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Aneros + KSMO Chat Event Transcript
  • Hi Everyone,

    The KSMO Chat Event just finished. We had some trouble with the chat transcript so it starts 23 minutes in. It was a great event and we were very lucky to be joined by the creator KSMO himself - Jack Johnston. Thanks to Jack and all the participants!!!

    Aneros Support

    [19:23:05] Buster: For those that are maybe having trouble with Aneros, I really think that exploring KSMO would be helpful.
    [19:23:06] bonerowner: has anyone used ksmo and peridise?
    [19:23:39] artform: My feelings too Buster. They each enhance or amplify the other experience beautifully.
    [19:23:42] Buster: Last night.
    [19:24:04] rumel: HJ: How did you discover this technique?
    [19:24:14] Buster: I used the larger of the two (which I am having a better time with) and it was unbelievable!
    [19:24:47] bonerowner: buster - cool
    [19:25:04] hlaser99: Buster in Peridise!
    [19:25:24] Buster: Good one Laser. Jack, the question is yours.
    [19:25:24] hlaser99: Or Peridise in Buster???
    [19:25:48] Buster: You're crackin me up!
    [19:26:18] [email][/email]: Jack, can you give us some more background information about the technique? the discovery of it?
    [19:26:29] HydraulicJack: rumel - bit of a long story, but short version is that the first step was to recognize that orgasm and ejaculation are two
    [19:27:02] HydraulicJack: distinct reflexes, even for men. There is tremendous confusion about this, since even by some sex "experts"
    [19:27:28] HydraulicJack: when referring to male sexual response, "orgasm" and "ejaculation" are used interchangeably as if they are one.
    [19:27:29] bonerowner: in taht case I can see how ksmo and aneros would be a perfect match
    [19:27:51] cet: Pardon my asking, but is the chat room really lagging?
    [19:28:20] HydraulicJack: Once one DOES make the distinction that they are two distinctly separate reflexes, the next step is to
    [19:29:25] HydraulicJack: Once I had done that, then my goal was to reverse engineer the process so that I could develop a Protocol
    [19:29:51] HydraulicJack: that would teach people how to practice the behaviors that would build AROUSAL - ultimately to
    [19:30:11] HydraulicJack: multiorgasmic intensity, while at the same time AVOIDING the behaviors that typically trigger
    [19:30:20] HydraulicJack: the ejaculation reflex.
    [19:30:36] bonerowner: that's teh tricky part ;)
    [19:30:49] HydraulicJack: Yep it sure is!
    [19:31:22] HydraulicJack: Even esoteric methods of male multiple orgasm training for the most part if not in all cases,
    [19:31:45] HydraulicJack: involve some kind of what I refer to as ejaculatory brinkmanship, that is, getting NEAR
    [19:32:11] HydraulicJack: the so-called Point of No Return or PONR at which point the ejaculation reflex is about to
    [19:32:33] HydraulicJack: get triggered, and then do something else, be that a microcosmic orbit, or a squeeze technique,
    [19:33:00] HydraulicJack: or breath-holding or some other form of ejaculation delay - quote / unquote.
    [19:33:29] HydraulicJack: But this can be quite distracting, especially when
    [19:33:37] HydraulicJack: sharing erotic intimacy with a partner!
    [19:33:46] HydraulicJack: Therefore, using the working hypothesis
    [19:33:55] artform: Exactly!
    [19:34:01] HydraulicJack: that nature is NOT sadistic towards males,
    [19:34:17] bonerowner: Does practicing brinksmanship hlp or hinder the KSMO technique, or does it have no effect?
    [19:34:28] HydraulicJack: I used as my working hypothesis that there must be SOME way CODED IN to our DNA
    [19:34:56] HydraulicJack: that would permit us to experience multiple ORGASMS - not only without ejaculating - but also without
    [19:35:09] HydraulicJack: having to actively be blocking the ejaculation reflex.
    [19:35:26] bonerowner: interesting
    [19:35:33] HydraulicJack: bonerowner, the brinkmanship gets in the way, in my opinion.
    [19:35:51] bonerowner: ok thanks
    [19:36:01] HydraulicJack: It's the old fashioned way... For me, the point of view is to learn how to build AROUSAL
    [19:36:18] HydraulicJack: from the ground up, as it were, withOUT getting into any kind of zone where you need to
    [19:36:48] HydraulicJack: worry about ejaculatory brinkmanship. With correct KSMO practice, there IS no ejaculatory BRINK
    [19:36:55] HydraulicJack: that you have to worry about avoiding!
