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Would like guidance on a new model.
  • InvidiaInvidia
    Posts: 8
    I got my aneros about a year and a half ago maybe two years when fleshlight first started advertising them. I think it's the MXG? I hade had some sucess with it and feel great everytime I use it, and I believe I am aproaching the elusive super O. While this is great, I want to purchase another model to compare them. What do you think should be the next model I purchase?
  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    i went from mgx to helix and relished the transition. if you enjoy the mgx i think the helix will be great for you; it has the same comfortable size but offers a more blatant massage. i then went for the progasm, eupho, and am currently checking my mailbox every five minutes for my new peredise set to arrive. face it, its inevitable that you'll eventually own all of them so you cant really go wrong. still, if you arent particularly intrigued to experience the fullness of the progasm or have any size issues etc, i recommend the helix.
  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    Just my two cents, but I went from the mgx to helix and didn't really see much difference. In fact, I still like my mgx better at this stage. However, when I purchased the Peridise, it was an amazing transformation in my sessions. Additionally, the Peridise is more versatile in that you can sit or recline with it without having the tail and p-tab issues.
  • InvidiaInvidia
    Posts: 8
    Thanks men for you input and it is much appreciated. And yes, you're probably right when you tell me that I will own them all eventually. haha Thanks again guys.