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Aneros Products Reviewed
  • stonestone
    Posts: 13
    I've had the MGX and the Helix for about six months now and though I haven't made it to the Super O quite yet I've enough pleasurable sensations to still have faith that I will get there. I've had a few good body tremors and some edging type feelings. I think that I need to just relax and also get in more sessions than I have been. I did experience some nearly orgasmic sensations when once I tried a vibrator presing on the MGX while standing at the end of a session. That prompted me to take the plunge and get the Progasm and also the silicone flexi power rod vibrator from When they both arrived I was phyched to try them both. I must admit that when I opened the box I wasn't quite prepared for the size difference. I'm glad that they printed "have courage" on the Progasm package. Somehow that quarter inch difference looks like alot more when it's in front of you as opposed to looking at a web page. Both of my new toys were about the same size and I was worried if I could accomodate them. After relaxing and preparing I warmed up with the MGX and helix to get things going a bit. Once i thought i was relaxed enough i tried the Progasm and I wasn't wuite ready for the size. It was not going in without a fight so I put it down for a minute and relaxed with the helix for a bit but I must admit i was anxious and a bit impatient to try the two new toys. After a few minutes I took the generously lubed up the vibrator and managed to ease it in slowly even though it's as big at the tip as the Progasm. The power rod felt pretty amazing and has some really good pulsing modes. But I really just wanted to, for the time beind to use the vibe to loosen things up just enough to accomodate the Progasm so I just played with it enough to relax a bit. I lubed up the Progasm and very slowly with some deep breaths I managed to ease the toy in. Wow. It felt amazing once it was in, nice and full feeling and the tabs are way better that the other models hitting my spot more firmly and comfortably. I had a good Two hour plus session and had some good sensations and definately thought that the progasm had nice mobility despite the size, I had to call it quits when it did get a bit uncomfortable.
    The next afternoon I was driven to distraction by my new toys and felt compelled to have another short session. I went through the line up while standing in the shower and ended up with the power rod in on the pulse and rev up mode and I had my most intense anal orgasm type feelings to date. It was kind of pulsing in time with the music that I was listening to and it really felt amazing. I was a bit afraid of overvibing my nerves back there so called it quits after about 45 minutes. I'm quite happy with both new toys and I think that I'm going to enjoy the journey from here. Thanks for all the good info on the forum.
  • What is the best lube to use??? I use ky. I have heard it said that vasoline holds germs and is not good to keep up your but all night, which is what I do.
    is it ok, to keep the aneros up there all nigt long?????
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    With regard to lubrication check out the following post from my B's Best of Beeline thread:

    On retaining the Aneros overnight, this is a question that comes up quite often here in the forum. While some users have enjoyed doing this, I've generally recommended against it. Frankly, I believe that there are times for stimulation and times for rest. The simplest answer is that ones prostate needs a break too. One other thing, much like nipples a prostate can become overstimulated. When this occurs desensitization is often the result, which is not what you want.

    B Mayfield
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    From the “good things come in small packages” department, Aneros presents a new series of products fit for newbies and anal connoisseurs alike. Looking like abbreviated swizzle sticks and measuring a mere 1/8 of an inch near the base, the Peridise stimulators are configured in a straight line (a departure from their other products). With approximately 3.5 inch of insertable length, knobbed heads and midsections of varying shapes and sizes these units are bound to mix things up for you. Whether a cocktail or a full course, the Peridise is fully capable of triggering some world-class orgasms.

    In my own introductory session, I began with the smallest unit first and found to my surprise that it too self inserted much like the larger counterparts. From insertion to orgasm the time elapsed was about 4 minutes! And although I’m accustomed to much larger fare I was shocked by the seeming snugness and fit in the presence of a contraction. In short, (no pun intended…okay, maybe a little)… it felt fantastic! After a second orgasm of somewhat greater magnitude, I upgraded to one of the larger units. Looking like a small stick with a mushroom head, this model provided a little bit more intensity of the prostate variety: insertion to orgasm….3 minutes. Although these devices are fairly small at the base, they still generate some interesting anal sensations also. With this unit I was treated to a nice slammer of orgasm that actually went whole body as well. It must be said that these little guys are to anal stimulation what Bose is to hi -fi audio!

    The Peridise features a small handle at the base for removal, that is vaguely reminiscent of those half-moon shaped blades from medieval weaponry. To be sure, for most users these products will still figure more as ancillary devices as opposed to a true “weapon” of choice. Nonetheless, I can envision that they will soon become indispensable tools in the connoisseurs arse-anal. For the newbie, the Peridise will offer an excellent way to get your feet wet, as it’s small enough not to be intimidating. And for the guy who’s been looking for some way to introduce anal play to the lady in his life….the Peridise is the perfect ice breaker! (There is no abutment tab or arm on this model to contend with).

    BF Mayfield
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Aneros Peridise:

    "The Peridise is a PC sphincter muscle driven device which induces involuntary,
    peristaltic contractions of the anal canal."


