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Is this normal?
  • Hi, I'm new.

    I only recently got an aneros (MGX and the Progasm)
    I've only used them about 4 times so far, and after someone directed me to the wiki I realized I've been going the wrong way about it, so hopefully the next time I try (doing it the right way) it will work out better.

    I wasn't very aroused at the time, which may have been the problem. I have a pretty low sex drive, especially for my age (20y.o ... I only feel the need to masturbate about once every 3 or 4 days) so I wasn't particularly horny at the time, I just wanted to try out my new toy :roll: I'm gonna wait about a week without masturbating before I try again so that I'm more aroused.

    What I want to know though is, is it normal for a beginner to feel no "special" sensations whatsoever? I don't feel any pressure or tingling on my prostate... infact, I feel nothing that indicates that its even hitting my prostate at all... even with the Progasm which is a lot bigger than the MGX. It just feels, normal :? (well, as normal as having a huge piece of plastic shoved up you can do anyway haha)
  • rumelrumel
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    Hi Cerberus,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    While I somewhat dislike the term “normal” the answer to your question – “… is it normal for a beginner to feel no "special" sensations whatsoever?” is Yes and No. New users often report little or no sensations/feelings from these massagers upon first usages. This is because they must first awaken that sleeping jewel of sensuality, your prostate (see - ). Once your prostate is awoken, you will begin to feel some new, pleasing sensations You need to understand these initial feelings are very subtle and you will need to train your mind to recognize them when they occur. As you become familiar with those feelings you will be able to focus upon them and gently amplify them utilizing the many techniques described on the Aneros home page ( ), in the WIKI ( ) and throughout this Forum.
    Being adequately aroused is essential, so your plan of abstinence to build sexual tension and desire is a good idea.
    Be patient with yourself, without expectations and wonderful little surprises will be bestowed upon you.
  • First let me say welcome to forum. If your libido is to low it will have an effect on your pleasure obtained you the aneros. Have you ever palpated your own prostate? It is very easy to do. Just lube up your index or middle finger apply gentle pressure to your anal sphincter and it should slide right into your rectum. Relax for a moment or two then apply pressure forward toward the anterior of your body. You will feel soft-sponge area with a crease running down the middle separating two area's of the prostate. If you press a little harder if might feel like you have to urinate this is very common with prostate massage. If you can barely feel the prostate bear down (like a bowel movement) this will move the prostate toward your rectum and make it easier to palpate. Now that you know what it feels like lube up slide your favorite in and relax. One suggestion I would start with the MGX over the progasm if you are not use to prostate stimulation. I would question your low sex drive just because the more turned on you are the better the results. You have purchased a WIDE range when if comes to size. Are you very experienced with anal play? Keep in mind alot of people do not have success right away. Do not get discouraged. These toys are wonderful devices once you learn what they are capable of doing to your prostate. If you continue to have a low sex drive I would do two things. Go get a testosterone check by your physician this should be a free testosterone or bioavailble testosterone. These two test are better indicators of true testosterone deficiency. Second I would look into Zaneblue's diet. "The Orgasmic Diet" This lady has done a wonderful job in the realm of clitoral, vaginal and prostate orgasms. Her diet should help you with your libido. Make sure you are not taking any medication that will have an effect on your libido. She covers all of this well in her book. Hope this helps some. Remember not everyone has super-O's right out of the box. I sure did not but I continued to experiment and I am very glad now I did not give up on my prostate.

  • Zoloft will definately screw up your libido. Anti-depressants in general can have a negative effect, speaking from experience. Are you taking any? They can affect your prostate in the same way as your penis where libido is concerned. But sometimes one works better than the other where the penis and prostate are concerned but these two organs usually don't work well at the same time with meds like that. Orgasms and antidepressants don't mix well but some of us have to take them unfortunately. I wish they could come up with a good medication that didn't have any sexual side effects. I was told by one of the best urologist in my area that ALL antidepressants have sexual side effects whether they say they do or not. They decrease your libido. I take Yohimbe/Yohimbine and Horny Goat Weed to counteract some of those side effects.