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Questions from a new guy
  • soten355soten355
    Posts: 1
    Hello. I've been using my aneros for a month now and it's been fun. I'm starting to feel pleasure in different places, and learning what my body parts are called.
    I am currently taking my journey to the Super-O, but I just have a few questions that could help me along the way:
    • My anus feels discomfort after a while when I use it most times. Is this normal and just has to take time to get used to it? It usually gets very tender and I have to take the aneros out.
      I had a Super-T and felt my prostrate with pleasure, but then it moved to an uncomfortable pleasure half-way through. Was this because of the position I was in (a really big laz-e-boy chair opened all the way), or is it just another thing I'll have to get used to?
      Does watching porn help? I do it to get aroused, but should I keep watching

    Thanks for your time, and I wish everyone luck on their journey.[/list]
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    Hi Sotten,
    Sometimes I get sore if I over do it (and once you get rewired it's hard not to). Usually if my sessions run much more than 1 1/2 hours or if I try to do too many sessions too soon I wind up a little tender for a day or two. It doesn't bother me when I don't have the aneros in though. I find that what works for me comfortably is to space my sessions out at least every 2-3 days minimum. It may have to do with your routine as well. I always clean myself out first and make sure you use plenty of lube. What I do is inject 5-7ml of ID Glide and lube my aneros with KY before every sesson. I read a couple of posts about guys polishing their aneros with some really fine grit sand paper to make it smoother. I haven't done that yet but I think I will. It seems to me that smoother would allow the aneros to move easier and irritate less. As far as positions go, what works best for me is laying on my side with the top leg pulled up toward my chest. I don't know what to tell you about the porn. I don't have much opportunity to watch it so I just have to use my imagination. If it works for you, go for it! Anyway, good luck on your journey. Good times are definitely in store ahead. Enjoy!
  • You know... I had something a bit similar with the Super T. Halfway through, it felt uncomfortable and killed the buzz. I feel like the muscles I'm squeezing are different during that type of 'selfish' attitude ejaculation. You get interesting results with a fleshlight and depending on your moods.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Yes, it may just be a matter of getting used to the Aneros OR getting used to the lube. With regard to the latter, you may consider switching to a different kind if it persists. Yes, position can have a lot to do with it, particularly if you're sitting in a chair. Chances are that there is some pressure being brought to bear on the handle portion of the Aneros. If this is so it will diminish mobility and can cause discomfort as well. That said, some people enjoy a sitting position....I generally recommend against it.

    With respect to discomfort during a Super T this also may have to do with position or it may be that you have extraordinarily strong anal contractions which in turn produces unusually intense stimulation from the Aneros. It is possible that you will also get used to that in time. If not, you may consider investing in a smaller model. For example, from time to time I've noticed what you're speaking of when I've used the Prograsm for a Super T. The Progasm delivers stronger stimulation from smaller scale contractions. With larger contractions it's too much for some people. But you will have to be the judge of that. (I don't know which model you have....I was just using the Progasm as an example).

    With respect to porn, this is an individual preference. Some people enjoy it and find it tremendously arousing and helpful with their sessions while others do not.

    BF Mayfield
    Posts: 70
    In regards to watching porn, I love good porn but I find it a complete distraction during a session. Porn makes me want to finish with ejaculating right now - not later. I found a dark quite room where I can focus on the feeling to be best except for a session with the HypnAerosession CD which is awesome. I am a pretty chinchy and frugal guy when it comes to money but let me tell you something: buy that CD and fasten your seatbelt! You will thank me.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi soten355,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I think some early feelings of discomfort about your anus are a bit normal as you become inured to the sensations. If you are feeling any real pain then there would be cause for concern and you should take appropriate measures to eliminate possible sources.
    If you are using an Aneros model with the handle intact while sitting in the lounge chair then it is quite possible the handle is being leveraged in a way to apply unintended pressure to your anus, prostate and perineum areas. This could lead to the uncomfortable feelings you experienced. You should understand the Aneros massager is designed to function hands free and without external forces being applied. It needs to be able to move freely, unencumbered by restrictive clothing or furniture.
    I think viewing of pornography while using your massager may be counterproductive to allowing you to focus on the subtle inner sensations produced by your new toy. Viewing porn prior to a session can be a good way to initiate feelings of arousal necessary to generate orgasmic states but it can be distracting to your mental focus to amplify the physical sensations leading to the Super-O.

    ‘JIH’ – Thanks for the “HypnAerosession” plug, I agree with you on the darkened room as ‘Alana’ seductively leads you into a relaxed pleasure state, That lady’s voice is just so delicious…
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi All

    Welcome soten355.

    You raise a topic that I don't recall seeing before, but is one I can identify with: the discomfort part way through an ejaculation with any stimulater still massaging your prostate.

    Having massaged my prostate now for over four and half decades (and thrilled with the recent scientific studies that say this is good health practice!!!), I have always found that I intuitively pulled the stimulater out just as the major expulsion contractions of the ejaculation were starting, after that wonderful initial pumping that I think of as "initiating pressurization". I continued to find that a sensitive area and continued that "pull-out" when ejaculating Super-T with my MGX in, solo or with mrs. a.

    Then I got my Eupho! I now use the Eupho most regularly. It is fabulous!!! I also find that in addition to many great added sensations like side-to-side massages of my prostate, the mobility of the Eupho means that it can "back off" more than other models and allow the heavier contractions to proceed without the discomforting pressure from the stimulater. I leave it in and massaging in varied ways throughout the Super-Ts now and LOVE IT!

    Each of us has somewhat different anal-rectal anatomy, so "results may vary", as the disclaimer goes. Personally I have found the Eupho to be a wonderful revelation in many ways, including this issue. Thanks for raising it soten355!

    All the best on your adventure with your prostate and full body/mind possibilities!