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No luck so far!
  • I'm not having much luck with my MGX - I've tried 4 or 5 times for up to 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a stretch (pun intended).

    I've modded it slightly as I suspected it was not contacting my prostate at all - I put two layers of fabric sticking plasted over the operational bit with a condom over the top.

    This seemed to improved the situation (I at least got a vague desire to pee - and the feeling it was in contact with my prostate).

    But nothing seems to happen and I just get bored/tired/run out of time.

    I've followed the advice given about being thoroughly relaxed.

    I do notice that I seem to have a large amount of precum being produced.

    I will occassionally have another go when I get the time - but I was wondering if there's anything that jumps to mind.

    Should I just use my sphincter muscles or actually clench my buttocks?


  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    Hi Tony,
    My best advice is just be patient and try to relax. I'm still kind of new to this too but its working for me now and it is truly incredible. I doubt you need to modify anything, my first 7 or 8 sessions with my Helix, I had no contact with my prostate either, in fact I didn't even know where it should be. I thought I was working it and found out later I wasn't even close. When you find it you will know it and once you do it's easy to find again.
    Once I started making contact with my prostate, it still took some time before anything of orgasmic proportions occured. I think I was simply trying to make it happen and concentrating too hard. "Old Wolf" told me to quit trying so hard and just sink into it. Once I did that, the first O's started and then the Super O's. Last night I had one that just spread throughout my whole body. That was a first for me. Seems like they just keep getting better and better. I was a huge skeptic when I started using the Aneros. I bought it because I figured if it did half what the guys in the forum say it does it would be a bargain. I have to say, I'm sold! It does everything they say it does and more. So try not to get discouraged or too frustrated. For me it all started working when I quit trying to make it happen and just let it happen so don't rush it. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421
    Hi wowserukayls,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    The early sessions with your new toy should be viewed more like getting acquainted with a new woman rather than trying to get her into bed on the first date. This period of acquaintance can vary greatly from individual to individual, my best suggestion is just to be patient with yourself. As hlaser99 says, “Relax – Breathe & Observe the Feelings…” Despite your statement “…nothing seems to happen…” , Mistress Aneros is in fact having an effect on you. You noted “… a vague desire to pee…” this is a typical early signal from your prostate that it is being stimulated and sending communication to your brain. Your brain is currently interpreting that signal as the need to urinate, as you start to become rewired that same signal can be reinterpreted by your mind as a pleasure marker for the subtle pleasure waves to follow.
    Mistress Aneros is also tickling your Cowper’s gland and arousing you to produce the extra precum. These are two good indications that the massager is working for you. You have to understand that the sensations involved with your early learning are very subtle and you need to focus and gently nurture them along, building the pleasure waves in cycles of increasing amplitude.
    If you are under time constraints or are fatigued it is unlikely that your session will be anything but a ‘dud’. If you are bored with your session, you will not have the needed mental focus to maintain the pleasure wave amplification process and again your session will be a ‘dud’.
    As far as muscle groups to use, I don’t think clenching your buttocks muscles or any others for that matter will be very effective. I believe gentle contractions of your PC, anal sphincter and rectal muscles in various combinations will be far more effective in eliciting the gentle massage action necessary to build the pleasure wave sensations.

    I hope this helps you advance on your journey of learning.