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I can't get no satisfaction
  • Picked up a Progasm at the local adult store. I have enjoyed using it for the anal stimulation, however I have never experienced anything like the reactions described by forum members. No tingling, vibrating, or body rushes. I am 58yo and seem to be sliding down the impotence slope. I can still have sex with the wife, however the wood is not as hard. I was told the Aneros would help by "exercising" my prostate thus improving sexual performance. I was delighted to read everyone's testimonials about "Super O's". So what am I doing wrong. I have left the Progasm in for more than an hour and contract my sphincter. I do love the anal sensations, but feel something is missing reading this forum.

    Suggestions, please. :?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome Yellowjacket55!

    As a 61 year old, married guy with similar and added health issues, I was looking for several things when I found Aneros. It takes time, patience and a deep relaxation without specific expectations for your body to begin to respond to regular prostate massage from your aneros. We all talk here about our journey with the aneros models we accumulate as we find the best for our particular anatomy, and we find the partcular preferences our bodies express as they rewire gradually as our practice progresses.

    Mrs. a and I are thrilled with what we have learned and experienced. It has taken our sex lives and our relationship to an even richer deeper level. Each person's experience with aneros is unique. Given time and relaxation, I think you and your wife may be very happy you have started on this path.

    I invite you to check out my blog, particularly this post which describes a complementary technique:

    Most important, read the anchor Sticky treads at the top of the first Forum page and go to the WIKI (button in the red bar near the top of the pages) and you will find lots of good advice that helps you technically and also feel at home with what you are exploring. Aneros is like training wheels that get you riding into new realms of orgasmic and ecstatic wonders!

    You can relatively quickly get renewed "wood" and enhanced ejaculations wearing your aneros during intercourse with your wife, but that quickly becomes a side issue as there is so much more for you and for her as your journey to dry Super-Os and beyond continues.

    All the best to you in your solo work here and to you and your wife together

  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    I don't have the Progasm, but can relate to your initial dissappointment with the Aneros product. I think most users take a period of time before developing any sort of positive feedback. I started with the much smaller MGX and it took of week or two of daily sessions before I had any type of success. Though I tried different positions, I found laying flat on my back with my feet flat pulled up about a foot from my rear end allows me to hold a small contraction and (SLOWLY) rock back and forth and/or side to side until I get a sensation of vibrations in my pelvic region. Once I had this mastered, I could experiment futher with slight pelvic lifts and bringing my knees inward which sort of shifts the energy to the groin area.

    I've had even greater success with the even smaller Peridise Starter units and would highly recommend them for anyone that is just starting out. Most of what you read here is the absolute unequivical truth, but often, you won't relate until you reach certain points in your progress where you think, 'so that's what that article was talking about'. Be patient and don't give up. Trust me, these products will deliver if you'll accept that it takes time to acclimate your Prostate to these new sensations and not set your expectations for your next session to high.
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    Hi Yellowjacket,
    I know exactly how you feel. It took me a couple of months of pretty regular sessions before I had the results I was looking for but it was definitely worth the wait. It took another month after I bought the Progasm before I had any luck with it but when I finally did it was awesome. See my post under "My best super O". My best advice is just be patient and keep trying. Once your body figures it out these little toys will rock your world. They really do everything they say they do.
    Good luck!
  • Hi Yellowjacket55

    As a Newbie with a Helix I found from reading the posts on the Forum that lubrication is VERY important. I'm in the same situation as you are as I'm 50 years old with some issues and bought the Aneros to enhance my sexual performance with the wife as well as enjoying solo sessions to experience the wonderful art of prostate massage. What I found is injecting lube into the anus I'm having awesome sensations. The device needs to move freely. I have a ways to go but things are getting better with each session. Good luck on your journey.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Yellowjacket55,

    Welcome to the forum! If you can at all afford it, I would try a different model for a while. The Progasm is a great model, but I think that it is easier to start with maybe the MGX or Helix. I am sure that some will disagree, but I find the Progasm just does not move as freely as the other models and I think that is important early on.

    Just my 2 cents. Whatever you do, don't give up. This is amazing stuff and when you get there you just will not believe it.
  • MindgasmMindgasm
    Posts: 31
    I agree with the sentiment above, go for a Helix or MGX. I started with a Helix and felt a lot more movement initially. I didn't start on the Progasm until 9 months of use with the Helix. Of course every guy is different, but this does seem to work for most, and given your lack of feeling probably not a bad suggestion.
  • I really appreciate the support and response the Forum members have shown me about getting started. I shall try your suggestions and go for a smaller unit. It seems that frequency of sessions has a lot to do with "rewiring". I am encouraged, thanks.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Regarding better wood...

    Yellowjacket55, you might be encouraged in the immediate use of your aneros(es) in enhancing your participation in intercourse by the poll and comments in this one, "Aneros during intercourse":

    I agree with the others that you are likely to benefit from using a smaller aneros initially. I started with the MGX which worked wonders, and more recently have been using the Helix and mostly the fabulous Eupho. I didn't get the Helix/Eupho set until after months with the MGX because it let you accomplish a lot!

    all the best