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An idea for an Anerosless hynosis session.
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    I just had a great thought that i dont think had been done before. It acknowedges that the user of the program is Re-wired and has had a few super o's.

    The program starts you off by relaxing you in the standard fasion, the program then directs you to visualise your ideal lover (his/her hair color, eye color, body shape ect).
    Relaxing further, you are then directed to experience, by your lovers help a gentle nudge on your prostate to make it swell to horniess. And then to increase the sensitivity and intensity of the feelings untill you have a prostate centred orgasm (just in your prostate). You are then directed to experiece with your lovers help, a handjob that just gets better and better (you want to wriggle around but you cant because you are so relaxed).
    The handjob then becomes more and more intense, as you are directed to double the intensity until you have a never ending dry-o that just keeps going (you are getting a handjob throughout the program).
    Next you are introduced to the notion that your Glans (head of the penis) could be spread acroos your whole body. And that your whole body can be masturbated to orgasm just as easily as your penis. First you are directed to experince the feeling of your feet and toes being masturbated, increasing in intensity as diercted. Slowly moving that feeling all the way up your body, becoming more and more intense on command. Until you are having a full body super-o that can become even more intense with command.

    The fun dosent stop there. You are then directed to experiece the feeling of being an 18 year old woman, you are given a vagina and breasts, your penis then becomes a large clit that throbs and is constantly cumming as it is jerked off by your now lesbian (straight guys) or male (gay guys) lover. Your prostate becomes your G-spot you are then directed (whilst still epxeriencing a ever increasing super-o) to experience the pleasure of recieving intercorse with your lesbian lover thrusting a strapon into you (straight guys) or a guy thrusting his penis into you (Gay guys).

    After your physical body has taken all it can, you are then directed to toy with the notion of floating outside your body going beyond gender and to expeience an orgasm that is beyond an orgasm. You body becomes that sphere of energy, where you have no distinct arms, legs, head, genitals.
    You will experince nothing but pure bliss, itl seem that nothing matters. You wont moan or groan, you wont wriggle, you will just be in a timless spherical state of existance. You are no longer having an orgasm, you are now the orgasm itself (as stated by a forum member).

    After what seems like an eternity, you are then directed to return your energy back to your body. once this has happened you will epxerience the msts euphoric after-glow with gently pleasurable teasing twitches and trembles across your whole body.

    What do you guys think?it must be possible, but unknown as to whether the mind/body could take that kind of pleasure even under hypnosis.
    Ive searched and serched for a program that does this, but to no avail.

  • FakmanFakman
    Posts: 45
    Please make this into a script immediately!!!! This would be awesome. Great visual
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    with a bit of time, i could make the script, but as far as putting it all together to a program, unfortunately that isnt my field of expertise.