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Got my new Eupho--wow!
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I've had an MGX for a couple of years and enjoyed it quite a bit. I was a lucky one; I was able to learn how to get involuntaries pretty fast, so I always had good success with the MGX. Then I lost interest for a few months, occasionally taking it out.

    However, I just got a new Eupho. Wow! This is some product. I was in a state of ecstacy from the minute I inserted it. I find the same positions that worked best for me with the MGX work the best with the Eupho, but it is a very different kind of toy. One paradox, I occasionally had problems with the mgx slipping out when pressing out with the anus; The Eupho is much skinnier but there doesn't seem any problem at all with keeping it in. My favorite position, kneeling with my hands and head resting on the bed (to keep me from falling over in waves of ecstacy when the room is spinning!)

    In comparing the two, I would say the Eupho is definitely centered higher up in the abdomen, and less focused on the anus. I would also say the perieum tab definitely works a little differently, hitting a different but equally valid spot. It digs in a little bit. Looking at my perineum with a mirror, it created a little miniature vulva; not too surprising since the reaction I was getting were very similar to when I lick my wife's clitoris, and digitally stimulate her G spot.

    All in all, the Eupho is a great tool.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Hula!

    The Eupho IS a great model!

    I have had more Super-O's with my Eupho, than any of the others . . .

    With the high movement and the aggressive tab, it is hard to beat!

    Enjoy your Journey! (guess you already are???)

    Later, Hlaser99
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    I really like my Eupho - I am glad to hear you are enjoying yours as well.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    hula, hlaser99, bonerowner,

    I just recently tried my new Eupho, having gone for the Helix first when the Sublime set arrived. WOW! In both solo, including walking around, doing stairs, and on the small trampoline, and with mrs. a in a long session of gentle motion, occasional bursts of thrusting and many still times with energy flows from various sources, including prostate/wall contractions, through my penis to her prostate, the Eupho was so mobile and "there" in more varied and energizing ways, from mini-os to Super-Os, I was thrilled and soon in that wonderful ecstatic float above...

    The Eupho, combined with some of these Tantric techniques, has significantly furthered our ability to enjoy penile vaginal sex, with many dry-Os, amazing levels of response and ecstatic elevation climax, without either of us "needing" to ejaculate to feel complete. It is like completing a circle of part of the rewiring, having begun with her new-found ejaculations and my Super-T orgasms as early celebrations of completion feelings. They can now comfortably be an option, among a growing range of possibilities.

    The Eupho now has a very special place in my arsenal!