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Vicious Eye Injury. (very important)
  • roger286roger286
    Posts: 9
    Hello all,

    What I'm about to tell you is %100 true, I'm sure its not common to everyones experience (I sure hope not) but it is sadly what just happened to me. This event happened exactly two weeks ago (May 3) - I've been too sad to take the time to log on and recount it up till now.

    I am a 42 yo male, in fine health with no medical conditions. I had posted here in the past that I am hetero and am completely inexperienced with anal play at all. Super-o's and prostate stimulation come very easily to me however. I had my first Super-O, as I recall on only the third time that I used the Aneros.

    I have been using the Aneros about 3x a week (for the past 6 mos.) and enjoying it greatly!

    On Saturday night (5/3) I was alone in my apartment (I'm divorced) and had most of the entire night to play with my "toys" I own both the Maximus and the Helix. I have found that the Helix is the "king" - it goes in so easily and between its contours and its thinner size it gets you to "work for your orgasm" which I like! The secret is getting the Helix very lubriated (so it moves easily in and out of your rectum) until you start building things up into a shorter, smooth rythmic stroke "in and out"

    I put my favorite porn on my computer screen (amateur photos of women, "girls next door stuff", naked ex-girlfriends- I love this "regular girl" stuff put on a "slideshow loop" on my computer) relaxed and began building up my orgasm.

    After about 15 minutes I had an intense pulling of the Helix into my rectum and the build-up of my first super-o. As the sensation became stronger and stronger, I found myself "brought to the next level!" I became absolutely locked, "frozen in air" so to speak and a contorted, spasmed frenzy!

    I couldn't move! My jaw was clenched, my legs were taut, my abodomen was hard and I could almost inaudibly hear myself groan and grawl! It was the single most intense experience I had ever had in my life! I don't honestly know how long I was frozen in that positon...maybe 1 1/2 to 2 full minutes.

    As I released my rectum muscles and started to come back down to earth, I can remember myself smiling and panting. "My God that was unreal" I can remember thinking.

    As I sat there motionless and trying to catch my breath - I started to notice what appeared to be a swarm of flying gnats that had entered my room whilel I was in ecstasy. I swatted them with my hand, but as I dd they would swarm back into my field of vision from the right.

    As I stood up to survey the situation, I found to my stunned horror - THEY WERE IN MY EYE! The swarm of gnats were not gnats at all but a series of "floaters" that had appeared in my right eye! To get a sense of things for those of you who are not familiar with this term a "floater" .....An eye "floater" occurs when the gel-like vitreous [of the eye] begins to liquefy and contract. Some parts of the vitreous form clumps or strands inside the eye. The vitreous gel pulls away from the back wall of the eye, causing a posterior vitreous detachment. This commonly cause a "floater."

    On Saturday May 3 at approx 9pm in the evening- my right eye essentially turned nto a "snow globe" with flecks and strands and dots circling, swirling and shifting insie the vireous of my right eye with every eye movement! (sad)

    I saw an Opthamologist last week. I made up a story and told her that I had "exerted myself tremendously" in the gym lifting weights. She said "that there is NO retinal detachment (good news), but that the floaters may just be something I'll have to live with.

    They affect every minute of my waking hours. They are noticeable, when I'm on the computer, on a bright sunny day, when I play golf......they are very much driving me insane. My doctor says she can see them, but that there is really no treatment for them. They MAY fade or drift out of your field of vision over time, or they may not.

    The diagnoses from my Doctor was that the tremendous straining that I had done (supposedly in the gym lifting weights) had torn several pieces of the vitreous to pull away from the back of my eye and cause the floaters. My life may have been changed forever. :(

    I sincerly hope this "post" doesn't get banned or edited out. I think it is very important to hear about everything that these "Super-O's" may be responsible for - not just the good stuff! I don't blame Aneros for my situation, they make quality products and I knew full well what I was doing when I did it. :(

    I'm just very sad today. I figured I'd post this on the board and see if anyone had similar problems or complaints and what they did.

    Thanks to all,

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355

    man, i am really sorry that happened, and thank you very much for letting us all know.

    listen, while i definitely understand the gravity of this, can i offer the following thought? in my own experience, and i have had some very serious medical problems, our assessment at the outset may not actually reflect what will happen. if it were me, right now, i'd be thinking almost exclusively along "worst case" lines. but there are so many possible outcomes for almost everything life throws at us.

    i am sure you've done your own research (probably intensively), but, here is a small ray of hope from

    usually people find that the symptoms calm down after about six months and people do eventually get used to living with the floaters. The brain tends to adapt to the floaters and eventually is able to ignore them, so they then only become a problem in very bright light.

    i very much hope this outcome heads your way, and that in the meantime you stay sane....

    obviously the irony of the situation is not lost on me. i am so sad that that really positive experience had this bad result.

    thinking of you, and keep us posted.

