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Body Convulsions?
  • When I use the aneros, and I have for quite some time on and off, the result always ends up the same. I have no idea if anyone else gets the same reaction or if I'm feeling what many other experience as a precursor to more pleasure, but after starting off with breathing, lube, insertion etc... I relax for 15 mins. I then start some mild contractions. After a while, my heart rate gets up, the aneros starts contracting inside my anus on its own accord. This comes in waves, subsides and then starts up again. Interesting, but no big cigar or pleasureable sensations to write home about. After more of this, the contractions get faster and faster, feeling like they are building up to something big- and then BAM: my legs , arms and hips start shaking uncontrollably. Sometimes my head even gets into it as I buck wildly all over the bed. Again, this is interesting, but nothing to write home about in the pleasure department. The aneros at this point seems to stop contracting inside me and the muscles seem to push it back out to the "relaxed" postion in my anus. I have ridden these body convulsion for up to an hour at one point, which was exhausting. Still, the aneros feels bland and unerotic inside me. Can someone please tell me- are these convulsions good or bad? Do they lead to more pleasure? Every session has been the same now for over a year, these uncontrollable shakings seem, for me, to "short circuit" the feelings of tension/contractions that the aneros was inducing. I have tried to resist the shaking and I have tried giving in to it, but the result is always the same. After a while I have to end my session as it starts just get annoying/tiring! Does anyone have the same experience? Are these body spasms part of the just natural process of the aneros engaging the prostate?
  • OH!!OH!!
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    Hmm.. generally sounds like you are going the right direction...but no good orgasmic sensations eh? I'm thinking your body may be stimulated but you aren't feeling orgasmic because your brain isn't set up for it well at the moment for some reason. You might read 'The Orgasmic Diet' and check that out. In particular it uses fish oil to improve Dopamine ratios in the brain which are associated with our ability to orgasm. There may be other issues as well.
  • My experiences in using the Aneros toys are exactly the same as yours. The anal contractions, shaking, convulsions, etc., etc. And I, like you, are somehow expecting an orgasmic crescendo to occur which so far hasn't happened. Quite possibly though we're trying to associate this type of orgasm with the feeling we get with an ejaculatory orgasm. However in this case we know that once we reach the crescendo and cum, its all over. Quite frankly the continual waves we experience using the Aneros are quite nice and pleasurable.
  • rumelrumel
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    I think you identified the problem exactly when you said - “Quite possibly though we're trying to associate this type of orgasm with the feeling we get with an ejaculatory orgasm.” In my experience the prostate based orgasm is inherently different, it may be more or less intensely pleasurable than a traditional ejaculatory orgasm but the big difference is the duration of the event. MMO’s are not possible for me via the traditional ejaculatory route. The MMO’s I get via prostate stimulation typically never have a distinct crescendo, it is more like the withdrawal of an ocean wave on a beach which is then replaced by the next cyclic wave surge. Sometimes the session intensity is stronger like an incoming tide, rising higher with each new wave, sometimes weaker like the ebbing tide cycle.
    In any case, if you are able to derive pleasure from tradition manual ejaculation with the Aneros in place, then you should be able to transition your thought processes to establishing the pleasure link to the Aneros use alone. It seems to me you may be holding on to the concept that the prostate orgasm should feel like a penile orgasm, I don’t believe it does.
  • OH!!OH!!
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    Let me restate this. I suspect your brain chemistry isn't set up to experience this type of orgasm. Research particularly for women seems to indicate that many women experience various degrees of orgasm and many don't using the same types of stimulation. In other words they feel the sensations but those sensations don't have the same effect. Therefore I assume it is the same for men, and likely IMO the reason so many on this forum don't experience the full Aneros experience of pleasure. I believe that men, just like women's brains have to have the right balance of chemistry, hormones, dopamine and seratonin, etc.

    I think everyone (including those individuals trying to help with more experience) shouldn't assume various users with no results are doing something wrong...they may really need a change of diet, lifestyle and supplements to derive the full Aneros pleasures. Then again I will say a lot of newer users really do need to learn and be patient and there is an amount of 'rewiring' that needs to be done particularly in the sense that the individual and their brain have to come to recognize and experience those new sensations as pleasurable. Likely with such new sensations it takes a while for the brain to build new connections. There are other examples of this. After many ankle injuries the brain has to be retrained to know when the ankle is leaning a certain degree. Nerve damage and connections / associations have to be reconnected. Same way with new sensations and stimulations of body parts none of us are used to. The brain has to learn how to deal with this and what it means.
  • I think the only bit ur missing is the calm seas super o which is the next step.
    Do u listen to the hypnosis tracks?
    I think some of it lies in blindly trusting the process and focusing on and enjoying each different sensation as it arrives without judgement and expectation.
    The super o isn't a defined goal to aim for. Its a reward that comes naturally if you focus on what's happening moment by moment without judgement or criticism
    Good luck
  • Well, I'm still not sure what to do at this point. If I should ride the shaking out or not. Its still quite violent at times and not particularly pleasureable. Obviously the aneros is engaging the prostate, but it still feels like once my limbs start convulsing its actually "breaking the spell" and my anus pushes the aneros back out out. Almost as if my body was rejecting what the aneros is doing. I really can't control it all, I'm just letting my body go on autopilot! I've been doing this for years now (on and off) and I never know if what i'm doing is correct.
  • Hi ALL!