    [19:37:57] HydraulicJack: ovr ;)
    [19:38:38] DangerMouse: I've had ejaculation decoupled from orgasm, but have no idea how it came about. How do you train to do it on purpose?
    [19:39:03] DangerMouse: LOL read that the other way around....
    [19:39:38] bonerowner: are ksmo orgasms the same type as you would have with aneros? p-waves, smooth muscle contractions, etc?
    [19:39:55] artform: Although we liked to finish our sessions with a Super-T, mrs. a and I are often quite blissfully complete after a couple of
    [19:40:23] artform: dry multiples and no ejaculations...
    [19:41:38] Buster: Bonerowner, I have something to say about your question.
    [19:41:39] hlaser99: Sounds like perfect Bliss!
    [19:41:40] artform: the words "hours of" got dropped! We have barely begun at "a couple"
    [19:42:34] Valentine: haha, that's awesome, artform!
    [19:43:03] bonerowner: very cool
    [19:43:05] HydraulicJack: Gives new meaning to "Bop til ya drop!"
    [19:43:30] bonerowner: jack - what is the success rate for users who buy your system? do you have any idea? Ever taken a poll?
    [19:44:03] HydraulicJack: For people who don't follow the Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol(tm), the success rate is low,
    [19:44:47] HydraulicJack: for people who DO follow the MOTP aka KSMO Protocol, it's pretty good. Some people take longer than others
    [19:45:12] HydraulicJack: though because as I often say in our KSMO chats: The bigger challenge is not between the legs, it's between the ears!"
    [19:45:31] bonerowner: yes - I can understand that would be the case
    [19:45:33] HydraulicJack: That is, people have a lot of preconceived notions, and often a good deal of emotional issues to work through
    [19:45:39] DangerMouse: I like the idea of KMSO and appreciate the background, but what IS it? A form of meditation, structured breathing, what?
    [19:45:46] HydraulicJack: to ALLOW themselves to OPEN to this new experience.
    [19:46:19] bonerowner: DM - it is an actual sound that you make that helps trigger multiples
    [19:47:00] HydraulicJack: 3 simple steps, DangerMouse, practiced initially for no more than 20 minutes per session, and no more than 3 times per week.
    [19:47:27] HydraulicJack: I say no more than, to help people transcend, or trance-end the strong tendency to GO for it - to chase after the orgasm
    [19:47:48] HydraulicJack: as so many of us are used to... typically meaning to increase stimulation.
    [19:48:02] Buster: The fawn, tell them about the fawn!
    [19:48:13] HydraulicJack: The 3 steps of the 20-minute practice are:
    [19:48:43] HydraulicJack: Single touch or caress of a pleasant area of your body - doesn't have to be genital. If you're using
    [19:49:05] HydraulicJack: an aneros (and that's fine, although I recommend at least PART of the time to practice withOUT it as well),
    [19:49:39] HydraulicJack: that would be a SINGLE intentional contraction or slight movement... so: a single touch or caress, the pause any
    [19:50:18] HydraulicJack: further stimulation, use a gentle unforced Key Sound(tm) on the exhale, (still pausing stimulation),
    [19:50:43] HydraulicJack: then two to four relaxing breaths (still no stimulation)... repeat.
    [19:50:46] HydraulicJack: That's it!
    [19:50:54] DangerMouse: It seems like starting KMSO and Aneros at the same time are mutually exclusive, until you understand the arousal process
    [19:51:11] HydraulicJack: And don't expect the orgasms in the beginning to occur during the 20 minute sessions. The purpose of the sessions
    [19:51:29] DangerMouse: It sounds like KMSO is like a meditative trigger training
    [19:51:37] HydraulicJack: are to AWAKEN the response. Most often, the newer levels occur BETWEEN sessions, when you least expect it... i.e.
    [19:51:51] HydraulicJack: when you're not chasing after the orgasms or trying to make them happen.
    [19:51:58] HydraulicJack: It's the power of the YIN.
    [19:52:26] HydraulicJack: Buster, I'll let you or one of the others tell'em about the fawn.
    [19:52:52] HydraulicJack: DM, yes it's very meditative and relaxing.
    [19:53:06] artform: You've just gotta love those ECHO EFFECTS!