  • lookatthatlookatthat
    Posts: 3
    Dang dude I'm sorry to hear about that. Now that I read this I'm very scared that if I use my new helix (being delivered as I type this) it will happen to me as well :( I know that It's a very, very, very slim micro chance but I am a very paranoid person about these types of things... anyway I really wish you the best and hope you somehow overcome this tragic incident.
  • I had the same thing happen to me but I was not using my Aneros.
    I was simply sleeping. I woke up and soon after was horrified to
    find a had a bird's nest in the center of my left eye. I was very
    concerned but couldn't do anything about it, it being Sunday.

    As the day progressed, the bird's nest broke up into many smaller
    pieces. That calmed me a lot because I then knew it was not
    a detached retina.

    To make a long story short, I went to a specialist and was told
    that the vitreous had pealed away from the inside of the eye.
    I was also told that this is common for someone of my age.
    I think I was 60 or 61 at the time (now 64). I was also told
    not to worry about it and it would decrease with time and
    that it would also become less noticeable with time. I am
    happy to say that both turned out to be true. :D

    I do have a few floaters left but hardly ever notice them
    at all. Lighting has to be just right before I can even
    detect them.

    So don't be too down about it. I am sure that it will improve
    significantly. It just takes time.

    Best of luck to you.

  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    are u on acid>?
  • catchemupcatchemup
    Posts: 43

    Sorry to hear about your floaters. I have had them periodically over the year and they have eventually gone away. I have only had a few each time, never to the extent you describe. The are annoying but I somehow got used to them until they went away. Speedy recovery.
  • roger286roger286
    Posts: 9
    Thank you guys for your kind words and your words of encouragement. Hopefully things will impove for me, as they have for some of you. I don't know what else to hope for at his point.

    Here is my concern. As "lookatthat" said "I'm concerned the same thing may happen to me, even though I know its a very very very slim cance of that"

    Is there really a slim chance of a Super-O bulding up such tremendous pressure in your eyes that it results in "tears" inside the eyes? (I was diagnosed as having sustained a torn vitreous) Is the chance 1 in 10,000? 1 in 1,000? or is it 1 in 20?

    My concern is that there are dozens of guys who were/are members of this board at one time who experienced the exact same thing....its just that they are not logging back onto the forum and reporting it! This could be due to denial, depression......they just don't want to admit that by attempting to intensify their sexual sensation they permanently injured themselves.

    I dunno' what the real risks are. I mean, who could know for sure? I know that I am 42, athletic, in excl health (up to now) 6'1" 195 lbs and I certainly wasn't a person "at risk" for something like this. :(

    Thanks guys.............
  • lookatthatlookatthat
    Posts: 3
    What scares me is that I have had 3 eye surgeries (eye straightening) over the course of my life (I'm only 18 though) and after reading this I'm now under the impression that if I use this a lot it's going to happen to me due to my surgeries. And I have experienced seeing flashing light in the corner of my right eye(because of the surgeries), but thankfully it went away... I don't want to experience that again.
    I don't know if age or number of super O's play into that, but I'm going to be VERY cautious while using my helix.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355

    a few thoughts:
    (1) it is possible you had a predisposition to this. we'll never know.

    (2) today, when enraptured, i found myself, on account of your episode, conscious of my eyes. i wonder if we squeeze them hard during the throes.

    (3) it is hard to know if this has happened to others. but, if it has happened to more than a very small number, then i suspect we'd have heard about it.

    (4) i am *very* glad you posted about it so that we are now aware, and if it happens to others they will hopefully speak up. thank you very much.

    (5) now the important one: an additional way you could help this community would be to discuss with your doctor how this really happened. i think it is *urgent* for all of us to *honest* with our doctors. that is why they are doctors. it *never* helps to make up a story. anyway, perhaps she could illuminate whether this injury is anyway related to (intense) sexual activity or similar.

    (6) another important one: in my readings it seems that in the first 6 months after this kind of problem, you may be at increased risk for a retinal tear, so, please be careful with any other aneros use (if you decide to go back to it), or perhaps any other intense activity.

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I've had blurred vision after very long Aneros sessions from the intensity and perhaps what I was focusing on at the time. That has mostly gone away, and could be related to blood pressure.

    I suggest you check your blood pressure. You may need medication to lower it. Likely the Aneros caused you to spike your blood pressure when you were in an intense orgasm. Similar to straining hard using weights, or straining for a bowel movement. Those things can spike your blood pressure. Be aware of intense effects on your body. Overwhelming intensity and orgasms can potentially be dangerous I assume. People die having sex - so I assume it can be the same with the Aneros. Don't over do it. Know your limitations and explore them carefully.

