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My experiences after 4 months.. need advice!
  • lwilwi
    Posts: 1
    I purchased my Helix in January, and I've been using it more or less every 3 days since. Although I am happy to say that I have gone beyond the initial awkward phase rather quickly, and that I *do* experience pleasurable sensations, I can't seem to go beyond a certain 'plateau'... I'm still looking for that last push over the cliff, so to speak.

    I have read the online instructions, but I do find them a little confusing. The one thing that made sense to me is the holding of a 1/4 strenght contraction to trigger involuntary movements. That's pretty much all I have been doing, with some success. Here's what I usually do:

    - take a shower, with special attention to my butt
    - look at some porn for a few minutes to get aroused, keeping my hands away from my penis
    - setup my bed for the session: I like to have my back slightly elevated by 2 or more pillows. I usually sit with my back at a 30 degree angle, and keep my legs spread, knees bent with my soles facing eachother. This seems the most natural position for me.

    - I use the condom method, I lube the Helix itself, put a condom over it, then lube the outside of the condom

    - I insert the aneros and wait a bit for my butt to accustom itself... this is pretty much instantaneous now

    - I start contracting my PC/anus/rectum to a level I feel appropriate and wait for the involuntary movements to start

    - When they start, I simply concentrate on those sensations, trying to be aware of everything that's going on.

    The involuntary contractions I find very pleasurable, and I can get to that point very easily. At some points during sessions my heart start to race as the contractions get more intense. I am able maintain this level of intensity and pleasure for a good while, and I feel that this just might lead to a super-o, but nothing ever happens beyond this point... I'm kinda stuck there.

    I also get some residual involuntary quivers during the day, especially when sitting... and this does make my ass crave for another session. Most ppl here seem to get those, so I must not be completely off track.

    So here are a few concerns/questions about my "technique":

    - the involuntary contractions make my penis twitch a lot, since the PC muscle is very much involved... I find this distracting. Is that normal?

    - concentration is difficult... my mind wanders alot. Any tips for that?

    - I'm still not completely sure what prostate stimulation is supposed to feel like, so it's kinda hard for me to really know what's going on.

    - I've read that the ideal contraction is to contract the anus to pull the aneros in, while contracting the rectum to push it out... I find this confusing.. Am i supposed to try to thighten my anus while trying eject the aneros with my rectum muscles, as if I was trying to poop it out?

    thanks in advance!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi lwi,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    From your description of events and techniques, it sounds like you are making very good progress. You are just experiencing some impatience with the “re-wiring” process. As regards your concerns/questions :
    Penis twitching – this is a good sign that your prostate is being stimulated and you are responding to that stimulation. It is normal, if you find it distracting, you might find it effective to study/explore/enjoy those sensations as they occur. This is your body speaking to you in its own language, taking the time to savor all these delicious sensations on your journey toward a Super-O is reward in and of itself.
    Prostate stimulation is supposed to feel good, (I know you immediately probably said that’s a dumb answer), the thing is, we all will experience those subtle sensations in different ways. You said in your opening statement : “I *do* experience pleasurable sensations,” – that indicates to me you are in fact experiencing exactly what prostate stimulation is about. It is difficult to verbalize such feelings and be highly descriptive about them so don’t mentally beat yourself up about trying “…to really know what’s going on.” Part of the “re-wiring” process is just letting go of rational thought processes to experience the sensations in the moment.
    Don’t let yourself get too hung up on trying to practice any particular technique. There is NO “…ideal contraction…” there are differing contractions that may prove effective for you on one day but not the next day. The opposing force contraction you describe is a difficult technique, which I haven’t been able to effectively routinely accomplish. These are just alternative techniques that some users have found effective for them, by all means try them yourself, but understand the techniques that ultimately propel you into the Super-O are going to be a unique combination that you need to discover for yourself.
    “...concentration is difficult…” – That is a very true statement and a condition I too struggle with. Maintaining mental focus during a session is important and learning techniques to accomplish that end will be valuable. Meditation techniques have often been cited to help with mental focus. Employing self hypnosis and auto suggestion can aid you, listening to relaxing trance inducing music can help. Recorded, guided hypnosis sessions may be effective, even having a hypnotist plant post hypnotic suggestions to maintain mental focus could prove effective.
    Probably the most important aspect to successful advancement though, is not the physical techniques you employ but the degree of arousal you experience. Your ability to achieve a Super-O is in direct proportion to your level of arousal. Your level of arousal is largely a function of your mental activity. You already know this, as you touched upon it when you said : “…look at some porn for a few minutes to get aroused,…”

    In summary, I think you’ll do just fine if you are just patient and enjoy the scenery along side your road toward the Super-O.
  • Old WolfOld Wolf
    Posts: 114
    lwi, Everything that Rumel said, including the welcome, but…


    Once those pleasurable sensations start forget about concentrating and sink into the pleasure/ let the pleasure take you over. I find that too much concentration can in itself be a block. Try using imagination rather than concentration. Imagine that nascent pleasurable sensation growing & spreading. Imagine your Helix stroking your prostate and feel (rather than concentrate on...) the ensuing pleasure. As the pleasure builds, again, relax and sink into it and let it take you over.

    Don't worry about your mind wandering. It will, accept it and move on. Just gently move the errant thought aside, without irritation for its intrusion, and go back to feeling. I found early in my path that a briefly wandering mind could actually be a trigger to an imminent O in that it stopped me concentrating. (I was still in the over-concentrating trap).

    Re contractions, as Rumel says, there is no ideal. Bearing down while holding an anal contraction is just one technique that may help you. I personally find that contracting the muscles that you use to twitch your penis/squeeze the last few drops of urine out, (those muscles are the anterior kegels, I believe) to be quite dramatic in ramping up the action. Don't get hung up on right or wrong contractions, though, the general idea is to start a spontaneous tremble through minor muscular fatigue. Once that pleasure inducing tremble starts feel the pleasure and sink into it. Eventually that tremble will induce a pleasure feedback loop.

    A what?

    Have you laid in bed on your side and had your penis relax and touch the bottom sheet, inducing a reflexive twitch which immediately subsides to allow contact with the sheet again, continuing in a wonderful momentary cycle of hands-free pleasure until a partial erection changes the whole dynamic? (Whew! That was a long question!) That is an example of a pleasure feedback loop and, when the instigator is your pelvic muscles via the Aneros, the precursor of an orgasm. Got it?
    No, I don't think I've said it very well either but I hope there is the germ of an idea there for you to work on. Just don't sweat it, someone here (edit: 'hlaser99') has a sig "Relax, Breathe & Observe the Feelings". That really says it all.

    "Breathe...", I forgot about that. Using slow abdominal breathing you will find that at each end of each breath there will be a slight increase in pleasure. Feel and hold that little increase at the top of the breath while you breathe out. At the bottom of the breath feel and hold the pleasure again. Stay relaxed in that pleasure while each breath amplifies the sensations. And while you are breathing try soft palate nursing. Imagine you are suckling in slow motion, in other words.

    Don't forget your nipples!

    Above all, have fun!

    Old Wolf

    edit: " example of..." added above and hlaser99 credited with his sig.