    [19:53:22] HydraulicJack: Although some people may have preferential or religious reasons for not framing it as meditation, so
    [19:53:35] HydraulicJack: relaxing is sufficient to describe that aspect.
    [19:53:52] DangerMouse: I can do that to rapidly lower my heartrate. I can see how it can be used in this direction, too.
    [19:54:27] HydraulicJack: Let me shoe-horn in here
    [19:54:35] HydraulicJack: one other point while I'm thinking of it:
    [19:55:07] HydraulicJack: When you do ANY kind of stimulation, EVEN a single touch or caress of a pleasurable area - be
    [19:55:49] HydraulicJack: that an earlobe, inside of your wrist (search "wrist" in our Forum for Laly's descriptions, e.g.), or wherever
    [19:56:27] HydraulicJack: you have a PARAsympathetic response (i.e., an AUTOMATIC response) of doing at least a moderate INhale.
    [19:56:56] HydraulicJack: You can refer to that in effect as a charging breath. ANY sensual stimulation will AUTOMATICALLY trigger that little -
    [19:57:36] HydraulicJack: or larger - AUTOMATIC inhale. Part of the Secret is to exhale THAT breath using the arousal-amplifying Key Sound(tm) that
    [19:57:45] HydraulicJack: I discovered. By doing, that
    [19:58:04] Buster [»] [email][/email]: Thanks for working on a Saturday support. That sounds so impersonal, what name do you go by?
    [19:58:10] HydraulicJack: you are building AROUSAL but withOUT relying on more STIMULATION to do it! By NOT using more and more
    [19:58:30] HydraulicJack: stimulation to build arousal, you are not setting the stage to trigger the EJACULATION reflex.
    [19:58:52] HydraulicJack: PS: By
    [19:59:21] HydraulicJack: not setting the stage in that way, there is no need to try to hold back anything - i.e. no need to try to hold back
    [19:59:43] HydraulicJack: ejaculation... that reflex is not getting energized so you don't have to worry about it! YAY!!!
    [19:59:56] bonerowner: nice
    [20:00:20] HydraulicJack: To put it mildly. ^^
    [20:00:20] Valentine: That is the best description I have heard yet.
    [20:00:54] HydraulicJack: Thanks Val. It's been said many times in our Forum over the years, but it certainly bears repeating.
    [20:01:14] HydraulicJack: You guys inspire me!
    [20:01:39] hlaser99: It is actually a simple and straight forward protocol! Not complicated at all!
    [20:02:08] hlaser99: Even a caveman can do it!
    [20:02:17] Buster: Just follow it, at least at the beginning.
    [20:02:26] HydraulicJack: Yeah, some people have trouble with the idea that it's so simple!
    [20:02:38] artform: Once learned and become a habit, it can also then work with erotic energies throughout the body and even transfers to a
    [20:02:40] Buster: When you get comfortable with it, the sky's the limit!
    [20:02:42] HydraulicJack: They get mind noise saying: But it CAN'T be THAT simple!!!
    [20:02:43] artform: partner.
    [20:03:01] [email][/email] [»] Buster: I would like to chat to you in private, click here please!
    [20:03:04] Buster: Like mrs. Artform
    [20:03:26] artform: Indeed!
    [20:03:28] HydraulicJack: Yeah and re: partner, since it's not about ejaculation control, but about building arousal to multiorgasmic intensity through
    [20:03:48] HydraulicJack: a YIN path, it's equally effective across the spectrum of gender and orientation.
    [20:04:00] Valentine: re: simplicity...which is why Jack has bi-monthly chats on his website to help n00bs!
    [20:04:46] Old Wolf: Sorry everyone, have to go. Been lurking and learning - will check back in later if I'm able. Thanks for all your info Jack,
    [20:04:57] cet: I understand YMMV, but typically, how long does it take before most folks see/feel results?
    [20:05:05] HydraulicJack: Yep Val, since 1997, and the transcripts are all still online and Google Site Searchable.
    [20:05:09] Old Wolf: I'm saving up!
    [20:05:13] Buster: Bye O.W. Have a great day!
    [20:05:18] hlaser99: Bye OW!
    [20:05:35] Old Wolf: Evening here, dinner time
    [20:05:44] artform: Calm Seas to you Old Wolf!
    [20:05:48] HydraulicJack: You can start feeling the effects in the first session, or it may take a little longer...