    Sorry, to hear about your bad experience though. Hope your eye gets better soon. I get floaters occasionally. The eye docs just tell me that your body will eventually absorb them. But if you have high blood pressure you can get more. A tear in the retina / optic nerve can cause a ton of them which is a sign of bad things, but apparently your doc checked that out and you are ok, so hopefully they will absorb soon.
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    One question. Do you squeeze your eyes when doing your sessions?

    Is it possible that you were squeezing to hard?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Indeed, I am also very sorry to hear of your condition. It is extremely alarming when ones state of health changes (for the worse) ...pretty much in an instant like this. I thank you for bringing this to the attention of the Aneros community here in this forum.

    I can honestly tell you however that in all the years that I have been a participant here (as a member or lurker) I have never heard of another incident like this. With respect to the possibility of other users having experienced the same thing and not reporting it, I would tend to doubt that. This venue allows for a tremendous amount of candidness and anonymity. Furthermore, I would anticipate that this is one of the first places that such individuals would go....if only to ascertain if others were similarly afflicted.

    In terms of your risk factors, given your description, there is no question that you don't seem to fit the profile of someone who would have a problem like this under normal circumstances. That said, still and all it is possible that you just might have some predisposition for this. If that is the case it's also possible that this might have expressed itself at a different time, under a different form of physical exertion. Let's face it, there are cases of seemingly healthy individuals who have experienced heart attacks during more traditional forms of sexual activity. In such instances, it is not the activity that is at the root of it, but the underlying condition itself.

    Please understand that I'm not trying to minimize what has happened to you...not in the least. But at the same time I wouldn't want others to jump to any conclusions about the possibility of larger implications of this either. If you don't mind, I wonder if you would share a little more information about the session. In particular, how long did it last? You reported experiencing some form of rigor during the orgasm itself....did you maintain your breathing during that time? Were you holding your breath for any extended periods of time during the session? Were you squeezing your eyes shut (as ffd7 mentioned)? Lastly, was there any discussion of your blood pressure with your doctor?

    I do hope that this situation resolves itself and becomes more manageable for you very soon.

    All of the best,

    BF Mayfield
  • roger286roger286
    Posts: 9
    Hello again all,

    Once again I thank you all for your support. I can tell by the fact that none of you appear to be dismissive of my post - that you all clearly realize that Super-O's are so intense (so much more so than just a normal penis orgasm) that injuries are very possible! Causing or reexacerbating a medical condition has no doubt crossed all your minds before. (It ocurred to me as well)

    As I recall, Mayfield my session started very much as the others did. A rythmic stroke with the Helix moving in and out effortlessly. This was followed by the first wave (sensation) of me becoming more fixated on the porn on my computer screen and less aware of the Helix at all. Followed by an involuntary contraction of my rectum forcing the Helix in, and the orgasm beginning.

    Here was the difference. As I said "I went to the next level this time" First my stomach muscles contracted, then my legs became taut and tensed, then as I held the position I could feel the "wave" of pleasure sort of creep up my chest, to my neck and to my face.

    To the point that my jaw, neck and face was contorted and locked. It was an amazing experience, but there is NO doubt after having talked to my doctot that it was during this (approx 60 second period) that my eye pressure in both eyes must have blown off the charts!

    If I hadn't been so completely locked in ecstasy, I may have actully felt and seen my eye shutter, (the vitreous tear) and the floaters "shoot" across my field of vision, but I didn't notice it until the session was over and I "started to come back down to earth" so to speak.

    I didn't have a predispostion to this type of injury.....conversely I've been thinking that the exact opposite might be true. It may just be because I am in excl health and in good physical condition (and of course because Super-O's comes to me so easily) that I have the physical ability to build up tremendous internal pressure in my body through my muscle contractions, leg contractions etc. Its a thought.

    Btw, I contacted a board-cert Opthamologist who specializes in the treatment of these type of injuries. He emailed me last night. If my eye floaters are made up of blood they will dissipate in time (2 mos.) if they are made up of "fibrin" they will NOT dissipate or dissolve over time. (sad) :(

    To be honest with you all I remember my first Super-O. It was several months ago. I read many many posts on this Forum that talked about the "ecstasy that was experienced" "the pleasure" etc. I remember my first. It was such an intense feeling, such a body numbing almost convulsion of my entre body- that (honest to God) my first thought as I started to relax was not "what pleasure" but rather "that was so unbelievable, I can't believe it could be healthy for me!" "I could have a stroke doing this"

    That was honestly what I thought, but of course I stayed at it anyway. So its all my own fault. :(
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93

    I can relate to your experience. I have had floaters in my eyes for years but have gotten better with time because of changes in my diet and rest. My eye doctor told me that the ones I have are normal, whatever that means. They said they are normal unless they get worse.

