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Emotional override with super-o's??
    Posts: 39
    just a question to see if anyone else has experienced this.....

    i had a intense session this past Sunday. I was taking a nap and about 20 minutes into the nap, i got a twitching in my left leg, and my breathing became more rapid. my abs and pelvis contracted slightly, and i felt a warm wave of "sexenergy" move throughout my body. I didn't want to have a session cause i really needed the nap, so i turned from my side onto my stomach-bad move.......i had about 2-3 super-o's (laying on my stomach) and these occurred WITHOUT insertion of my progasm! i took off my briefs and laid back on my stomach-2 more super-o's. after these, I got my progasm out and went for the championship!! i finally finished (1.5 hours later) with about 7-8 more super-o's.

    the strange thing is that after it was over, i was walking into the kitchen and i started to feel like i wanted to cry. i wasn't sad or anything, but i just got really choked up. i've heard that some women can become so completely overwhelmed when having an orgasm that they sometimes cry, resulting from the combination of physical and mental sexual gratification. i wonder if the same is happening with me? it was truly strange.....

  • Big GuyBig Guy
    Posts: 22
    Although I'm not anywhere near experiencing a super-o yet, I do have some energy healing/work experience, and what you're describing sounds very much like a "clearing" of stuck energy. I know this may all sound "new age-ish", and there may even be an acceptable western medicine explanation for it, but it is my understanding that all emotions, and their responses are a kind of energy flowing through you.

    Just as an orgasm is a powerful energetic release, so is laughing, crying, etc. When one suppresses an emotion by holding back the response, (crying, laughing, etc.), the energy can back up, (kinda like constipation... ;-)). By having all those super-o's, I would say you gave yourself the equivalent of an emotional high colonic, (enema :D ).

    All in all, I would say that you had a very normal, and healthy response, and that there may have actually been some emotional healing involved as a result. So let the tears, or the laughter, or whatever response comes up after such a session flow through you unimpeded, and just observe how you feel afterwards. If you start having strong concerns about what you're feeling, it wouldn't hurt to find someone locally to talk with about what is happening. Sexual energy can uncover deeply held feelings, and THAT can be very scary at times... I mean there you are having the most intense pleasure, then all this "stuff" comes up, and it all seems very paradoxical until you consider that it is just energy flowing freely again after being suppressed...
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953

    I agree with the Big Guy, let it out! Over on the KSMO site, they deal more with the emotional aspect of being able to achieve this heightened pleasure. There are plenty of emotions that can get stirred up as a result. No sin for a man to get emotional, it can be cleansing.

    Have fun.
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    hey Solostar!

    I agree with both Big Guy and Buster 100%, crying is not the opposite of laughing crying in itself is a release, a mechanism that cleans. Feeling good and laughing in fact feels in some way alike with crying, did you ever laugh out of your heart and felt that emotion is taking over and you can not stop, you just enjoy it. These feelings are result of different kinds of vibrations and energy going through you and not expressing them is not something I would recommend.

    People try to avoid crying since negative things are bound to it, people on TV and around seems to cry only when something bad happens there there is a mental link "crying"="bad" or crying"="shame". there are many others like "sex"="shame". We just do not realize it but these beliefs are deep in our minds and in mids of people around.

    did you ever think about what emotion you are expressing when you orgasm? think about it.

    In general when you have an emotion that comes up asks yourself a question: will I feel better if I express it?
    Crying feels good :) if you do not believe it wait until you want to cry.
  • BigEBigE
    Posts: 45
    Was home all alone yesterday morning, had a very nice session with the MXG. Involuntarys with a tremendous surge of energy flowing through my body. Ate some breakfast, puttered around for an hour or so. Had some interesting ambient/tribal tunes going on iTunes and just took up some spontanious movements. It was a cross between tai chi, qigong and dance. Don't know what came over me, but this old white guy was dancing for about 10 minutes. Pretty cool!
    Posts: 39
    Thanks guys for all of your comments. Since I posted that original thought, I have even found myself releasing tears of pleasure during some of my super-o's. The pleasure is so overwhelming sometimes that I never know what is going to come out of me!

    Thanks again for the feedback.