    I received my Peridise (or actually the Peristal set of (4) a few weeks ago. At the time, no Peridise packaging was available yet!)

    My first impression was: "I can't believe how small this is" and proceeded to laugh out loud (LOL!). About the size of a swizzle stick,
    with an oval jelly bean on the tip and a tiny "battle-axe" shaped handle to pull it out afterwards!

    Well, small size and lack of a P-tab isn't everything, as I soon found out!

    I inserted it a little past the head and relaxed for a few minutes, when it seemed to crawl-in “all on its own” and stopped right at
    the sweet spot of my prostate! (It seemed to know where to go???)

    I then relaxed and did slow breathing for a few moments, when it started to cause involuntary contractions. I assume these are the
    beginning of the “involuntary, peristaltic contractions of the anal canal” they spoke of??? (If not, I didn’t really care . . . they were nice!) LOL!

    The contractions started to build and kept building, till I started to have very delicate Mini-O's, which brought both smiles and laughter!
    (This little Guy is giving me an amazing ride!)

    The contractions grew to Super-O strength and I spent a good hour and a half enjoying Orgasms and Bliss that felt somehow a little
    different than the sessions I am used to . . . maybe gentler?

    Now, each time I pull my newest best friend out of the drawer, I get very similar results! What can I say? I love this little thing! The size
    and lack of P-tab doesn't stop it from performing like a full-sized model, but with finesse! It was so gentle, but gave really powerful Orgasms!

    NOTE: Please forgive the random order and so forth, but these are notes from several sessions and I was still reeling from the powerful sessions!"

    Here are some of the main points I scribbled down after each session, while still throbbing from the action:

    - Involuntary contractions right off the bat and can't stop my pelvis from grinding away!

    - When my contractions start, they are so close together and then at some point they are just one long intense contraction, that doesn't let up! Very Nice!

    - Great for sitting in a chair! (Especially over long sessions!)

    - I can't stop the orgasms!

    - Doing chores, no soreness, no soreness inside either, go on for hours!

    - Must be made for my body . . . Hits directly on my prostate sweet-spot and stays there!

    - Having bouts of laughing and giggling and a smile I can't remove!

    - More body tremors, especially legs and pelvic region!

    - I seem to be having O's in more areas of my body than normal???

    - It seems easier to get and maintain an erection, than with other Aneros models; I don't usually get erections during sessions!
    (So, I will assume it could be good to wear during sex???)

    - So Very Gentle, you can use it for hours without any pain or discomfort!

    My final conclusion is that this unit, although quite small, is totally revolutionary in its design and in the effect it has on the male anatomy!

    I am still totally amazed at how quickly it brings on contractions, and then the orgasms!

    In My Humble Opinion, this Aneros Model is a "Must Have" for your collection!

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Here are the specs. on the set of(4) Peridise stimulators:

    16, 18, 20, 22 mm diameter heads

    ~ 6.5, 7, 8, 9 mm narrowest portion respectively

    103 mm length from head to foot (all)

    BF Mayfield
  • bonerownerbonerowner
    Posts: 121
    [quote=B Mayfield]Here are the specs. on the set of(4) Peridise stimulators:

    16, 18, 20, 22 mm diameter heads

    ~ 6.5, 7, 8, 9 mm narrowest portion respectively

    103 mm length from head to foot (all)

    BF MayfieldThanks much - what sizes are included in the set of 2 Peridise that Aneros sells? It looks like a 22 MM, but I am unsure about the other size.
  • bobby45bobby45
    Posts: 17
    hey, looks like great reviews on these new devices. how would you guys compare them to the progasm? i know the progasm is larger, but larger doesn't necessarily mean better :D especially when it comes to this type of device, which seems to work more from movement instead of just pure pressure. the peridise looks very interesting.
  • machivellimachivelli
    Posts: 16
    Newer model, maybe a little smaller. My MGX classic with nodules works the best, my helix doesn't really get me over the edge, the helix feels good with light prostate & anal massage @ the same time but it doesn't create super O's like my MGX. I have a eupho and it is nice and moves but doesn't give me make super o's. Sounds like these peredise work like a eupho. The tabs on the progasm look awesome & hopefully all units in the future will have the rounded p tab & k tab as the stupid handle doesn't work. I cut off the handle on my MGX classic and helix as it gets in the way.
  • JGasmJGasm
    Posts: 6
    bobby45 said:

    hey, looks like great reviews on these new devices. how would you guys compare them to the progasm? i know the progasm is larger, but larger doesn't necessarily mean better :D especially when it comes to this type of device, which seems to work more from movement instead of just pure pressure. the peridise looks very interesting.

    I love my progasm. Itself alone...Great. It plus Rumel's recording...Forget about it. I've totally forgot where I was at times and I was in my own bed.


    I got the Peridise in the mail today.

    The 20mm is my new best friend.

