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Aneros and Music... the Banquet of Orgasmic Energies?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Shakespeare named Music the Food of Love and urged us to "play on...". The current research into neuroplasticity and general rewiring suggests that music and our erotic rewiring may have many affinities and possible mutual influences.

    Does anyone use music, and if so, what music type(s)? Any other acoustic environmental preferences for sessions or after effects?

    I get after effects and spontaneous anytime effects stimulated by music and other powerful aesthetic stimulation. Darwin, I get testicle orgasms listening to great opera performances! "Bravo!!!" indeed! This is the positive side of the Stendhal Effect. At KSMO ( music is a complementary factor and we note its effects from time to time in the KSMO Chats. I have posted Music and Aneros as a possible topic in our just developing Chat section. Anyone else interested?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I typically wear headphones connected to a portable CD player playing relaxing, meditative style music during an Aneros session. I occasionally listen to Kelly Howell’s ECSTACY CD, I also like Steven Halpern’s music as well as some of Vangelis’ stuff, I’ve recently found some work by Bjorn Fogelberg and ETHERFYSH that I use regularly as well. I agree with you that listening to music does enhance the experience. I heard a story on NPR about a recent scientific study which showed that people who play music do in fact alter the brain’s physical connections (re-wiring scientifically proven). Since we men are learning to ‘play’ our bodies in a pleasure symphony through use of the Aneros, it seems likely to me, our brains are becoming more than metaphorically “re-wired” as well.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi artform,

    Been a while . . . hope you are well.

    Music of different kinds, has "always" been an important part of my life!

    There have been times, when it seemed that music was my only friend and companion. Music can take you way up and way down and all parts in between.

    I love Blues, Jazz, Classical, Rock and anything that is of high quality, except Rap!

    When I used to entertain a lady, I used, what else . . . "Mood Music" Some Cool Jazz, Blues or whatever, because it changes the way you feel, your Mood!

    For my Aneros, Chair-Orgasm sessions and Key Sound sessions, I usually use a Compilation of my own containing mixed, multiple tracks with: Hpno, Subliminal, new age chill and maybe some of Kelly Howell's audio titillating my neural pathways!

    Gotta have some audio going!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • music has been a huge part of my aneros experience... i also have kelly howell's "ecstasy," which i found recommended here, and have found it extremely helpful.

    may i also suggest checking out music in a genre called "qawwali," a sufi tradition from india that has been used for over a thousand years to induce states of spiritual ecstasy. it's beautiful, rhythmic, energetic, and much more real and raw than most new age "spiritual" music i've heard. individual songs are usually 15-30 minutes long. recommended artists include nusrat fateh ali khan (favorite track: "mangte hain karam") and badar ali khan (favorite track: "the holy prophet"). enjoy!
  • TantricguyTantricguy
    Posts: 10
    I discovered some great music that all may want to try. It is called Orgasms In Concert. You can listen to samples of almost anythin they have. The selections range from just orgasms to piano music with women having orgasms in the background to jazz orgasms. Here is the website:

    I was not sure if my wife would go for this but I was very pleasantly suprised hwen she did. Hope you all like !!