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Just got my progasm-tryin it out....
    Posts: 39
    new user here....I inserted it according to the directions. Relaxed my entire body and just settled into the bed. Started on my side and rolled onto my back. Felt the involuntary contractions of my PC muscles-felt kinda nice. I think I might have stifled my own progress because I had been out drinking (and dancing) and may have been a little too intoxicated to truly benefit from the device. Was not expecting to have a lot of "success" on the first try anyway and was anticipating further benefits with continued use.

    I decided to at least bust a nut with the progasm still in me...gave myself a nice hand-job and noticed quite a lot of upward bucking (off the bed) in my hips and pelvis. The progasm was hugging my prostate as I got closer to cumming. Had a nice explosion on my chest.

    Gonna try it again tonight-minus the alcohol....also gonna try some manual stim of my trigger spots under my sack and massage my balls while the aneros does its thing.
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    when your gonna try the fingers on the trigger spot that i posted about and discovered will bring on the super-o...{at least for me anywhoo}...ya need to start off with a regular session...maybe 30 minutes of contractions just enjoying the feelings...but the key is to then stimulate ur balls n cock to get at least a semi-hard on...if u feel down there right below ur balls when ur hard ur dick root is too..thats when from experimenting with this you'll get a better sensation off other words if ur flaccid you can't really feel the area to hit as good...
    Posts: 39
    okay, so i tried the progasm again on friday night-spent 2.5 hours with it and i feel like i made some progress. i practiced the rhythmic breathing, as well as the slow, gentle contractions of my pc muscles. i kinda made a game out of it: i pretended my prostate was a target and that the progasm was a "soft arrow." the objective was to gently, but effectively manipulate the target on each strike. it was fun and effective. i did experience many of the involuntary anal contractions and got some "light waves" of erotic energy that passed through me. i know i still have a long way to go but i'm pleased with what i'm learning about my body.

    the WILDEST moment was when i decided to incorporate direct dick stimulation to the game. i would stroke myself just enough to get aroused and then release my hand, continuing the sensation with pc contractions. THAT WAS INTENSE. i got STRONG contractions in my HIPS and ABS, which were actually SORE the next day from the BUCKING and SHAKING. it was really NICCCEEE. i was moaning quite loudly and deeply, and gave up on trying to be quiet and not disturb my neighbors! shot a nice load too. the interesting thing is that after i came, i left the progasm in for awhile...i felt like i was still cumming, but more like residual orgasm. my pc muscles would still contract involuntarily, which would get me lightly aroused, yet i felt more of a feeling of complete body relaxation.

    gonna check the wiki for more suggestions for continued progress.