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MGX Dissapointment
  • Well after reading review after review of happy customers I decided to form out the $$ and get the MGX. I don't know how other people have rated it, or if Aneros decides to only keep positive information on the forum, but I was dissapointed. It didn't seem to do anything for me, and I've tried now on 3 seperate occasions, plenty of anal lube and between 1-2 hours each time. I don't know if maybe it's not long enough or what but I don't get much in the way of pleasurable sensations, I get no precum which I've seen in all the videos practically pouring out, and I've tried on my stomach, back and sides to no avail. Has anyone else had this kind of experience and did you manage to get somewhere (Different model perhaps?) as I was really excited awaiting my MGX to arrive after ordering, but now can't believe I wasted the money :( It's a shame I ordered from an Australian supplier instead of Aneros direct (I prefered to not have this kind of item xray scanned by customs :P) otherwise I would of asked for a refund :(
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    You may have read multiple happy reviews at websites other than this one as inducements to purchase the product, this is typical marketing hype and logically you know not ALL purchasers will achieve the same degree of results.
    You have logged onto a pretty unique Forum established by a manufacturer who believes so firmly in the value and quality of its products that they permit users to post their negative comments as well as their positive comments. If you would take some time to read through a few pages of these users comments you will see the real truth about usage emerge. The support people at Aneros are very tolerant of users who have not experienced sensations which approximate their expectations. I think this is possibly due to the fact many users, who experience limited initial success, actually do achieve marked successful experience later by going through the learning process we call “rewiring”.
    If you were expecting to achieve a Super-O the very first time you used the massager, you should understand for some users the learning curve can be steep and take a long time to develop one’s techniques sufficiently to achieve Super-O's. I invite you to look at the users Poll on this subject, see - . Nearly one-quarter of these men have taken longer than one year to achieve a Super-O but patience and persistance can pay off.
    Precum (Cowper’s gland emissions) should not be used as a gauge of successful Aneros use. Some men produce prodigious amounts, some men produce very little (I’m in this group) as a result of their Aneros use. Again, if you read extensively in the Forum, you will note numerous examples of men discussing this effect. I invite you to look at the users Poll on this subject also, see -
    The first time I tried the Aneros, I too felt very little in the way of sensations. I think this is because prior to my Aneros usage almost all sexual stimulation was directed toward and emanated from penile centered sensations. Effective use of the Aneros requires a paradigm shift away from penis based pleasure/stimulation patterns. Some men will find this difficult, some may find it impossible, some find it relatively easy to transition into this mode of thinking. Attitude will greatly effect your success here. You need to open you mind to new experiential possibilities, be adventuresome and experiment a lot! This all needs to be done without expectation of immediate success and with a gentle resolve to allow the learning process to evolve unforced and unfettered with thoughts of what “should be happening”.
    It is obvious from your post you are frustrated and a bit angered from feeling you were conned into this purchase.
    Since you may not be able to return the product for refund, my suggestion to you is put your MGX away for a month, read all you can here on the Forum and especially read the WIKI. Then, after a month, try out your MGX again, with no expectations but now well fortified with valuable information. I suspect that next session will yield some different results.
    That’s my opinion anyway, I hope it helps
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi anerosnewcummer,

    I think that Rumel did a great job responding here, but thought that something from somebody else might be helpful as well. I felt NOTHING at first and I started with the MGX as well. I have a rather lengthy blog here where I posted all along in my journey with Aneros. I had a huge amount of frustration! All I can tell you is if you have the time, it really will change how you relate to yourself sexually.

    Stay with it. Take each session for what it is and try not to anticipate too much. I got to the point where I tried to consider each session like some kind of meditation session. A time where I could slow my mind down and rid myself of the days stress.

    Hang in there anerosnewcummer and keep coming back to the forum for encouragement if needed.
  • Hi anerosnewcummer:

    First I'd like to say I'm also new to the Aneros. I just recently purchased the Helix and have had several 1 - 2 hour sessions. Some with new feelings and some without. Every session though seems to bring something new. What I've found is that I take pain meds during the day and this really degrades my sessions. I'm also an avid beer drinker and this too degrades my sessions. I found that after a good nights sleep when I'm fresh in the morning my sessions are better. I haven't experienced the Super O but I'm really enjoying what feelings I am getting. I realize it takes some guys a year to experience what the "Pros" do but I'm patient. As for the Precum I get just alittle but what I do feel is like I'm going to ejaculate and then the feeling goes away. I will get there. I also never get an erection. My favorite position seems to be on my back with my feet flat on the bed. Hope this helps. Remember I'm a Newbie also. Take care.....
  • Antidepressants can hinder your progress or sensitivity in the prostate and/or penis. Zoloft especially.
  • They really need a fast forward button on the Aneros...After reading about peoples experiences with 'calm sea orgasms' makes me wanna jump in quicker :P Almost sounds like an orgasm while meditating in a peaceful surrounding...

