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Sessions peak early
  • Mr. BinksMr. Binks
    Posts: 5
    I have the MGX. After several months of use, I finally attained a Super-O recently. The interesting thing was that when it happened, the device seemed to be positioned deeper inside, and it seemed like the first time it was actually positioned against my prostate. It was quite intense even before the contractions started up.

    Since that time, I have had a couple sessions. The problem is, relatively quickly (within 5-10 minutes) the device moves into that same position where I had the Super-O, that is, seeming to move inside more deeply and fully pressing against my prostate. It feels wonderful, and I try to relax and let go, and it feels like the beginning of the Super-O. I will even feel small "waves" of cool endorphins wash over my skin in localized areas, like my calves or shoulders, but not very intense or all over like the Super-O. But, after not long, the device suddenly "retreats" and moves away from the prostate and it's all over.

    I usually think, "OK, that's just a small taste of what's to come. It will cycle back to this feeling eventualy." But after that, it seems like it is only "beating around the bush." It doesn't want to go back into that position, it just kind of mills around the rectum in a less sensitive area, and while pleasurable, I can never seem to get back to that point in the session.

    Other times it seems to be against the prostate, and I feel a very odd "humming" in the prostate and pelvic region in general. Like if you put your hand on railroad tracks as a train approached; a kind of surging vibration that is not strong, yet feels like there's a large force behind it. This is interesting, but it also stops eventually with no real result.
  • mobilesubmobilesub
    Posts: 77
    Is it possible that you are waiting for something to happen after ths initial flush and nothing does because you stop your contractions? I have frequently found myself enjoying a rush and then relaxing as I wait for things to "really kick in" only to realize that I had completely neglected to follow protocol.

    Sometimes that works and others you give it 5-10 minutes and start over with contractions to start working through the cycle again. I spend a lot of time trying to relax and frequently doze off at this stage.