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  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    OK I just received my new Maximus (I'll call it Max from here on). I haven't used it yet, but will, tonight. I am starting this thread to report on my impressions using it.

    So far I've just looked at it a bit and compared it to the other Aneros I have, the new MGX. There are some differences:

    * The part that goes inside your anus is much larger on the Max, most of the new size is towards the parts that go deeper inside you.
    * The part that goes inside is smooth. The MGX has ridges near where your sphincter would be holding onto it.
    * The Max's perinium tab is about the same distance away from the central shaft as on the MGX.
    * The Max weighs a little more than the MGX, maybe 10-15 grams more. That's about half an ounce for people thinking in American measures.

    That's all for now.

  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    I notice they call the new design Helix on the website, the plastic bag that it came in said Maximus, so these are one and the same. I'm just adding this to avoid any confusion.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    What you have is undoubtedly the Maximus. All three NEXT Generation models may be seen at or accessed from the Aneros home page (see bottom right). The Maximus is larger in girth than any of the other Aneros models (old or new). The Helios and the Eupho are smaller by comparison and each feature their own unique body designs with a reconfigured abutment tab.

    BF Mayfield
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Yes, I have the Maximus.

    OK some first impressions from using it last nite. Please bear with me, this is definitely going to be a learning experience, so it'll take time to get a good reading on how effective the new model is for me. Also, what works or doesn't work for me, that's just the way I react to it. It does not mean a lot for other people, since everyone's different.

    I followed my usual routine, except this time using the Max. Upon insertion, the involuntaries started right away, and I got some very strong contractions going soon. Also, I had some new kind of contraction that I can only call a flash, it felt very very good like some kind of relief, but every time it happened there was only one contraction and then it went back to the usual involuntaries. I also followed the advice of someone else on this board to move my hips up and down. This caused the Max to dance around inside me and led to a complete contraction, a state where all my muscles were tightly locked up. Another new thing is that my penis felt like it was having a huge erection and leaking a lot, only when I looked, no erection and no leakage -- very strange.

    So I stayed like that, riding the involuntaries for a while, not getting anywhere. Eventually I got frustrated and finished off by hand. The penile orgasm itself felt very different than with the MGX, because the Max is so much bigger my contractions were more diffuse and not as powerful.

    Today, about 12 hours after using the Aneros, I have some residue feelings. Unfortunately not all of these feelings are good, it feels like someone kicked me in the balls and like my bladder is very full all the time. So I think I'm going to take a break to recover and try again in a few days.

    Conclusion: the Max is much bigger inside, so it provides a different ride. Not sure yet whether this is better or less enjoyable than the MGX. There were some new phenomena, like these flash contractions, that were very pleasurable, like individual contractions of an ejaculation. I don't know whether to attribute that to the fact that I moved my hips up-n-down or to the Max.

    That's all for now.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Progress report... Wow... very pleasurable.

    Last night I did several things different:

    * I had taken a five day break and was well rested. I think this is the most important aspect.

    * Whenever my muscle contraction was about to get too intense, which would cause my muscles to lock up and strain, I stopped and halfway removed the
    Max. That way I never got the intense lockup that would hurt me. The Max
    reinserted itself all by itself and things would just resume.

    * Laid on my back with a small pillow double-folded in the small of my back, and bent my tush backwards so that my stomach was raised. That caused good contact between the Max and my prostate.

    * Constantly pushed the Max out as if (excuse the expression) taking a
    crap. That also caused good contact in the fun areas.

    The result was intense pleasure feelings throughout, erection coming and
    going, and several very nice peaks of sort, where the feeling got quite
    a bit more intense. It never got to something comparable in intensity to a
    penile orgasm, but it was incredibly pleasurable. Kind of like a glow
    spread all through my bottom, lower stomach and balls. Also some
    ticklish-like feeling in the head of my penis and a feeling as if lots of
    liquid was coming out. Only moderate precum emission however. All this time I had rythmic involuntary contractions which would move the Max forward and backwards over my prostate in a way that caused lots of intense moments of pleasure.

    By the way, all of that w/o *any* porn, sound or visual stimulation. I'm
    not sure whether that made it less or more intense.

    I finished off with penile masturbation and the volume was incredible.
    About 100% more than usual, I'd say. Plus very intense pleasure centered
    in my behind, less in my penis. Very interesting and strange feeling :).
    Plus when I cum with the Aneros inside the number of contractions I get is
    at least doubled over what I get with just penile orgasm.. So its much
    more intense, a feeling of really \"unloading\".

    This morning there are a few after effects like a feeling of some pain in my balls as if I had someone kick them about a week ago or so.. That's all.

    So my current opinion of the Max is that its clearly very pleasurable and a step up from my MGX. At first I missed the ridges that help my anus hold on to it, but over time I have gotten used to their absence. The fact that there are no ridges does make the whole experience different, in a positive way.

    I also learned the value of not trying to use the Aneros every night. Take a break, as long as you can, then come back. It'll be like taking another step up on the staircase towards that elusive super-O.