    [20:05:57] cet: Adios Lupo Viejo!
    [20:06:14] HydraulicJack: opening all the way to multi-orgasmic intensity may take a few weeks or (the current record about 7 years.
    [20:06:38] hlaser99: Wow!
    [20:06:40] HydraulicJack: By for now, OWOOOOOOOO!
    [20:07:00] DangerMouse: what's the URL for the forum?
    [20:07:10] HydraulicJack: RE: The 7 years, that Adept had a lot of counseling work to do... but MR. TENACITY!
    [20:07:19] HydraulicJack: He's still active in our Forum, too.
    [20:07:33] bonerowner:
    [20:07:36] HydraulicJack:
    [20:07:49] DangerMouse: thanks
    [20:08:01] cet: Saw some very positive reviews on Amazon as well -- hlaser wrote one of them.
    [20:08:04] HydraulicJack: YW, DM!
    [20:08:25] HydraulicJack: Yeah thanks for that one hlaser!
    [20:08:42] hlaser99: No Prob!
    [20:08:54] hlaser99: It was a pleasure!
    [20:09:07] HydraulicJack: uhh yayuh!
    [20:09:21] HydraulicJack:
    [20:09:52] cet: Jack -- what sort of feedback do you get along the way to know you're on the right path?
    [20:10:19] Valentine: A TON
    [20:10:33] HydraulicJack: Who was it earlier today who mentioned Echo Effects(tm)? (no scroll back on this chat that I can see).
    [20:10:47] artform: artform
    [20:11:04] Buster: I think it was Artform.
    [20:11:14] cet: No, it was artform.
    [20:11:16] HydraulicJack: Thot so. By all means guys, talk about your Echo Effects and gimme a lil break. ^^
    [20:11:24] artform: They are your feedback and milestones early on.
    [20:11:54] artform: Then they are your best friends for life!
    [20:12:02] HydraulicJack:
    [20:12:27] rumel: Can you describe some effects so we know what to look for?
    [20:12:34] cet: Ok, I'll bite, what are Echo Effects?
    [20:12:40] Buster: To me, they were similar to what I would feel with my Aneros sessions and in between.
    [20:13:14] Valentine: They are very subtle, some of them, atleast, early on
    [20:13:18] artform: Hlaser, your chairgasms, which I also developed early are one example. Can you tell us how they showed up for you?
    [20:13:29] Buster: If you have a real good Aneros session, you can feel the after effects even the next day.
    [20:14:06] Buster: Hey L.T.
    [20:14:35] hlaser99: KSMO has broadened my understanding of the Orgasm and of my own sexuality!
    [20:14:56] artform: BF Mayfield has called the aneros "training wheels". I find that I am learning through muscle memory development with aneros,
    [20:15:02] hlaser99: I was having chair Orgasms after my re-wiring with Aneros...
    [20:15:19] artform: and nerve systems memory with Key Sound.
    [20:15:53] hlaser99: The broader base, I was talking about!
    [20:16:32] hlaser99: Knowledge and capabilities expand!
    [20:16:54] hlaser99: and expand / / /
    [20:16:56] artform: I too get echo effects from aneros, as well as KS, and now either can trigger chairgasms, cargasms or general o-zone living,
    [20:17:10] artform: "the day after" or daze after...
    [20:17:31] Buster: I like the ones that I get at work when I am bored in a meeting or something. They're great!
    [20:17:32] hlaser99: me too!
    [20:17:37] Valentine: a small list of echo effects that I have had: twitches, jolts, 'energy' rushes, spasms, itches
    [20:18:13] hlaser99: Sounds like you were connected to a lite socket???
    [20:18:27] Valentine: you would think so!
    [20:18:27] hlaser99: LOL!
    [20:18:37] Buster: Don't mention electricity.
    [20:18:48] hlaser99: It's all neural!
    [20:19:19] hlaser99: pk Buster!
    [20:19:23] artform: A buzz, ("Butt Buzz") can begin in any of several points in the lower abdomen. That is often the start.
    [20:19:26] hlaser99: OK!
    [20:19:37] Valentine: others have different echo effects
    [20:20:05] artform: then it can involuntarily start growing or moving and increasing in intensity!!
    [20:20:06] hlaser99: Tell others what echo effects are???
    [20:20:37] rumel: Twiitches, jolts, spasms, itches, I had all those even before the Aneros experience, how do you know KSMO is causing it?
