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hovering on the edge, but no sense of release
  • hey guys,

    i've been working with the helix, and lots of advice from this forum, for several months but didn't have any real breakthroughs until i tried the progasm. now i have no trouble generating endless streams of involuntary spasms in my pelvis, ass, and legs. a couple sessions ago, after about an hour, my prostate became incredibly sensitized, and i had my first *uncontrollable* (not just involuntary) series of spasms... when i tried to stop them, they just came harder and harder, lasting a minute or so. this happened about a dozen times in different positions; often a new series would start to grow and blossom before the current one was finished. i was getting frequent waves of moderate pleasure spreading out to my extremities, and i was whimpering and twice on the verge of tears. it was heavenly, much more intense than anything i'd yet experienced with the aneros.

    however, i hesitate to classify these uncontrollable spasms as super-o's, because i continued to feel like there was something more, something huge that i was still missing. these sensations reminded me of edging while masturbating... arousal continuously building, with the urgent feeling of hovering just at the edge of orgasm. at its most intense, it felt like the first part of a conventional orgasm, when the pressure builds up just prior to ejaculation. i felt desperately like i needed to cross some threshold into a recognizable *release*... but i couldn't. i hovered right on the brink of it though, for several hours of squirming, uncontrollable, spasmodic bliss... finally my body was too exhausted to continue.

    i'm wondering if other people can relate to this experience. does the super-o amount to cultivating and refining this sense of anticipation, or is there actually something waiting on the other side of that threshold? if there is, can anyone offer useful physical or psychological techniques for crossing over? thanks!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi privateidaho03,

    Welcome to the Forum and Congratulations on the recent breakthroughs, I envy your quick learning curve.

    What you have described as experiencing definitely fits the description for a Super-O, see - for further information.
    It has frequently been reported that there is no recognizable release as occurs with a traditional ejaculatory orgasm and the body doesn’t seem to release hormones which induce the lethargic refractory recovery period after experiencing a Super-O.
    As has often been reported, the Super-O can vary in its intensity and duration so the sense of something more may be just your body telling you that you are in for some great rides in the future. On a different level, I believe the Super-O can put us into an altered state of consciousness, tapping into levels of being we would not normally be able to obtain. At this level of awareness you may be perceiving even higher levels of consciousness that are possible for you to reach. When you can get to those levels of consciousness I think you will have truly grasped the Tantric concept of spirituality being expressed through your sacred sexuality.
    I wish I could offer some advice or technique that would allow you to cross over into that new realm of being, but alas, this is a locked door that only you have the combination for.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi P.I.03,

    This reminds me of the thread I started some time ago, this is indeed a conversation that seems to have no exact conclusion! Sounds like you are having a GREAT time either way.
  • oatmealoatmeal
    Posts: 10
    kind of sounds like what i have been feeling. kind of like "edging" but no ejaculation or spasm. right on the verge but no definite release. i have been to that threshold several times. fists clenched as tight as they have ever been, eyes clenched tight, while lying on my back my body going into a slight sit-up position, legs quivering, panting, moaning, writhing on the floor, body jerking. then a relaxed state, a physical drain. but never that feeling of a typical orgasm. actually i feel a bit revitalized afterwards. these sessions have been truly amazing. just incredible. at times i have had the most intense erections i have ever had in all my 57 years! other times i have had the most incredible singular anal contraction imaginable, several lasting 1-2 minutes. now i know how dogs feel when they get stuck together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,320
    for me, a strong dry orgasm has a definite and unmistakable sense of release and climax.

    i agree that there are all kinds of flavors, including floating ongoing pleasure, etc. that is what is so fascinating.

    but, when i am really cranking, the lesser orgasms ramp up and culminate in strong climactic orgasms, in which i get strong contractions, my guts kind of seize, i might pulse like ejaculating, and the world stops.

    there is a difference between "climax" which is present in strong non-ejaculatory orgasms, and "post-ejaculation finality" which is more an quieting exhaustion or lethargy, otherwise known as the refractory period.

    my answer to privateidaho03 is to enjoy what you are experiencing, and accept that there is still a whole world more to experience in front of you. it just gets better and better.

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Folks I know exactly what you mean..Privateidaho03 and Oatmeal. I've been exactly there, but I can tell you and promise you there is more. What you describe is similar to a Super O - or perhaps is by most people's definitions. I always wanted more however, and it seemed like there was. The true Orgasm will give something back. It will actually give it all back. No longer will you feel like you are edging and 'this is incredible, but I need release'. You can actually 'release' and receive with the Aneros. It is a blissful feeling when it happens - it is not a struggle, it is a release in the sense of a traditional orgasm feels, and for me it may be dry and occasionally it will be wet with a full prostate ejaculation. What I am describing doesn't happen to many though. It didn't happen to me while using the Aneros either for months, or perhaps closer to a year of use. I forget when I started using it. I highly suggest that you load up on highly concentrated / highly purified fish oil - like the double strength ones that GNC sells. Take about 6 of those a day for 1 week to 1 month and you should definitely notice a difference. Dark chocolate may help too along with possible Ginko Biloba.

    I get that with the Helix and MGX. I start with the Helix because it is easy to spasm and begin having orgasms then when at the height I slip in the MGX for a turbo boost and it takes me much higher. I just ordered the Progasm and Peridise so no telling how good those will feel to me.

    But yes, there is something more... For those of you that think you are having super O's and haven't experienced it - you still have more progress to make. I don't know if I am just lucky or what, but I promise you it is worth the effort, and you will definitely know what I mean when it happens to you - there won't be any question as to if it is a true orgasm and a true release.
  • thanks, everyone, for your helpful responses... they have definitely helped me overcome my sense of impatience and frustration, to just relax and enjoy the process. part of the problem is that i often can't believe the intensity of the sensations i'm feeling, and i think "surely i've reached the limit, there must be some kind of climax now"... but sure enough, i seem to exceed my previous limit with every session.

    i actually realized i'm pushing up against a kind of primal fear as well, fear of losing control of my own body. this emerged last night, when i dreamed i was bit by a spider, which led to an allergic reaction causing spasms throughout my body and eventually total paralysis. every session, though, i feel more familiar with the sensations and it's less scary to let go.

    who'd have thought all this was just waiting there, a couple inches inside my a**hole?
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    I know what you mean privateidaho03. I've only been at this a couple of months myself and I only have a Helix but the O's just keep getting better. Each time I think I have had a Super O, the next one I get rocks my world even more. Never an erection and nothing but some precum but it feels like I emptied the entire load. I smoked a little pot before my last session and WOW. 60+ minutes of orgasmic bliss. I think it could have gone longer but I had just done a session the night before and I could tell I was going to be sore if I didn't end it soon. I only smoke pot once or twice a year anymore but I may have to re-think that a little. Anyway, good luck, sounds like the Progasm is working well for you. Thinking of getting one myself.