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I have realised what is holding me back - FINALLY!!
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    It has all been to do with focus.

    What I have found in the past is that I have used the device and achieved pleasurable results from simply lying on my back/side/front, but have yet been able to tip the scales and go into the super o area.

    The other night I was particularly revved up and I popped on some stimulating videos on the laptop and found that the focus being away from what I was doing unlocked he door.

    The device was going mental on its own accord, and I had sensations of ejaculation (even though there was nothing there) that went on for minuets and full body convulsions (I have had before, but not as intense).

    The difference that I noticed was that I simply accepted what was happening to me rather than spending time thinking 'Oh that was good' or 'Thats near a super-o' etc....

    So if you are having trouble with getting there, then perhaps trying a little external stimulation may help.

  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Hi Morn,

    I have posted previously about my finding that over focussing/concentrating can, in itself, be a block. It is something that I still have to guard against and I try to sink into the pleasure/let it take me over. Meditation music helps me and, like you, 'visual stimulation' :wink:

    Hlaser has it pat in his sig: "Relax, Breathe and Observe the Feelings".

    Have fun,

    Old Wolf
  • Excellent advice Morn.
  • when you say you were focussing on something you mean you physically stopped contractions and focussed on something else and the contractions just came on their own? Or were you focussed on something while mentally aware of doing contractions on purpose?
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I'd describe it as a 'dance'. You don't want to over step or lead too strong, you want to harmonize with your 'partner' and their moves. Lately I've noticed I don't really contract much...I just gently hold and feel / absorb the feelings as they wash over me and through / into my brain. Typically for me I am concentrating on some really hot female I know or met, and I imagine her in some delicious physical interaction with me.

    On another note... once the process of orgasm has begun I also noticed once that during an orgasm (the type of which I believe is often characterized as 'third eye' in Tantra) I orgasmed more when I focused on the spot of energized excitement (in this case the third eye), and when I did it made my whole body and prostate react more and orgasm more. This can be true with other types of orgasms as well. For instance a belly button / abdominal type chakra orgasm may come sooner than other types. You can sense and focus on the orgasm occuring there and that can help intensify it or help bring it on rather than focusing on your prostate, anus, etc. Of course the sensation of your prostate will be there, but just focus on other things as well. Don't just get solely tied up into that prostate / anus sensation alone. Be aware that the stimulation is affecting your whole body.

    I'd say I stay very relaxed, and just expect to 'journey' and enjoy whatever pleasure that session brings. I don't have a lot of preconditions. I don't forcefully contract anymore unless I can't get anything going. I spend more time just noticing the sensations and enjoying / dancing with them. As you get lost in the 'dance' the sensations and rhythm increase. The orgasmic productivity comparison of one session to another is typically not based so much on my technique as it is on my body's receptivity to it. This is why I keep stressing to others the need for physical preparation for orgasm. This includes fish oil, possibly certain supplments, plenty of rest, possible semen retention for 'x' amount of time, enough time for a session with no distractions. Once you start having orgasms you just accept them and you stop striving. You no longer then feel the need to try to 'force' them by actively contracting, pushing, contorting, etc. Prepare your body, - super charge it to be ready for orgasm, then take the time to enjoy yourself. Allow your self to 'journey' and merge with / absorb the pleasure you are feeling. Follow that ride where ever it leads, and don't be afraid to experience something over that horizon which you know is lurking there which may overwhelm you - that is unless you think you are getting so excited you worry about a heart attack or something. In that sense don't over do it, but don't be afraid to go there.