    Just as said before, all you have to do is insert it just a bit and next thing you know its in place all by itself. In fact when it positioned itself I was so suprised I involentarily said somethign aloud and in an instant I started to get an erection. It's very mobile and within 5 minutes I started feeling those familiar waves and within no time I was Super O'in, if you will. It was different than with my Progasm. The Progasm ones are strong but the Peridise are a little more intense but not as heavy. It's hard to explain but yeah...They have a light feeling but very powerful.

    After about 45 minutes I am proud to say that I experienced my first Super T. I came really hard, for quite some time. And every contraction just moved my litte friend until my everything was contracting but nothing was coming out. Almost like this little toy milked me dry.

    The Peridise may be little but it stands up to the big boys just fine. I might even say it stands taller than the big boys.
  • You're not selling those calipers on Ebay now, are ya???
  • gawhtngawhtn
    Posts: 1
    I finally ordered and received my Progasm Ice, and with great anticipation that you would expect from a novice, had my first session. I had read enough on the Aneros site to prepare by relaxing, cleansing, and following the suggestions I had read from previous users. The size of the Progasm did not intimidate me, and I seemingly took to it like a "duck to water"! I felt full, but not in any way uncomfortable. I quickly discovered that I had full body motion and could walk, sit and even swim while "fully engaged". I kept the Progasm inserted for about 4 hours, and must say felt sadly vacant when I decided to end my session. I find it wholly accomodating and not at all intimidating. I have miles to go to achieve the "super O" but hoping to make slow progress. My "contractions" are relatively weak as a novice, but hope to strengthen them as I progress. I was able to achieve the release of fairly copious amounts of precum, and suspect the Progasm is working directly on my prostate as I should.
    My first session was tremendous, and I anticipate becoming a dedicated and frequent user. Great Design, TEAM!
  • golmangolman
    Posts: 19
    Hi BF Mayfield,
    I have a progasm, when I have a session laying on my back and pillow under my butt/lower back and do my pc contractions my progasm keep slipping out of my rectum almost when I start building my good touching and a nice massage to my prostate when progasm start going out, any suggestion or trick of your own to keep it inside and prevented by slipping out, so far for me laying on back is best suitable position, I tried other ones like right side or left side but no a really good results, you think progasm ice is a better version, also I notice that the p-tab on progasm is not really touching or reaching my perineum spot. Well I started not too long ago my journey and I trying on very session to find the best eventually I will find my way, I did not achieved yet any small or big O's but I'm trying. Any suggestion or advise will be appreciated. Thx...

  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    the p and k tabs on the ice are not difficult to adjust with your hands with a bit of force, I had to adjust the K-tab as it was preventing the progasm from completely entering me.
  • Cdr BTCdr BT
    Posts: 1
    Could anyone please let me know if all the non-white color Progasms are absolutely identical (in terms of durability, quality, finish, etc.) to the original white? I've seen red, purple, blue, and black etc. Not sure if they are just as good. Thank you very much.

    Cdr. BT
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Cdr BT,

    Welcome to the Aneros forums! :)

    Could anyone please let me know if all the non-white color Progasms are absolutely identical (in terms of durability, quality, finish, etc.) to the original white? I've seen red, purple, blue, and black etc. Not sure if they are just as good. Thank you very much.

    Yes, they are. My understanding is that within that line they all use the same plastic material (which is different from the other white models and the Progasm ICE), the colored ones just have dye added to them. Although my own experience and reading users comments here has shown that the quality of both surface finish and how well the mold seam is filed away seems to vary somewhat from Aneros to Aneros in general. But just so you know, the Aneros company very much wants their customers to be happy with their purchase. So if you happen to receive one that has not been manufactured properly, they will very likely gladly exchange a new one for you. They are very good people to deal with, and run a reputable business.

    Just so you know, you might consider the Progasm ICE rather than the standard Progasm, as it has been reported here by the users that it's surface is much smoother than the standard Progasm which allows it to move more freely within you. I personally own a black Progasm and love it! It played a major role in my Aneros journey of re-wiring for almost a year.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    Hi Cdr BT,

    "Identical" is a bit of a stretch butt from a practical/functional viewpoint the material differences seem insignificant. Based on major mods on a black progasm and minor mods on a red progasm those two colors seem to be the same material. They resembled ABS when worked with motorized shop tools (wheels, stones, Dremel, and a variety of hand abrasives and polishing compounds.

    Mods on the black Progasm removed much of the stem (probably the most critical point) and I have no concerns about it's structural integrity.

    I have less experience with the white toys made of Acetal/Delrin. Tail removal on an SGX (white Acetal/Delrin) led me to believe that the Progasm is less 'brittle.' However guys in the Forum occasionally have a toy break when it's dropped onto a hard surface.

    If you have specific concerns (thermal constant, dilectric properties, mass/density, etc.), Plese post those here so that someone with specific experience can respond.
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