    Seriously though, how many times were people using it before they started to feel something? (I know it's goign to vary but i wanna get a gist of the numbers)
  • Keep at it!
    Just relax and take each session as a learning experience without judging or trying to do better next time. Focus on the sensations with curiosity and use the hypnoaerosession(don't ask me how it works but you will be blown away every time).
    Also choose a time you can experiment without limits or fear.
    Also study the posts
    2 months back if someone had talked to me about prostatic orgasms or tantric experiences I'd have said "what?!" In scepticism.
    experiencing is believing and believing is experiencing!
  • Firstly what is 'hypnoaerosession'? I did a search on here but can't find any other posts.
    Secondly....I'm thinking now it may be possible.
    Yesterday I got about 30 seconds of involuntary contractions, I don't know what did it or if it was a combination of everything new I tried but I had used a tens machine (low so you don't feel the tickle) in the same fasion as slightest touch ( ) as well as giving myself an enema, and by kneeling as suggested in
    And it felt great while it lasted....Then I was trying to get it to happen again but couldn't so I gave up that session from frustration and just went old fashioned. But at least I know it is probably going to be possible for me. I guess I'll see how I go next time!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey guy,

    Here is where you can get more info on the CD
  • Does anyone have this CD and can they tell me if they found it useful/less?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I have got it and I use it almost all the time. It enables me to get to a more relaxed and concentrated state that makes my sessions more productive.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    To be open and upfront I am personally biased in favor of this little project as I am financially and emotionally invested in its success. My collaborators have invested a little bit of their souls into this effort as well, but here is a sampling of some other members’ thoughts about “HypnAerosession” :

    I don’t claim this will get you to the Super-O, but I do think it can help many new users rapidly advance their learning in that direction.
  • My advice follows that of the experts. I started with an MGX and 5 or 6 long sessions of chasing the o. I tried too hard and squeezed the hell out of the mgx ...I am surprized that I didnt crush it. The turning point for me was falling a sleep, well lubed with my helix inside. Early in the morning (4 am) I woke up with the most wonderful tingling in my rectum. I then began to very gently contract (kind of like blowing on a tiny flame to get it to spread). You can't squeeze or try too hard. After a while I could feel the exquisite feeling growing ...but that time and a few afterwards as it grew I clenched down and smoothered it. I was stuck here for several more sessions.

    I continued to read the posts and everyones advice to let orgasms come to you and not chase them. It took practice but I learned to relax and follow the p waves wherever they went. I found myself having imagery of following the feelings ... and narrating the experience to myself. Also the same breathing that my wife did during child birth ... hyperventilating bursts and verbalizing became very important.

    Each session is a learning process and you need to experiment each time what feels good for you. You will get there.
  • Hmmmm...I might try sleeping with it sometime (Anyone else tried this?¿? How'd it go???) as I've tried just about every other thing (Including mowing the lawn with it as I read somewhere that someone had done that and the vibrations were great hehe) without much success. be blunt and to the point, if you left it in at night, wouldnt your body push faeces into the area and restrict the movement?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey anc,

    Sleeping with it in has been discussed quite a bit since I have been a member so there is a ton of information somewhere. I have not been a fan of it. For me, I would usually not sleep all that well with it in and after a couple of hours that whole area gets numb. That can't be good. Be careful.

    And the answer to your other question is yes. It can be a messy clean up in the morning.
  • I had an MGX as well and didn't like it much. The tab pinched, it was too small, and you had to contract to get good contact. I have had much better luck with the Helix.
  • Well thats what I was thinking too (The helix) as that was the most popular in the polls. I might just keep persisting with the MGX because I can't afford another at present but I may consider getting it down the track, unless I get lucky with the MGX, in which case I still might buy the helix to add to my arsenal.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi anerosnewcummer

    Even those of us who sing the praise rightly of Aneros, and the MGX that I also started with, had to take our time and let our bodies adjust and awaken to this stimulation, and I say this as a guy who had been doing some prostate massage prior to getting the MGX.

    Patience is more than a virtue here, it is an essential. It took me most of a year slowly awaiting and allowing the slightest involuntaries to slowly grow. In fact, I decided to see, as some others here have, if the Key Sound technique ( would work for me and boost the Aneros effects. Most don't recommend mixing techniques at least initially, but for me it worked, again gradually but more rapidly than at first.

    Both Aneros and KSMO ultimately awaken the fundamental orgasmic or life force energies we live with but may never recognize otherwise. Now, in the last 9 months, my wife and I are sharing cosmic union dry orgasms lasting on average about two hours and often ending, because we are slightly old-fashioned in a fabulous Super-O into Super-T finale or just pleasurable dénouement! Thanks to Aneros and KSMO, and patience!

    Ultimately my MGX taught my anal/rectal/prostate/perineum area everything it needed to know to DIY, along with the Key Sound. Having later got a Helix and Eupho, my new favourite and best success is the Eupho. Again we all have slightly different sizes and shapes of anatomy inside and out, like finding the shoe that fits best!

    Butt thanks, and long live the MGX!

    It is recognized here as The Journey and a journey it really is!

    all the best on yours

  • anerosnewcummer,
    I was in your boat of thinking I possibly needed the helix or a different model. It was about 4 months for me until anything great happened.
    Be patient and don't try to force it. Trust me, the end result is worth it.