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Ejaculation W/O Aneros or Stimulation
  • TantricguyTantricguy
    Posts: 10
    Just curious if anyone else hs had this experience. Since I have rewired myself and can experience intense pleasure in numerous areas, masage is a completely new and wonderful exprience. I have been seing a msage therapist for several years and she is veryy professional but not a prude. She doe require draping which is ine with me and she too stays clothed. Shehas never acted inappropriately in word or action and I therefor feel very comfortable. She isfamiliar wit Tantra and Yoga so she is relaxed about sexuality. She gives a great sports massage and can really get the knots out. Since my rewiring, when she works onmy thighs, stomach and especially chest I have stared having lots of involuntaries and some milds Super O's. Keep in mind that I am always draped and NEVER touch myself nor is there ever any sex tak at all. She is totally respectful of this too. Well, the last time I was getting a massage and having some nice O's I actually arted to ejaculate. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. It was so blissful yet energizing. It was very sensual yet not sexual if that makes sense. Again, she was so completely respectful it really put me at ease.

    Here is my question. Has this ever happened to anyone? Super O's or Ejaculation during a non-sexual massage?

    Please let me hear from you. Any input from the women would be helpful as well.
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    Hii Tantricguy,

    Although I haven't experienced what you describe (from either perspective) I am trained as a therapeutic massage therapist. When training we were warned that this could happen and were told to just take it in our stride, produce a Kleenex and get on with the rest of the massage after reassuring the client if necessary. I can quite imagine the embarrassment, both as a client and as an unprepared therapist. Kudos to you and your therapist for 'taking it in your stride' without apparent unease.

    Have fun,

    Old Wolf
  • TantricguyTantricguy
    Posts: 10
    Thanks Wolf. The massage starts off on my stomach and then I flip over. She usually words deeper on the calves and thighs. She also does my feet firmly. However, with about 20 minutes left she doe a much more sensual massage on my stomach and chest. This usually precipitates the involuntaries and mini O's. We have discussed this and both understand that they are energy orgasms and that there is nothing sexual between us. This being the case along with the fact that there is no nudity, genital contact by either of us etc.. The orgasms and ejaculations if they happen are just a part of the massage and therefor neither of us feels guilty.

    If you think about it, while massage laws vary from state to state, nothing has happened which comes close to violating any law. I am also capable of having O's etc.. with a light foot massage. So far I have not seen any laws that say foot massage or reflexology is legal unless you orgasm!!! LOL

    It is just so sad that something so natural and pleasurable is considered taboo.