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Still having troubles ... But keeping the faith ...
  • cetcet
    Posts: 32
    I've still been trying to get a great session with my Aneros, but inveitably, the results I wind up with are the same, and usually session ending.

    I have both the Helix and Progasm, and a typical problem I experience is "ejection" of the Aneros, most often the Helix, but also the Progasm, when things just start feeling good.

    I've tried a number of positions, going light on the lube, but the Helix generally works its way out when the contractions shift from a clenching pull (inwards) to push (outwards), just when things are seeming to take off.

    This typically happens on stomach, all fours, and even on back. Don't really do well with on side positions.

    A similar thing happens with the Progasm when I'm on stomach, though the difference is a very strong clenching pull (inwards) somehow lets the Progasm ease its way out -- never thought pulling in so hard could do that, but that's the best way I can describe it -- the interior walls of the rectum are clamping down so hard that it only has one direction to go and that's out.

    On my back with the Progasm, there are some sessions that result in the contractions shifting from clenching pull (inwards) to pushing (outwards) rapidly and repeatedly, during which time, some urine manages to escape what I always thought and felt was an empty bladder.

    I had thought initially that it might be seminal fluid, but the amounts are too significant, and the odor afterwards does have that specific scent.

    I will say that I did once have a great experience with the Helix, which basically was on all fours, but similar in pose to the way a dog sits, though my knees were bent and my rear was not actually on the bed. The Helix got me to the point where I was repeatedly pelvic thrusting, and typically in this position, the Helix is often ejected, but in this one instance, long ago, it remained inside, and for some reason, I had enough stamina to continue the pelvic thrusting until I got the traditional signs that an orgasm was going to occur. I figured, oh well, I'll take the orgasm, which would of course end the session, and the traditional build was there and then came the feel of the ejaculation, but to my surprise, there was none, and there were several strong ejaculatory spasms, stronger than the normal successively diminishing spasms you'd typically feel after the first, but each of them was very strong and extremely stimulating.

    This is what I had always imagined a real, successful Aneros session to feel like; the traditional actual building sensation of orgasm approaching and then occurring, but without the ejaculate, yet feelings just as strong and powerful.

    I've never been able to repeat this situation and sensation. Typically the Helix is ejected, or I just can't master the stamina to maintain the pelvic thrusting long enough to get there. The first time it seem like a fluke -- a very wonderful fluke, but it was very hard to achieve, and thus far, unrepeatable for me.

    I'll keep trying, but it would certainly be easier if things would stay in place. I do believe I've significantly built up the muscles in that region -- got to have something for all my efforts, but I'm unsure if a different stimulator would do the trick or not.

    I wasn't able to make the chat ... I really wanted to be there to discuss these issues, but there were some urgent family issues that had to be handled. I can only wonder if the Peridise would work better for me, due to the long slender portion, which might help prevent unintentional ejection. I would have loved to have been sent a set to try.

    Perhaps next chat I can get some feedback on my issues, but if anyone has any suggestions or has been through similar difficulties, please let me know.

    Thanks and Take Care!

    Always Hopeful,

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi cet,

    I did not take the time to look back through previous threads, but I know that this issue (ejecting) has had some conversation. I initially would think that if you wore some kind of tighter shorts like some kind of spandex that would enable your sessions to keep going without worrying about losing the appliance. Have you tried that?
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    stop the pushing out contractions...just concentrate on the pulling ins...i never push out like ur trying to take a on smaller more subtle lil contractions in..varying them from strong to just a it...
  • cetcet
    Posts: 32
    The pushing out contractions are involuntary and occur when things are starting to feel like they're just getting started.

    Have tried using underwear, but typically, ejection reaches a point that even if the Aneros remains inside, it's not in proper position to continue.

    Thanks for the thoughts though Gentlemen.

    Not sure what else to do to get over this stumbling block.