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Expressing Pleaure.
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    Hello, everyone!

    I have been thinking about writing a guide how to have orgasms without stimulation but could not really find a point of where "no stimulation" part comes in. As I did more analysis about this I realized that it's more of getting your body to respond using no physical stimulation but at the same time it's your body response that leads to an orgasm. This turned a tricky side to me and eventually I came to conclusion that stimulation is produced by the body itself following your original impulse. Kind of your body begins to stimulate itself and you help it a little along the way and eventually this brings you to an orgasm.

    So I am very interested in finding out more info about this and how this is experienced by others.

    I would like to ask those of you interested to do a small experiment and share(or not) your results, again only if you are interested and feel you want to do this.

    This involves expressing pleasure, by imagining you are feeling pleasure in this moment you might notice some responses in your body. It is very nice to express kind of slow but full pleasure the one that does not blow your mind out the window but makes you roll your eyes up and smile to how great it feels kind of a smooth one, that fuels desire in you.

    I offered people to express an orgasm before but I did not realize that I was really not expressing orgasm myself when doing this, at least in the beginning. I feel that was wrong approach.

    Please post your experience if you feel comfortable about it, I would like to do some research and open this to everyone, maybe together we will do it better.

    I will briefly post how this practice leads me to an orgasmic experience.

    Once I begin to express the pleasure it begins to slowly flow, I do notice that my body begins to change it kind of puts itself in to gear slowly, my belly tightens wave of joy flows through me, I feel that my body over all tightens a bit more and by breath goes faster now. I begin to have deep vibrations, my back arches. Few more waves of joy go up my body. I seem to tense a bit more and have strong vibration in my belly it spreads to my chest and the through my full body then I enter orgasm. This lasted about 2 minutes and it was full of different feelings but I mentioned main changes I noticed.

    Thanks to everyone.
  • ninonino
    Posts: 28
    good topic!

    yes, absolutely it is a mental thing also related to body. I experience many of the things you mention when I am doing an internal orgasm technique. I do not stimulate myself for these physically at all except do PC clenching. It is more about finding the right spot and tension than doing some method. So one thing I can say, at least in my experience, is to learn techniques and become proficient in them but then learn to use them in your own way that is right for you.

    Usually when I use the PC clenching, I look for a sore spot when I am clenching. For me, that is the spot to go after and to let go into. That is when the dry orgasms happen for me. I also use mental stimulating sexual fantasy thoughts to get over the edge with this method.

    Hope that helps your study!

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    BoP, it is interesting that your frame this as "expressing pleasure". And I agree with nino, this is great topic.

    In my experience, paying very close attention, reaching my mind down to the prostate/rectal wall site, or feeling directly through the second (gut) brain, whatever the paths, paying very close attention to the sensations and mapping them in and with the muscle responses has been the key.

    The muscle memories from this "reaching out" with the prostate to "polish the knob" of the Aneros (initially the MGX) can be called up and re-enacted at will. At times they can start spontaneously. Hlaser and others have talked about their bodies responding to posts here and at KSMO with pleasure and a sensing of the energy of the poster. Your post above has some of that triggering effect.

    I can call this up at will and be in the O-zone very quickly including mini-Os. Having worked to learn the separate sensations of anal, perineum, testicular and prostate/rectal wall, any one of them alone can power the triggering, or the initial energy boost will circulate among these four sites and amplify, spontaneously or at will. I can then use silent Key Soundings to amplify and/or direct that energy.

    My initial experiences with my new Helix and Eupho have me thinking that I can add new variations and skills, primarily at the prostate/rectal wall area. I'll add to my blog as results accumulate. I am slowly getting back into some of the earlier Tantric and Taoist techniques, or rather borrowing elements that seem to apply and enhance this Aneros-based muscle memory training and subsequent energy cultivation.

    I too am very interested in others' experiences and personal mappings of their rewiring pathways. Personally, I had to intentionally store the memories of the specific pleasures at specific sites, to build the library of pleasure triggers to be able to call forth the "expression of pleasure". Although this sounds very mechanical, it did not feel that way, it was more a poetic exploration of various scales of sensing the originating pleasures during the Aneros sessions.

    Soon merely thinking about pleasure or having some other external trigger, often of an aesthetic nature, occur is enough to trigger the body, via these stored muscle memories, to launch the erotic and/or chi energies!

    all the best to all!