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Orgasm and stimulation of the prostate.
  • wendigowendigo
    Posts: 34
    Stimulating the prostate alone, with fingers or Progasm brings no pleasurable sensations to me.

    I bought the progasm about a year ago but quickly lost my patience, making it move was
    never a problem but i was not rewarded with any pleasurable feelings, i wanted at least
    some slight sensation to motivate myself to keep trying.

    I sometimes still use the progasm when i jerk off, i go very slowly untill i feel the contractions,
    and then i get a drawn out, low-intensity orgasm, instead of a sharp, quick and intense.
    The ejaculation comes after the orgasm.

    It´s an...interesting but slightly frustrating feeling.

    Am i "supposed" to feel pleasure when my prostate is stimulated?
    If so, how come i do not?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    The process or journey as I have called it, of becoming Super Orgasmic takes time. Furthermore, there are often obstacles along the way. I read that you've had the Progasm for a year without any pleasurable sensations to this point. Rather than question you on each and every facet of your journey thus far, perhaps you should consult the Aneros Wiki first (see the top of this page). The Wiki is filled with information that you can use now. This resource was created by users for users....dig in!

    Check it out.

    BF Mayfield
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome wendigo!

    Interesting choice of pseudonym... Do tell...

    The Mayfield advice is excellent and do follow it.

    In addition, I wonder about your expectations and impatience possibly being part of your problem...

    Even tho' I have massaged my prostate for years, it was primarily as a boost to the ejaculation experience, Super-Ts as they are known here. Some of my earlier explorations of Tantra , Taoist and other techniques for going beyond did not go as far as fully as soon as I had hoped, although they demonstrated promise. Numbers of us here also follow the Key Sound practice at KSMO which you can see referenced here in many posts. Together, Aneros and KSMO, along with revisiting those previous explorations, have taken me (and my wife) much further much faster than I could have ever hoped.

    In KSMO, the key image that assists many is the idea of relaxing deeply and listening patiently for your body's slightest responses, without jumping on them to capture them or force them to meet your expectations. They are seen as being like a fawn or fawns in the forest, to be observed and appreciated even from a great distance, waiting quietly with a focus on them until they feel comfortable enough to approach YOU.

    This is the beginning of real rewiring, the essential exercise here too!

    This works wonders. You might also enjoy the chapter on Slow Sex in Carl Honoré's book In Praise of Slow. Hope these thoughts help. All the best on your journey with your prostate and your whole body orgasmic/ecstatic potential.

  • wendigowendigo
    Posts: 34
    Thank you for your replies.

    What is the role of the prostate in penile vs "prostate orgasm" ? (not sure what to call it)

    Can the prostate be sensitive to touch and give plesurable feelings in itself, or is
    it acting behind the scenes so to speak, indirectly playing a role in the orgasm?
  • wendigowendigo
    Posts: 34
    from wiki...

    "In both sexes pleasure can be derived from the nerve endings around the anus and the anus itself. Hence, anal-oral contact can still be pleasurable without stimulation of the clitoris. Jack Morin has claimed that anal orgasm has nothing to do with the prostate orgasm, although the two are often confused."

    So anal orgasm and prostate orgasm are different things?

    Got to do some more research on google, seems to be a lot of confusion about this, or at
    least im confused, some claim thar prostate massage is NOT pleaurable but might
    bring ejaculation Without orgasm, the point with aneros though, is to have orgasm
    without ejaculation?
    Posts: 70

    I think you are over-thinking things. Don't try so hard. When you have time just insert your massager of choice and relax. Watch TV. Give your body time. To have pleasurable feelings, any action on your part is counter-productive. Lower your expectations. Your body will do the thing on it's own if you don't try to force it. One other note, I found, in the beginning, I got better results if I could go 5 or 6 days without an ejaculation. (This is no longer the case. Now, I can have a good session on the same day where I ejaculated earlier with traditional sex. Your body has to go through the learning process.)