    [20:20:45] artform: It can trigger p-waves that grow very powerful...
    [20:20:57] artform: or stings of mini-Os
    [20:21:49] artform: It can be energy balls moving independently or as a result of deliberate "opening" to different locations in your body,
    [20:22:20] hlaser99: Cool@
    [20:22:31] artform: and then triggering more erotic or strong sensual energies...
    [20:23:13] Valentine: Well, I have all of these happen during the protocol
    [20:23:19] artform: Rumel, in any one incident it would be difficult to prove in court!
    [20:23:29] cet: Support -- Are you a KSMO user?
    [20:24:14] Buster: Hey guys (I think we are all guys), I have to get going. I have a BBQ committment I have to get to. This was a lot of fun.
    [20:24:21] artform: However, as you open to these "fawns", you find the KS helps you directly amplify and even direct these little deer
    [20:24:33] cet: A pleasure talking with you Buster!
    [20:24:39] Buster: Thanks for working on Saturday Support!
    [20:25:10] rumel: Take Care Buster Have Fun!
    [20:25:22] [email][/email]: Our pleasure Buster, see you on the next one!
    [20:25:25] hlaser99: Artform a very interesting statement! (about proving an MMO in court!)
    [20:25:33] hlaser99: Later Pal!
    [20:25:40] Buster: You guys have a great night. Thanks for coming by Jack, see you back at
    [20:25:46] artform: and soon they a breeding and you have a herd of deer that respond to your every wish! Cummulatively it is quite
    [20:25:49] cet: Anyone else here think Buster gets to have more fun and pleasure than he deserves?! ;)
    [20:25:53] artform: convincing!!!
    [20:25:57] [email][/email]: hi cet, personally, i am not a KSMO user but learning about it today has me intrigued
    [20:26:26] Buster: cet, I think you are right!
    [20:26:33] cet: LOL!
    [20:26:44] rumel: cet : we all deserve fun and pleasure.
    [20:27:11] HydraulicJack: See ya Buster!
    [20:27:11] artform: Keep it up Buster!
    [20:27:17] Buster: At least I am thankful for it. I hope everyone here has great success. KSMO is all it is claimed and more. Just give it a
    [20:27:20] Buster: chance.
    [20:27:32] cet: Buster -- Have a great time and thanks for your terrific input!
    [20:28:04] hlaser99: Bye Buster! Don't eat too much BBQ!
    [20:28:13] Valentine: bye buster
    [20:28:19] Buster: Follow protocol. Jack will validate your annunciation of the Key Sound free of charge. It is an important part of the
    [20:28:19] DangerMouse: Is there the same distribution of Time-to-effect that is seen with the Aneros?
    [20:28:25] Buster: process.
    [20:28:59] Oshea: Hi guys, guess I missed most of this. I hope they post the transcript so I can see what I missed.
    [20:29:02] cet: Rumel -- of course ... Buster's cup simply "runnith over" with pleasure -- Lucky Guy!
    [20:29:23] hlaser99: What a Man!

    [20:39:12] HydraulicJack: and a No Time Limit Money Back Guarantee. That's about the best I can do. ^^
    [20:39:54] cet: Indeed Jack ... Few could offer such a Guarantee. If it didn't work, you'd have been out of business long ago!
    [20:40:21] Valentine: Do you plan on making a new cd for the complete library dated to 2008/+?
    [20:40:22] HydraulicJack: QED, cet! ^^
    [20:41:08] HydraulicJack: Probably not Val, unless somebody can teach me how to do it using vBulletin. The archive on the disk was from the old Forum
    [20:41:26] rumel: I understand breath control is important is there too long aperiod between KS articulations?
    [20:41:36] HydraulicJack: software which had one good thing about it, and that was that archiving tool. I would certainly be happy to do so though, if
    [20:42:16] HydraulicJack: somebody can give me a clear idea of how to easily build a linked and searchable db of the current forum, that would fit on a
    [20:42:36] HydraulicJack: single disk so you don't have to swap disks. I'm definitely open to help on that!
    [20:43:11] HydraulicJack: rumel, the breathing should not in any way be a strain. If you're straining in any way, you're introducing tension, and these
    [20:43:16] cet: Probably should look into some form of PDF conversion for maximum compression with linking capabilities.
    [20:43:21] HydraulicJack: are strictly Relaxorgasms!
