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Lessons from a full-day-gasm
  • MindgasmMindgasm
    Posts: 31
    So I typed up most of what I can remember through the orgasmic haze of this weekend over on my blog. The lower entry is the first and the upper entry follows from that.

    So some things I tried out/learned/observed/have questions about:

    - I got my new Progasm. It is one of the colored ones. Are all of the Progasms made of the same material? I noticed that the colored ones are a different plastic than the Helix and Eupho. Are the white Progasms the same material as the other models? I am curious because it seems like the colored plastic material doesn't hold lube as well on its surface. It could be the lube I was using (Probe), but it looked like the lube would not stay fully covered everywhere on the Progasm.

    - Progasm's rock! It is a prostate-milking machine from the get go. It moves slightly, but doesn't need much due to its size. This thing really fucks you into orgasmic heaven for sure.

    - Learned a new lube application method. I got tired of squeezing the lube directly onto the helix or peridise only to have it drip off before you can either spread it around or insert it. The solution? I got an empty, wide mouth spice jar and filled it up halfway or so with my lube. Now I just stick the model of choice (even the Progasm fits) in and it is surrounded and coated with the lube. Slowly pull it out and let the unneeded lube drain back down. This way anything that falls off isn't wasted, and doesn't end up on the towels or yourself. I would highly recommend only inserting cleaned/disinfected aneros models in this way.

    - I found out coconut oil in its semi-solid state (room temperature and fairly pasty) mixed with a little bit of other lube coats and sticks well. I think others have done this in the all natural lube thread.

    - a strong milking, hands free ejaculation can be achieved by not trying to ejaculate the way you'd normally do it. I really let all muscular control in the penis go, like letting yourself pee. While doing that, the movement of the aneros is going to be causing pulsing from within. If everything goes right you can get more than pre-cum milked out...if that is something you are looking for. It happened rather by accident for me. It felt very good and didn't initiate any refractory period as it wasn't the traditional externally forced ejaculation. You also don't want to use muscles to "push" it out too hard as I found that tends to stop anything from happening. More research and study in this area is obviously needed. :-)

    - if my horniness level is high enough, I find I get better orgasms with nipple stim and no aneros. Also it seems I can milk out more cowper's fluid without anything inside (progasm excepted). It seems its a level of excitement that has some control over this. Must study more.

    I made several videos of the whole day; I'll see how post-processing goes and see if they are worthwhile for posting on xtube. I'll keep you informed.
  • Yes, I love the Progasm! I want to try out the Peridise set though. Everyone keeps saying good things about them. I'm saving up for the whole set.
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    I really do hope that you can post the videos, as we need more Aneros videos on xtube.
  • MindgasmMindgasm
    Posts: 31
    Yeah, it's a busy week, we'll see what happens. They don't show a lot of the aneros directly as most of the views are from a top down from the side view. But I did notice it caught some good pistoning action, especially of the peridise, at times.

    The trick is whittling down 3+ hrs of video into useful chunks to fit online.
  • Put it all online. The length of time doesn't bother me. I don't know what the time limit is when people put their videos on I've never posted one before. I love hearing and anticipating the persons next Super O in a video. Take Arctic Wolves' video for instance. I never get bored of it. The natural moans, sighs, and pants in between the Os are the best part. I am very interested in seeing someone video the Peridise in use just to see how it operates in someone.
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi equalityboy81,
    When someone does post a video on the Peridise, you will see a lot of movement on those little guys...
    I move the Peridise about an inch in and out when in use, but probably not as much when having a super-O, but not sure. In between my super-O's I have felt back towards my butt to check the in and out., but just not sure of the real movement.
    One day I may try and get a video on the Peridise in use to see what is really happening. :D