    I questioned the squeezing of the eyes for a reason. Several months ago, I noticed that I was having all kinds of funny facial expressions and squeezing of my eyes. I started having a eye irritation and was similar to pink eye. I go to a Naturopathic Doctor and she prescribed some drops and some herbs to take. My irritation subsided and I started being conscious about squeezing my eyes. The only problem that i found was that i concentrating on so much NOT squeezing my eyes that i could not relax like I needed to. Not sure if that was an issue anyway. Recently I started squeezing my eyes again and concentrating on the session and my eyes slightly wanted to irritate but did not return to what it was before.

    As B. Mayfield stated, there may be some on here that have not reported problems with their eyes but for me I have. Not to the extent that you have. Just wondering if squeezing the eyes has anything to do with it?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I can tell by the fact that none of you appear to be dismissive of my post - that you all clearly realize that Super-O's are so intense (so much more so than just a normal penis orgasm) that injuries are very possible! Causing or reexacerbating a medical condition has no doubt crossed all your minds before. (It ocurred to me as well)

    With all due respect, while I was certainly not dismissive of your post, I do not want my comments to be construed as though I felt that injuries were very possible from the use of the Aneros or from experiencing Super O's in general.

    Let me be clear about this, I do not believe that this is a high risk behavior....for most individuals that is. Also, earlier when I spoke of a predisposition to vitreous anomalies, I was making reference to certain traits being inherited and that this generally occurs without the individual having any awareness of it. (I have no evidence that this is the case with vitreous tears however).

    As it happens I have a close friend who is an ophthalmologist and I called him just now to get his take on this. (Not on you per se, as he has not seen you....but on the set circumstances that you have put forth). He said that while anything is possible, this is far from a typical scenario. He stated that the medical literature has shown isolated cases of weightlifters having experienced retinal tearing (a different but sometimes related condition) but that there may have been degenerative factors that contributed in these cases and that it remains controversial at the present.

    So what is the most common cause of incident related vitreous tearing? Some form of concussion, i.e. a blow to the eye or trauma to the head. Vitreous tearing (and retinal tearing) can also occur as we age, as the vitreous shrinks away from the retina. He indicated that a vascular event is more commonly related to high levels of exertion, i.e. a small hemorrhage of a blood vessel in the eye. He also stated that these often resolve themselves, (as your ophthalmologist indicated but that they may be evidence of some other underlying condition).

    With respect to ffd71 comments :

    As B. Mayfield stated, there may be some on here that have not reported problems with their eyes...

    Actually I didn't say this. What I was saying was more of the opposite, that I hadn't read any reports of vitreous tearing in all of my years of involvement in this forum and that I was doubtful that users would be too depressed or embarrassed or otherwise reluctant to post about it here and let others know about it. From what I've witnessed Aneros users report the good the bad and the ugly... with some alleging a connection between the Aneros and everything from intestinal cramping and diarrhea to a sudden onset of hemorrhoids. Again, reports like this have been few and far between. In any situation of this sort, one looks toward finding some consistency. So far there has been none. Make no mistake about it, I will be mindful of what has occurred with Roger and will be on the lookout for anything of a similar nature that might appear in the forum.

    One last thing, I would strongly concur with Darwin, that when it comes to health issues like this that one should share fully with their physician. As you know this is a confidential relationship and for an accurate diagnosis to be made everything must be on the table. Having the proper information will have an impact on determining the causation and formulating an appropriate treatment. I can't help but wonder what Roger's doctor might have said if he had all of the facts to go on. Roger, if you do revisit this with him, please let us know.

    Again best to you,

    BF Mayfield
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    i agree with all b mayfield said, with one exception.

    i do see the logic in roger's thinking that there may be users who have had this problem without us hearing about it.

    the point is this: fundamentally and absolutely we do not know what people are *not* writing on this forum. that is one of the weirdnesses of a cyberspace forum. there is no other medium for us to cross check. yes, we see people writing the good, bad and ugly. but that does not tell us what other things people might write but don't because they don't care to bother.

    i could see the scenario that somebody is so sickened by the product that they don't even want to get on the forum, etc. so, i suppose it is possible that there is a higher rate of occurrence of unsaid stuff than we think. this, of course, is qualified by the fact that humans love to offer their opinions, particularly complaints.

    so, while i agree that it is not likely that this is happening while we are not hearing about it, i would like to stir in some healthy doubt based on the fundamentally incomplete knowledge we have.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    actually, on second thought, there is another thing i am not so sure i agree with.