    [20:44:04] HydraulicJack: cet, would just need a tool to do the conversion automatically from a huge vBulletin db into pdf... Sure not up to doing it
    [20:44:09] HydraulicJack: manually! ^^
    [20:44:22] HydraulicJack: If you can point me to tools that would do that, I'd certainly be grateful.
    [20:45:21] hlaser99: Hey Support, are you a computer guru???
    [20:45:54] HydraulicJack: rumel PS: so it's not about breath CONTROL... it's about learning how to just use relaxing breaths and then every 3rd one or
    [20:46:12] artform: Jack, can you comment on use of the Key Sound "in the moment" as compared to during a protocol session?
    [20:46:23] rumel: Do you recommend any self-hypnosis techniques to aid the KSMO learning process?
    [20:46:27] HydraulicJack: so, a SINGLE touch or caress of a pleasant area of your body followed by an unhurried, unforced, relaxed,
    [20:46:34] Valentine: hey support, could you do the same with the wiki? like, along with the aneros model you would get a cd with the wiki
    [20:46:35] HydraulicJack: correctly articulated Key Sound.
    [20:47:21] HydraulicJack: rumel, the practice itself is rather self-hypnotic, since self-hypnosis is moslty relaxation.
    [20:47:35] [email][/email]: hi hlaser, depends on what type of computer stuff is needed
    [20:47:49] HydraulicJack: There is no special OTHER technique that comes to mind that would help speed things up. The key to learning
    [20:47:59] cet: Jack -- Just did a quick search, and apparently Vbulletin uses XML, and there are ways to import XML data into a PDF file. ->
    [20:48:05] hlaser99: What Jack was just talking about///
    [20:48:12] HydraulicJack: is to learn how to slow down more... paradoxically... that's the fastest way to learn the skill. ^^
    [20:48:22] cet: You might want to visit the Vbulletin forum to see if they can guide you through the process.. ^^
    [20:48:42] hlaser99: Good Idea!
    [20:49:17] HydraulicJack: pdf files tend to be BIG so dunno how to get it all linked onto one disk, but... one step at a time. I'll check it out.
    [20:49:26] artform: I came upon that possibility when trying the Key Sound when in the midst of an Aneros session and found the involuntaries
    [20:49:38] artform: suddenly really amplified!
    [20:49:41] HydraulicJack: our resident vBulletin wizard, vbmtor will know how, probably.
    [20:50:37] artform: Many experiments later and the two techniques really complement each other.
    [20:50:55] HydraulicJack: Yeah they sure do!
    [20:51:07] cet: PDFs can be thoroughly compress and optimized, so it could work -- Good luck with it and let us know how it goes!
    [20:51:08] hlaser99: I found the same artform!
    [20:51:35] HydraulicJack: When you get to our KSMO forum you can use the Google Site Search tool (just click the Search link on our second
    [20:52:08] HydraulicJack: from the topmost horizontal navbar) and just search on Aneros and you'll find a LOT of posts talking about the integration.
    [20:52:11] artform: Now, with muscle memory training with the aneros, like my "polishing the knob" technique,
    [20:53:19] artform: calling up the "polishing the knob" muscle memory without the aneros in is easily amplified or re-directed using KS.
    [20:54:13] HydraulicJack: Thanks cet re: the compression etc. Meanwhile the whole forum IS online and uses Google site search to index
    [20:54:25] artform: Once learned the Key Sound, which should not be articulated in public, can then be learned to work silently,
    [20:54:43] HydraulicJack: and provide great search results. That part is at least partially available to the public before purchasing the programs.
    [20:55:07] hlaser99: Support, is there a way to increase the type size on here?
    [20:55:24] HydraulicJack: Yes those are very good points, artform!
    [20:55:26] hlaser99: I'm going blind!
    [20:55:28] artform: and that means these techniques for accessing and moving erotic energies can discretely be called upon while out in the
    [20:55:49] artform: public realm.
    [20:56:02] [email][/email]: hi hlaser, it would require a code change but i'll see if we can increase it for the next chat.
