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nipple sensation
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have been using the aneros for about 6 months now and have experienced slow but steady progress. I never was one for nipple play, but along the way I discovered the pleasure there to be had. Once my nipples were awakened, I couldn't keep my fingers off them. I would find myself stroking my nipple while working or driving, and of course while using the aneros. I wondered why it had taken me so many years to discover this.
    Now, I seem to have lost that urge, and other than during an aneros session, I have no desire to touch them. Would you think this is just another step along the rewiring process? I am quite surprized to lose that craving after a while of it being so strong.
  • When I first got my Aneros is when I discovered how sensitive my nipples are. Just like you, I'd played with them in the car or absent-mindedly around the house when the roommates weren't around. At one point, they were so sensitive, I could tons of mini-O's and a full blown body orgasm just by varying the strokes.
  • Please teach me that trick, Stones Throw. I want to know how to do that for my nipples have never been that sensitive.
  • I start my MGX sessions by laying on my side, and when I feel I have reached the right level of stimulation I then roll over on my back. I stimulate my nipples by pulling both hands up to my chest and gently rubbing the tips with the knuckes of my thumbs. When I start this stimulation I very seldom have an erection, but one is pretty much guaranteed after a few minutes of this very pleasureable stimlation.
  • I guess I have to consider myself a lucky man as I've always had sensitive nipples. When I'm in a Helix session I like to start by just rubbing my nipples with the tips of my fingers then I get to pinching them and pulling on them as the session get stronger. Granted my nips are usually sore when I'm done but its worth it. When I'm coupled up with the wife she loves to bury her finger nails into my nipples and pinch and this sends sensations shooting right to my erection. It doesn't take me long to unload either.
  • Here is my latest find. I had read that some people use paint brushes to stimulate the nipples. Well I went and got a silicone pastry brush from Target. It is the same one that I found on Amazon. (link below)


    Stimulating your nipples with those (I have 2) is incredible. I use them dry, or near the end of a session I dip them in ID Cream (link below) for even greater sensations. I feel like I have almost brought myself to ejaculation without touching my penis just using those brushes on my nipples. I feel like after a few more sessions of trying, that just might happen.

  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 208
    I have long been dedicated to nipple play, and to nipple and breast orgasm, about which I have posted on occasion in this forum. If you are interested, I have a lively Yahoo group on nipple orgasm, where members exchange experiences and techniques. Would love to see you there! Here's the URL:
  • logi17logi17
    Posts: 2
    I too have been fortunate to have sensitive nipples already. But I did notice an increase of small waves with nipple stimulation.
    My ideal fantasy would be to have a woman for each nipple, then another sucking on my balls and another sucking my dick while my helix is inside me....