    i don't have an unqualified conviction that this is a completely safe activity.

    we are in uncharted territory. i myself have had the experience of thinking "this is almost too much." that sentiment has been expressed many times on the forum, things like "i thought i was going to pass out."

    so, b, sorry but i am not sure we have a basis for making that claim.

    please don't interpret this as me saying i think it is unsafe. but, i just don't think we are in a position of saying with certainty that we know what the bounds of the consequences are. do i think it is unsafe? no. but, would i be surprised if it turns out that human orgasm can become so intense as to have unexpected consequences? no.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    You're right, of course we can't know for certain what is not being reported. I'm just saying that with something as major as this, there is a MUCH higher likelihood that we would have heard about it. You could say that the certainty of posting is directly proportional to the severity of the problem, you might call this the Aneros Uncertainty Principle (apologies to Heisenberg)

    BF Mayfield
  • thicktop4uthicktop4u
    Posts: 51
    Hi Guys,

    This has happened to me, to a small degree ... and in fact happened a few days ago. It has happened in the more distant past also. They happen the day after a session.

    These sessions are NOT TYPICAL ANEROS sessions but are Super T based and last several hours ... all during that time I'm really going to town .... not striving for any Aneros induced Super O. I'm just going for multiple Super T's while watching porn.

    Lots of anal and penile activity, using a variety of toys. The intense Super T's (and all the effort to bring them about) cause plenty of stress and strain.

    This is my usual routine once or twice a week ... and has been for many years.

    My small floaters last no longer than a day or 2.


    I have never had the type of body contractions while having a "Classic" Aneros induced Super O that would stress my body out like the Super T sessions I described above.

    It has occurred to me lately that I aught to moderate these Super T sessions ... which have been getting shorter in duration.

    Best Wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Completely safe activity? I never stated that. Frankly I don't even know how one would go about qualifying such a claim if they chose to make it. The truth is that there is a certain element of risk with ANY form of physical exercise, particularly those that involve a larger degree of exertion. What I said is that I do not consider Aneros use to be a high risk activity.

    BF Mayfield
  • roger286roger286
    Posts: 9
    Hello Gentlemen,

    I posted about my unfortunate experience with this product, I hope everyone who reads my post will at least have this information in his mind when he uses the Aneros products in the future.

    I thank you all for your well wishes and sympathy.

    I have contacted an opthamologist who specializes in laser treatments of theses type of injuries and I plan on meeting with him at some point within the next month or two. As I said my right eye has been considerably impaired, I can't imagine living a lifetime with these obstructions. I hope I will not have too.

    I strongly disagree with anyone who thinks that "if this injury was common...well, we would have heard about it" I, myself was reluctant to log back on and share my experience, but I thought it might be of assistance to you all. I doubt the typical person this happened too, would.

    With all due respect, I appreciate many of your kind words and supportive remarks, but I must say I question some of your objectivity.

    The definition of "Rationalization" - is to devise a self-satisfying, but incorrect reason to justify one's behavior even though that behaviour might be harmful or self-destructive.

    Why would 920 people log onto a forum designed for "self-gratification" and instead read a post entitled "Vicious Eye Injury?" Why, because after using this product it has been something that has crossed your minds already. "Can I get seriously injured using this?" "I wonder."

    The answer is "yes". Many of you will not believe it can happen to you...but I assure you it can! I realize that I am anonymous, and none of you know me, but if you saw a picture of me, your reaction would probably be - "Oh brother, if someone like that can injure himself doing this, anybody can...." I am fit, healthy and 42 yo.

    Everythng I have written here is true, I have no "axe to grind" Its not Aneros's fault. They are a good company that make quality products. Unfortuantely, they are so good they build pressure up inside the male body that can be quite harmful. (sad)

    I will check again "down the line" and let you guys know how I'm making out.

    Thanks again all,
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Roger,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to us for discussion. I have thought in the past about if I was pre-disposed to something like a brain aneurysm or some other weakness that I was unaware of, if the intenseness of a Super O could put me over the top. For everyone that experiences a Super O and enjoys them for any length of time has got to have questions pop up in their mind. I know I have.

    The best of luck to you Roger and please check back and let us know how it is going for you.

    Take care.
  • MarkMMarkM
    Posts: 34

    First, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your injury and I truly hope that your visit to the ophthalmologist will help you.

    However, your assertion that those who disagree with you about how commonplace this kind of injury is are "rationalizing" and are not being objective doesn't make much sense. Rationalizing would be applicable if we were examining this in the face of a large body evidence. At this point that doesn't exist. You have your experience, others have theirs.

    Why would 920 people log onto a forum designed for "self-gratification" and instead read a post entitled "Vicious Eye Injury?