    [20:56:19] [email][/email]: you can insert the font size by using a default browser option
    [20:56:31] [email][/email]: on IE there is a magnifying glass in the bottom right hand corner
    [20:56:39] HydraulicJack: Although artform I don't recommend consciously running the energy in the presence of persons who have
    [20:56:40] [email][/email]: which you can use to adjust the size
    [20:57:00] HydraulicJack: not been informed and who have not consented. If you're out in the woods by yourselves or with
    [20:57:18] hlaser99: I use FireFox///
    [20:57:25] HydraulicJack: informed consenting other adults, let the good times roll but otherwise I consider it an ethical no-no... People DO
    [20:57:51] HydraulicJack: feel the energy, and you don't know what their abuse history might be, or their sensitivity, etc. and without its
    [20:58:08] [email][/email]: hlaser, i'll see about increasing it a bit for the next event
    [20:58:15] HydraulicJack: being INFORMED consent, they may feel the energy and not know what the hell's going on and that can have adverse effects.
    [20:58:22] hlaser99: Thanks!
    [20:58:33] artform: I'm referring more to the appearance of echo effects, as Buster referred to in meetings and Oshea and others have recently
    [20:58:38] artform: experienced.
    [20:59:24] HydraulicJack: If they occur spontaneously, that is somewhat different... but consciously amping them in such a context I'm not
    [20:59:25] cet: This has been really informative and interesting Jack ... thank you so much for taking the time to be here.
    [20:59:32] HydraulicJack: comfortable with, from an ethical point of view.
    [21:00:12] hlaser99: Yes, thanks Jack!
    [21:00:12] HydraulicJack: My informed and mutually consenting pleasure, cet! ^^ Just let me know when they're scheduled
    [21:00:16] cet: "With great power, comes great responsibility ..."
    [21:00:17] [email][/email]: Jack, thanks so much for joining us today
    [21:00:18] HydraulicJack: and I'll make them when I can.
    [21:00:30] Oshea: Yeah artform, but that stuff just happens. I don't even know what the key sound sounds like.
    [21:00:44] [email][/email]: The chat room will automatically close in 10 minutes
    [21:00:54] HydraulicJack: BTW, we had one Training chat earlier today, and will be having another starting at 7 pm Pacific Time tonight.
    [21:01:18] DangerMouse: Thanks for the intro, Jack.
    [21:01:21] HydraulicJack: You can watch the chat as a visitor, or if you get the seminar and the registration rights, you're of course welcome to
    [21:01:25] HydraulicJack: participate.
    [21:01:30] artform: Thanks Support and thanks Jack!!
    [21:01:42] DangerMouse: Where can you find the intro CD on your site?
    [21:01:42] cet: That's Support's way of telling us we don't have to go home, but we can't stay here!
    [21:01:42] [email][/email]: We would like to thank all of you for attending!
    [21:01:47] HydraulicJack: There are nearly 300 transcripts of past chats online in the Forum and the Google Site Search has
    [21:01:51] bonerowner: thanks for having the chat
    [21:01:55] HydraulicJack: indexed them all. They're all available.
    [21:02:06] hlaser99: Bye ALL!
    [21:02:13] HydraulicJack: DM: It's at
    [21:02:18] hlaser99: Been Fun!
    [21:02:24] rumel: Thank you Jack for participating with us newbies today.
    [21:02:45] DangerMouse: Bye! Thanks, Support!
    [21:02:47] artform: This has been great, and it feels like its just getting started!
    [21:02:50] HydraulicJack: and thanks to you artform, and the others who've been here today to talk about KSMO and to you aneros vets
    [21:03:12] HydraulicJack: who asked such great questions! And of course to support and the rest of the Aneros team and company for
    [21:03:28] HydraulicJack: y'all's support of the integration of KSMO with use of the Aneros products!
    [21:03:43] HydraulicJack: yeah I agree, artform!
    [21:03:44] [email][/email]:
    [21:03:56] HydraulicJack: You're welcome, rumel!
    [21:04:08] bonerowner: bye all
    [21:04:11] [email][/email]: Thank you everyone, we will defniitely have another one. Be sure to look for more events in the Chat Center.
    [21:04:18] [email][/email]: bye everyone!
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey ALL!

    A good chat!

    And thanks again to Jack Johnston (HydraulicJack)!

    Thanks to Aneros Support too!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Sounded like a great chat from what I read in the transcripts! I wished I could have attended, but had to take care of other business. :( I hope to make the next chat...

    Thanks support for posting the transcript, and Thanks Jack, I will see you on your site!
  • bonerownerbonerowner
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    It was a great chat - but it's too bad the first part got cut off - jack explained the basics behind KSMO, etc..