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The letter I emailed to Aneros with suggestions of a new toy
  • Thursday, July 31, 2008

    Dear Aneros:

    I want to congratulate you on your wonderful devices. They’ve changed and improved my sex life with myself and others. I also want to give you some suggestions. I am on antidepressants and they can cause sexual problems and even affect feeling in the prostate in a negative way. Users need to know that medications cannot only affect the penis and sex drive but the prostate as well. I use herbal supplements which contain yohimbe and horny goat weed which improve sexual function as well as counteract some of the side effects of my medications. I have ADHD and take Adderall. I feel I do better on my path to the Super O when I take Adderall which helps my attention span and mind from wandering on other subjects besides my goal. This goes to show that the Aneros and Super O greatly depend on mind, semi-concentration, and relaxation maybe a little more than physical aspects. Breathing, being comfortable and alone, and vocalization help extremely.

    I have a great idea and request of another Aneros device. You have explored the anus, prostate, and perineum, but not totally the tailbone area (besides Progasm K-tab). I sincerely believe that if the spinal/tailbone/sacrum/coccyx area were stimulated internally and/or externally the right way it may result in some sort of orgasmic climax. I read up on this and have experienced some wonderful sensations there when I used the “crystal wand” and “deluxe crystal wand” (prostate and g-spot toys) turned the opposite direction inside my anus but I couldn’t quite bring myself to a climax because my arms grew tired. I sincerely hope you will research this genre of pleasure and create devices that will internally and/or externally massage the tailbone area. I can just imagine an Aneros that I can relax with that is propelled with my pc-muscles alone which will stimulate this area in the same manner your products stimulate the prostate. It’s like an Aneros turned backwards massaging the wonderful area opposite of the prostate. If you have any scientific information about this spot please inform me. Please, please, please create an internal tailbone stimulating Aneros! The penis, tailbone, and nipples are frontiers you have not completely explored.

    I hope you will someday soon get involved with sex research organizations such as the Kinsey Institute and do some thorough research on the “Super O” phenomenon. It should be studied and observed because this is a scientific breakthrough and there are still many others out there unlike myself who have no knowledge or are skeptical of this phenomenon. I’m a believer!

    Videos, photos, and pornography of individuals using the Aneros, especially in the correct way or in the act of a Super Orgasm are extremely rare. There is a video on x-tube which gives the perfect example of a Super O under the User Name “Arctic Wolves.” I am proud you came up with the Aneros Wiki. But I am anxious for you to create an Aneros Tube on your website with photos and videos of men using the Aneros and discussing their experiences in the likeness of and There should also be a stories page.

    The Japanese novel about the Aneros is not going to do us Americans any good considering we cannot translate it. I wish you all would create an English translation with new photos and illustrations. I hope Aneros will create a novel about their products, their usage, and the Super O. I also want to see an Aneros/Super O instructions DVD and audio CD.

    I’ve read the Aneros is used in Asian pornography. I envy them! I wish Aneros would get involved with the porn industry. It would be a wonderful way to get your product recognition.

    As an Aneros customer I would also like to see your products offered in many more colors, including gold, silver, rainbow, purple, iridescent, and transparent. And an Aneros made of stainless steel. I would be willing to pay a little more for something like that. I’ve seen a few places on the internet over the years that sold a stainless steel MGX looking Aneros but that may be one of the imitations.

    Again, please explore the internal tailbone frontier. Thank you for your time in reading this.



    Here are some more suggestions I have:

    SGX without handle

    SGX without handle and p-tab

    SGX with p-tab and k-tab

    SGX with k-tab

    Aneros that massages only externally with k-tab and/or p-tab.

    Aneros Peridise with prostate massaging features and/or p-tab and/or k-tab.

    Aneros products in several different colors including rainbow, iridescent, and transparent.

    Aneros products made of stainless steel.

    An Aneros product that just internally massages the tailbone area or one also with a k-tab.

    Aneros originals redesigned to have p-tabs and/or k-tabs with the likeness of the Progasm’s p & k tabs.

    An Aneros product that would only massage the perineum or one that would only massage the prostate or a product that would supercede the Prostate Cradle.

    A male version of The Cone.

    A male version of The Slightest Touch.

    E-stim products

    A safe and pleasurable sounding device.

    A double-ended Aneros for two gay men to enjoy.

    Aneros specifically created to produce hands-free Super-T’s.

    An Aneros Tube and Aneros photos page.

    Porn videos with the Aneroses used in them.

    An Aneros Manual, DVD, and Audio CD.

    Aneros products which would improve upon Fleshlights, Fleshjacks, penis pumps, dildos, vibrators, and lubes.

    Just imagine a device that would have a p-tab, k-tab, cause anal peristalsis, and internally massage the tailbone area simultaneously. Talk about an Ultra O! And a version of this designed for women to also stimulate the G-Spot.

    Aneros MGX keychains and T-Shirts.

    A vibrating Aneros version to compete with the Nexus Vibro.
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Yowzer, good post, but that sure is asking for alot. As much as i want to try a superaneroscumejaculatesupertransdimensional anal toy, these things take alot of time and money to research and get to the market.

    Not saying this is a bad post (it isnt by a long shot), but dont forget this isnt microsoft.