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Starting the journey
  • Hello all,

    I thought I would finally post in that I'm hoping to break some new sexual ground in regards to this product.

    I was introduced to the prostate as a part of sexual play about 10 years ago while in an office affair. During sex with her on top, she would often use her finger inside of me that brought me to new levels of satisfication during regular intercourse.

    To be honest, I haven't had another partner be up for such things since then but I certainly became aware of another zone during sexual activity!

    I found out about the Aneros product a little while back and thought I would purchase one and see if it lived up to it's promise. Originally I didn't experience much with but didn't manage to have one unique dry orgasm that occured when the MGX slid in rather quickly during one session where I had thought it was completely in. I don't think this was on the level of the "Super-O" but unique none the less.

    After a while I decided to give up in that it felt nothing more than something "in my ass" if you'll pardon the expression. So the first MGX went in the trash.

    Well curiousity if I had given up too soon hit me a little while ago and I decided to purchase another MGX about two weeks ago. Since that time I've had about four to five sessions to get me re-acquainted with things.

    I also purchased the Hyno-therapy CD via the web and I'm quite impressed with it. As someone who works in audio recording and voice over work...I really enjoy "Alana's" voice and coaching as you go through a session. KUDOS to Rumel that put this's FANTASTIC.

    So where I'm at right now is having some involuntary spasms with the MGX in during a session. During these minor spasms, I lock up momentarily it's quite unique. Not necessarily a matter of pleasure that brings this about, but they happen. At other times, I have the SLIGHTEST physical indication that there might be more to come down the road. I can almost sense there is another way to achieve an orgasm but it will take some time. I certainly plan to give it a sincere try.

    I haven't had another dry orgasm as mentioned with my first MGX but I'm hopeful things will start to happen down the road.

    Another big challenge is not finishing off a session in the traditional way of achieving an orgasm considering I'm just starting the re-wiring process.

    Some basic questions I have are:

    *will a period of abstinence from generic masturbation help a bit?

    *for some of you that have reached the Super-O...has your path started off similiar to mine...???

    hopeful for what might come!

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    To answer you question, yes, some users have found abstinence to be helpful, others have not. Of course there's only one way to know for sure how it will work for you.....experiment. (I have found it helpful myself).

    You seem to be at a good place with this so far . Give it time and be patient....stay with it, and you will discover more pleasures down the road.

    Be sure to check out the WIKI. Many answers to the most common questions can be found there.


    BF Mayfield
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,419

    Welcome to the Forum,

    Thanks for purchasing the “HypnAerosession” CD’s and the compliment. Yes, ‘Alana’s voice is oh so reassuringly seductive, I think most men will willingly follow her gentle instructions, leading them exactly to where they want to be.
    IMHO, some period of abstinence (maybe double or triple your usual interval) from traditional masturbation will enhance your level of arousal. As ‘BF Mayfield’ has often pointed out, high arousal levels are necessary for most men to reach a Super-O.
    I think there are a great many diverse starting points for the men who embark on this journey but most of us have a similar goal – consistently having Super-O experiences. I don’t think it matters too much from whence you start, it is the journey itself that is the adventure.
  • Hello Misterb and Welcome!

    I see you have already met a couple of my Pals here on the Forum!

    This is a good post and your beginnings are quite normal to us ALL!

    I, like Brian and Rumel, find that a period of abstinence is helpful to raise
    my arousal level and more easily bring a "dry orgasm" into a session!

    I think we all come into this journey from diverse backgrounds and we are
    all ages here. But once we are on the correct path, we often reach the same
    "milestones" along the way!

    I believe you are on this path and I agree with Rumel that the Journey is the
    most interesting and amazing part of it ALL! (but the O's are great too! LOL!)

    Enjoy yours and please post your progress, so we can ALL be a part of
    your experiences!

    Later, Hlaser99

    P.S. Glad you are also a member of the Alana fan club . . .