.
    The p-Tab may be uncomfortable at first and this is very normal, you will get use to it.

    You also should be horny like equalityboy81 and I both have said, if you are not, you just wont get there.

    I would really suggest getting use to your own body. Use some foreplay on yourself, check out your breasts, thighs, play with your butt, have some fun!!

    Dont worry about how much the Aneros is moving in and out, it will just not help with the rewire. Let all your worries drop. Free your mind of all thoughts and embrace any feelings.

    It sounds like you are OK with lube. "Practice", but not as a task that has to be accomplished.
    Have Fun!!
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    I had the same initial experience. I found that by laying on my side and thrusting my hips, like I was having traditional intercourse and at about the same speed, a pre-orgasm feeling would develop. Not immediately, it would take about 15 minutes before I felt anything. By focusing on the feeling it would slowly grow in intensity until I had a min-orgasm that felt wonderful but only lasted a second or two. I also found that waiting for 3 or 4 days from my last ejaculation would help. This is how I began and I suspect others did too. Keep at it - it's worth it - believe me. You may become addicted to the feelings.
  • Jax, I can empathise with you since I am relatively new to Aneros myself. A lot of articles that you read on this forum will make since only after you begin having sensations with the Aneros. I would say that patience, relaxation, and lowering your expectations are the keys to my own personal success. Once I quit trying to hit the 'Super O' and just started to build on minute sensations did I start to have any type of success.

    For me, I found the position of laying on my back with my feet flat brought on my first sensations. I stuck with this position for weeks. I knew I was on track when I started having 'leg shakes' that were mainly in my outer thighs and calves. Then I learned to re-direct that energy towards my pelvis and inner thighs. From there, I now am getting great energy, sensations, and orgasms in all the right places.

    I would suggest not trying to make your Aneros move inside you. That will take care of itself. Hold your contractions at a constant level rather then trying to ramp up the movement by increasing the level of contraction. Move your pelvis ever so slightly up and down or stretch your back ever so slightly in order to get sensations started. I also move my knees wider and narrower to get sensations. These movements are very slight and very slow - it doesn't take much.

    Probably the greatest technique for ramping up sensations that I learned from this forum is tweaking your nipples. This is amazing in that I've never felt that my nipples were particularly sensitive until I tried this with the Aneros product. It's like a direct switch to your prostate!

    Good luck and have patience. It is worth the time and effort!