    Why would 4431 people read a post entitled "The Aneros Causes IBS"? The answer to both questions is that a health issue like this grabs the reader's attention and (assuming that people who come to this forum are interested in expanding their knowledge about this device), they want to know everything that there is to know about it, pro and con. That's what product forums are about!

    On the topic of other people reporting this by now, you say that the "typical person" would not have done so, yet you ( a typical guy 42, fit, healthy etc.) did so! The way that I look at it is this, you did report it and it shouldn't be dismissed, but whether it is relevant to all the rest of the users out there is unknown at this point.

    I'm sure that you're trying to make sense of what has happened to you and it is very clear from what you've said that you've a concern for others as well. You seem like a really good guy, again, I hope this works out for you.

  • Hello all. On May 3 of this year using the Helix I suffered a posterior vitreous detachment of my right eye and minor in my left eye.

    I have floaters and spider webs now floating in both eyes, but due to the fact that they are all very posterior in both eyes they cannot be treated. I just returned from Virginia from the office of a doctor who treats floaters with a laser, but he said he can't help me due to the risk of more extensive eye injury and/or retinal detachment b/c of the location of the floaters.

    A vitrectomy is about my only remaining option - but this is major eye surgery and also carries with it significant risks.

    This condition is permenant and quite debilitating. I don't blame Aneros or anyone on this forum, I became involved in this "hobby" and purchased these products of my own volition.

    I have no idea if the injury that I sustained is common and how many people have suffered similar injuries. I read someone's response to one of my posts "if this happened often, we'd have all heard about it" How? How would you hear? Front page of USA Today, Newsweek? (Lol)

    Its really amazing how a person can rationalize his actions as safe, when he doesn't want to stop doing something that he enjoys. What happened to me might happy fairly often but it would require someone to admit to it, log back on to this forum and explain it, and continue to share his experiences and doctors diagnosis months later.

    I don't think many people would do that. As I said, it really sucks alot for me right now. I hope you all stay well, and all the best to all of you.

  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Just wanted to say that I also have floaters. However, I can't attribute their appearance to any one particular event (Aneros or otherwise). They just appeared one day and haven't left since. At first, i found terribly distressing, but I've gotten fairly used to them over time. In a sense my subconscious has learned to see "see around" them for the most part, so that I don't notice them as much as I used to. It took a couple years, but I hardly think about them anymore. I hope it will be similar for you Roger.

    Anyway, I just wanted to offer an alternative perspective as someone who also has floaters. I was doing KSMO and using the Aneros for years prior to them appearing and I've continued to do both for years since and have never noticed a particular effect for better or worse, on my floaters as a result of any particular session.

    In fact, until I read this thread, it never even occurred to me to question whether there might be a correlation. Now that I have, I have concluded that, in my case, probably not. In Roger's case? Apparently so.

    But, I think it goes without saying that any activity that involves straining of the vascular system whether it be weight lifting, Aneros practice, or sneezing, inherently involves some potential for all kinds of physical damage, including everything from strokes to floaters. That just comes with having a body. Heck, I've even heard that large numbers of people die every year from straining too hard on the toilet.

    So I think one has to take into account the possibility that while it may indeed have been the Aneros session that caused Roger's eye damage, for all anyone knows, he was pre-disposed to getting floaters and could have gotten the same results from doing push-ups or helping a friend move furniture. In this case, it was a series of orgasms. It sucks, but in the right company, at least it makes for a good story.

    My point is, life is a contact sport. You can be a victim or a volunteer. Either way, you're still playing. Yes, it's possible that any one of us may experience a health problem while using the Aneros. The question is, is it any more likely to cause harm than most other common daily activities? I seriously doubt it. Certainly it poses less risk than driving a car or crossing a city street or eating fast food.

    As usual, I'm with Mayfield on this one. No one is saying the Aneros is 100% safe, but I have yet to see or hear anything that would indicate it is a high risk activity for anyone is decent health.

  • It's been months now since the posting of the first message, and I just wanted to check if Roger is OK -- I'm not a doctor, whatsoever, but I got worried that what he had was the first sign of leukemia or some other condition which causes a dramatic lowering of clotting factors, leading to leakage of blood cells into the eyes under higher pressure...

    Roger, are you out there? Are you OK?
  • Roger,

    I'm 38, 6'3" healthy (?) and have suffered from floaters for longer than I can recall, probably since my mid teens.

    I asked my optician about them every time I saw him and he always replied my eyes were healthy. Several years ago I had private consultations with a consultant ophthalmologist as I was following development in the States of laser surgery for floaters. He too said my eyes were healthy and recommended that if I had adjusted to them I should avoid unnecessary procedures.

