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MGX Retention
  • uncajakeuncajake
    Posts: 8
    I'm curious if anyone else has had the same problem I have had with the MGX. The pesky bugger keeps popping out. It feels like a watermelon seed popping out of my ass. I have a Helix as well, and have had no problems with it coming out at all, in fact it seems more like my ass is wanting to argue with me about when a session is over as it doesn't want to let loose.

    Since it won't stay in, especially if I am on my stomach or knees, I really haven't used it to speak of, and I am wondering if cutting off the handle would allow it to stay in better. I am a little concerned with the idea of cutting off the handle as I don't want it disappearing into my rectum requiring a somewhat embarrassing trip to the emergency room to have it removed. :oops:
  • serenget1serenget1
    Posts: 22
    Hi Unca Jake

    Not sure if this is the answer but I think that the ribbing on the base may have something to do with it. I find after a period of use I fill up with wind! Maybe each inward movement drags a small amount of air in with it.

    Subsequently this air builds up and out it pops.

    I don't get the same problem with the Helix which is smooth.


  • uncajakeuncajake
    Posts: 8

    Thanks, I had not thought of that, but it could be the culprit. I know the Helix just gets sucked in. I did go ahead and cut the handle off of my MGX and it seemed to stay in better, and I assume that was because it was able to ride a little deeper.