    Very interesting thread! (Especially OH!!'s comments about body chemistry!)

    Hi qwer1234,

    All the above threads are quite true . . . IMHO, the element that works best for me and maybe for you, as well,
    is only having Aneros sessions "when you are very horny and stimulated sexually!"

    This could have allot to do with the "body chemistry" OH!! speaks of???

    Perhaps abstaining from ejac for a while will help too!

    Another suggestion is to try the The HypnAerosession CD to put you In the mood and in the right mental state
    and relaxed, etc.!

    This is just a simple viewpoint from where I stand . . .

    Later, Hlaser99
  • I can identify in that, initially, I had incredible leg shakes which were really different, but not at all in a sexual way. I learned to re-focus that energy to the groin area. The difficult part is trying to explain how I accomplished the re-focusing of energy. My most successful position is on my back with my feet flat on the surface. I find that a hard surface works best for recognizing the cause and affect of my movements. All my movements are Slow and gradual and include very slightly moving my pelvis up and down (sort of a ultra slight arching of the back motion). Another trick to redirecting the energy is to slowly move my knees apart. Since, I have learned to redirect the energy, I hardly ever get the lower leg shakes, but almost always get the hips and thighs to convulse. The really hard orgasms seem to come from these convulsions and center towards my lower back and groin.

    I think another helpful tip is that when I first started out, any convulsions would cause me to contract more and more which is the normal method of getting a traditional orgasm. I've learned to keep my contractions at a lower level and only occassionally reach out for the full contraction. You read a lot of suggestions on relaxation, and this goes hand in hand with the suggestion to relax.

    Good luck! I would say that you're very very close.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    qwer1234 said:

    Well, I'm still not sure what to do at this point.

    Well, I might add here that we should also keep in mind the physical / medical benefit of using the Aneros. We all talk all the time about the pleasure and orgasms we get with this tool, but truth is I found Aneros while searching on information about taking care of my prostate. The prostate massage it provides sounded like a great benefit. After that I found it very intruiging that orgasms were a possibility. Let me state that I have definitely noticed an improvement in my prostate health and my hemorrhoid health using the helix, mgx, progasm and peridise. I pee better, get up less frequently at night, have better erections, and hemorrhoid tissue has shrunk and almost never bleeds anymore. So, from that perspective there are reasons to continue just for the health benefit.

    If you want orgasms along with your 'convulsions' then I'd say you need to look more into the 'science' of orgasm. Try a diet like The Zone, eat dark chocolate regularly and take fish oil regularly. See if you notice a change in a couple weeks.

    Other than that I think only you can decide if it is worth it. For me the answer is a definite yes and there is really no turning back. I'd only stop if I had some sky high PSA reading and even then it would be tough. I'd only stop then because you aren't supposed to massage the prostate if it may be cancerous as it may spread it and aggravate it in your body. For me...all my PSA tests have been great for over a year of weekly use sometimes a few times a week.
  • Interesting. I have had the exact same experience.
    First I got leg shaking in a sitting position. Then when I lied down on my back I could convert the leg shaking to pelvic thrusting (involuntary), body shaking, rapid breathing. I thought I was on my way! pleasure. Nothing. I have the MGX, perhaps it is not engaging the prostate enough?
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Yep, sounds like some of you guys are having trouble. You are obviously being stimulated hence the shaking / convulsions but no pleasurable / orgasmic feelings. This seems really similar to the way women often describe their orgasms (or attempts at orgasms). Some women are multiple talented with all sorts of orgasms and other women get.... nothing. I think Marrena goes a ways to explain this in her book The Orgasmic Diet. There have been studies on orgasm, but a lot isn't understood why some can and some can't. Marrena had a life changing experience where she basically determined the dopamine / seratonin levels in the brain (for one) were part of the issue preventing her from having orgasms. In particular dopamine levels I believe are most important. Do a quick Google scan on 'dopamine orgasm'. Also fish oil has high amounts of DHA which help produce dopamine in the brain. That's why taking a lot of fish oil and eating dark chocolate can help improve pleasure and apparently orgasmic ability.

    There can be other issues as well. Some of you that are having difficulties can be having them because you smoke, or are on anti-depressants or other meds, you have an improper diet, or may even have other issues or injuries you may or may not be aware of. All of these things could affect your seratonin / dopamine levels and effect your ability to feel pleasure from these sensations and the ability to orgasm.

    If I were you I would focus on this aspect of the problem, address the issue, and once you have it estabilished that you have no road blocks preventing your from orgasming then continue working on your technique and rewiring.
  • I have posted many thanks to zaneblue for helping us men by female orgasm research. Get her book and pay attention when purchasing your fish oil you want the highest quality ie refined with the largest amounts of DHA/EPA you can find. This decreases your orgasmic threshhold making it easier for men to orgasm via your prostate. Be forewarned as she has stated many times if you have any problems with premature ejaculation you might want to cut down on the amount of fish oil or avoid the diet if this affects other areas of your sex life.