    I have every empathy for you and your condition, albeit cause unknown. My floaters are in both eyes and are like a thin spiders web with 2 or 3 more pronounced lumps and several smaller lumps. If I spin my head quickly they are apparent as they race across my field of vision to resume their natural places, staring at a sheet of white paper shows them to all their glory. Looking at bright PC screens, bright skys and reading anything printed on bright white papers are my problem areas but they are always most evident when I'm fatigued. Having said that, if when I wake up I just lie on my back looking at the ceiling they drive me nuts racing across the bedroom ceiling!

    For all of my experience with floaters I have only been using an Aneros product for about a month. Having been fortunate enough to experience a Super-O out of the box and several since I haven't noticed anything different with my eyes or floaters but will certainly make a concious assessment from now on.

    Whilst not implying your floaters were caused by Aneros use, I do feel (and agree with earlier posters) that you must have had an underlying predisposition to the condition and could have developed them at any point during this period of your life cycle had they not become apparent after this Aneros session.

    As time progresses I'm sure you will become less aware of them during normal activities. I personally believe the brain almost adapts to not process the floaters into sight as I don't always see them now but they are always there if I 'look' for them.

    Best of luck and please keep us posted with news of your progress.
  • PanPan
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    Hi Geezer,

    the way you described your experience with floaters is pretty much exactly the same as mine - having them in both eyes, multiples spots and web-strands that streak across my vision when I scan around and then return to their assigned positions when my eyes rest on one spot. Not to mention white ceilings and walls, computer screens, sunny days with bright blue skies making them more apparent. And of course the fact that the brain seems to compensate for them over time.

    The only difference was that mine started in my late 20's rather than my teens. Other than that, I feel like our experiences have been virtually identical.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and offering your support to Roger. I'm glad that we both agree that while floaters are not something to wish for, they're certainly a condition one can learn to live quite comfortably with. One thing I can say for sure, they don't rate very high on my list of health concerns/complaints!

    Since you'll be making conscious observations regarding your floaters and your new Aneros practice, perhaps you could report in this thread if you find any correlations? As a fellow floater, I will be happy to do the same.

    Take care and welcome to the community!

  • I haven't read this entire post and maybe somebody has already mentioned this but there IS a treatment for floaters.


    There are also supplements and I prefer custom made supplements as can be found here:

    I also have floaters. They started showing up when I was a teenager and not related to any particular activity. The eye doctor said they are normal and many people have them due to a particular vein that fails and breaks up with age.

    I do not consider them to be an injury but they are very annoying and, some day, I will likely pursue lazer treatment for floaters if the supplements, I just ordered, don't help.

  • BusterBuster
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    I actually sent Roger a PM back on September 3 and he never opened it. At least so far. I was wondering how he was doing as well.
  • OH!!OH!!
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    Scorch said:

    I haven't read this entire post and maybe somebody has already mentioned this but there IS a treatment for floaters.


    There are also supplements and I prefer custom made supplements as can be found here:

    I also have floaters. They started showing up when I was a teenager and not related to any particular activity. The eye doctor said they are normal and many people have them due to a particular vein that fails and breaks up with age.

    I do not consider them to be an injury but they are very annoying and, some day, I will likely pursue lazer treatment for floaters if the supplements, I just ordered, don't help.


    Scorch - let us know how well those supplements seem to help you.
  • OH!!OH!!
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    I don't think there is normally a risk of Aneros use causing floaters or other eye injury. There were probably complicating factors in this case. However, I've noticed sometimes for myself when in intense orgasms I do focus intently on one point or even have my eyes roll back, or other pressure. I'd recommend everyone be careful and aware of your eyes during use and don't over strain them.
  • [quote=OH!!]
    Scorch said:


    Scorch - let us know how well those supplements seem to help you.

    Well, supplements are a long term attempt. Doubt I will remember to come back here 6 months or later.

    I can tell you that floaters do tend to change. Some months are more annoying than others and I've heard digestive health can also be a factor.

  • alvalv
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    My yoga and relaxation teacher insist during many exercises involving energetic breathing that the eyes tightly closed, and after two years she still checks when doing theses exercises as she maintains that a lot of pressure is put on the eyes during these exercises and by shutting them this pressure is relieved, equalised or neutralised to avoid any damage to the eye.

    I, always, during sex and now while using the Aneros have my eyes tightly shut as I enjoy blocking out the visual senses as to heighten / enhance my other senses and experience them more and look inward into my body to enjoy each and every sensation.

    From what has been said in this thread, I can only recommend to all to close your eyes while riding the Super-O.
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
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    Roger 286

    I really feel for you, I want to tell you that these are not likely to be permanent. I have had floaters most of my life, never as bad as your attack, but enough to be a big bother. I did a lot of research into them a few years ago, and here are a few thoughts that might be helpful. First, if this was a form of ocular hemorrhage from a blood-pressure spike, as I suspect it was, I believe the floaters are almost certainly composed of strands of blood cells, not fibrin. If so, they should eventually dissipate, the same way blood cells in a bruise do. Mine tend to come and go. I used to regularly read several online floater forums; one comment that came up several times was the claim that masturbation caused floaters. I wouldn’t be surprised if it may be true, since orgasm is one of the most intense experiences we can have (but it sure didn’t stop me).

    And I think we are all at risk to some degree. And not just floaters. I have a daily morning massage routine with my wife during which she masturbates me; for a long time part of this routine would be with me inverted on the couch, with my legs up in the air and my head on the floor. Suddenly one day I had an attack of vertigo so powerful I nearly fell over. Severe dizzy spells came and went for a couple of months and finally cleared up. I suspected it was trauma to my inner ear caused by my inverted sessions. I never took that position again, and the vertigo is gone.

    I went to an opthalmologist who had developed a method of clearing floaters with a specially developed laser. I spent several thousand dollars having my floaters cleaned out, and it worked very well, for about 6 months. Then they began coming back again. So I wouldn’t recommend this approach, unless you can afford to have it done a couple of times a year. After that, I decided to just put up with them.

    Also, on the floater forums I learned that some eye surgeons will perform
    Floater-only Vitrectomies, meaning they insert needles into your eye and replace all the vitreous fluid. Again, this is expensive and also probably risky, although the current technology is highly refined.

    Being an aneros beginner, I have not yet had any kind of orgasm with the device, so I can’t even imagine the intensity of your session, but from the description it sounds like you went way beyond the usual level. One question that occurs to me, probably best answered by B Mayfield or one of the other experts here, is: what control does one have over the intensity? Once the big O starts, is there any way to throttle it back? And when you are in that state, would you even have the will power to try?

    From my vertigo experience, I guess the one practical warning I would pass on to everyone is to avoid being inverted during any activity that increases your heart rate/blood pressure. I think it puts a dangerous strain on all the equipment in your head.

    Hang in there. I’m a whole lot older than you are and in my experience, I get new floaters from time to time, but none of them ever last indefinitely, they eventually go away. I hope you will keep us posted.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
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    Wonderful post Woodsman. Tks for the good info most of which was new to me. Good news was the hope that floaters will reduce with time.

    I'm still putting up with a couple of big blobs that appeared when I woke up from major belly surgery three years ago. Surgeon said that the 'probable' cause was my use of blood thinners combined with a BP spike while under. Roll of the dice, odds like the optic nerve damage that sometimes happens following Viagra use.
  • Hi, I'm still new to this so bare with me.

    I am terribly sorry for your floater problems. I only wish I knew a way to help. :cry:

    I have had floaters for a long time now. I think they started some twenty years ago now. They are bothersome and not anything that ruin my vision but certainly bother me. Especially when I wave my hands in the air to swat bugs that aren't there, as you said. :oops:

    I have found this out from my experience, I hope this helps.

    I have been using a computers since I was 9 or 10 years old when they were just hooked up to TV's actually. I have found that the more I use the computer for extended periods where the screen is unchanging that the more I get the floaters. Also the less I blink during my computer use the more floaters I seem to get. I have to school myself to even blink most times, especially during games. I know of a lot of computer gamers that have this problem. :(

    I believe that what might have caused your floaters is that your eyes focused on one single object, causing your eyes to literally lock for a time and become unblinking and causing the eyes to dry out somewhat. I think, and I'm no doctor, that this fixing of focus on a single object and drying out of the eyes may be the cause for most floaters in computer users and maybe those that have pleasure when at their computer or with there eyes open during the time. :wink:

    I do know this, and this is hard to write since I'm still new to this, that when I climax when using images on a computer or writing that I tend to get more floaters for a number of days afterwards even. I think from the pics and images I've seen of women during their climax with their eyes shut loosely, out of instinct I believe, that they may have the right idea. I think this lessens the pressure on the eyes and causes their eyes not to fix focus on one object and not to dry out. I think when we climax with our eyes open that this happens a lot to everyone and that they may just not have it as long as others. As to Super-O's, I can't relate to that yet, not that far on my journey yet.

    Hope this might have helped someone.
  • Floaters happen with age. Many people get them at some point without straining themselves, usually later in life, 40 ~ 60+.

    It could be you were on the verge of developing your own floater, and the Super-O just got you there quicker.

    Sorry! Good news is, that they will go away over time in normal and dark lighting conditions.