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A New User Seeks Guidance
  • TahhhTahhh
    Posts: 5
    I have bought an Aneros (model MGX), and have inserted it once for an hour or two.

    I am not at all sure I am using it properly, although I think I inserted it as it was supposed to be inserted.

    From what I've read here, I understand that learning how to enjoy utilizing this tool often takes some time, and I'm hoping to find a few men willing to guide me, because I'm rather naive about this sort of thing.

    The first thing that I'm concerned about is cleansing myself before use. Can anybody recommend the suitable tool for rinsing out the rectum before an Aneros session? It was distasteful to clean up after use, and also, I saw somewhere here in the forum that residual fæces in the rectum can interfere with the pressure the Aneros is to place upon the prostate.

    I am a heavyset man, and need to use something to cleanse which doesn't require too much in the way of agility and contortions, or very long arms.

    Next, I notice a kind of "ribbing" around the narrow neck of the device which seems to be there as a sort of "grip" for the anus. Is the aneros supposed to be inserted all the way in, or up to the beginning of this ribbing?

    There seem to be a lot of men in this forum who are very seasoned users of this tool, and I wonder if someone articulate and patient would be willing to guide me over the next few months, and show me how I can utilize the Aneros for pleasure? I don't think this is something I'm going to work out readily on my own.

    It's odd that there isn't a separate bulletin board section here for rank beginners, like me: I think there ought to be. In the meantime, I'd be quite willing to conduct the "advice" thread on this bulletin board, instead of privately, so that other new users might benefit and join in.

    Forgive me if there was, indeed, another thread or place where this post would have been more appropriate: I didn't find it, if there was such a place.
  • Insert that thing as FAR as it will go. 8)

    In regards to your question I would highly suggest an anal douching kit. I highly recommend the COLT Anal Douching kit. It has everything you'll need to clean yourself out.

    As for the aneros MGX you need to completely relax your entire body. Stop if their is any pain, but love and cherish any pleasurable sensations/feelings. Read up on the WIKI as I am sure some of your questions can be answered.

    Good luck and if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
    :wink: 8)
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Greetings Tahhh!

    And Welcome to our Forum!

    The MGX is a great model and will serve you well, as mine has for years! (Oh, just insert it all the way and it will adjust its own depth
    all by itself or actually your body will adjust it!)

    Indeed, it can take time for your body to get used to all these new feelings and changes.

    We are ALL here to help, so ask away!

    I too am a big guy and the agility needed for me was a learned thing; I developed techniques as needed . . . don't worry about it!

    You have posted in the right area . . . this is it!

    And don't be concerned, we were ALL newbies at some point and we are happy to help!

    I would read the stickies by Brian Mayfield at the beginning of this Forum and check out the Wiki . . .

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Draken14Draken14
    Posts: 6
    I've only used mine a couple times, but hlaser99 is right. When I relaxed, it started moving deeper by itself. Pretty nifty.

    From one newbie to another, good luck!
  • TahhhTahhh
    Posts: 5
    Today, which was my third try, I discovered that, by leaning far back in a chair, I cause the curled removal handle to get pressed up against my body, and, inside, I feel the main arm of the Aneros move slightly forward.

    I think the result was that I felt the sensation I am supposed to feel, as the Aneros actually pushes gently against my prostate gland from behind.

    I began to view an arousing video and could feel, almost immediately, a sensation which was not an orgasm, but which was quite similar to an orgasm. I also found that my penis had excreted some clear fluid which I'm fairly sure was not semen.

    I normally do not excrete any liquid prior to ejaculation, as some men do.

    I think possibly the Aneros itself is not the optimal shape for my particular body, but that a variation on it might be.

    Either that, or else I'm still not inserting it properly. In any case, I'm pretty sure that whatever happened today was what was supposed to happen, and now it's a question of whether I can make it happen again easily.

    It was a pleasant feeling, no doubt about that, and one that I can see forcing a hands-free orgasm easily, if I am aroused. I'm fairly certain that I did not ejaculate, but I thought for a moment that I was having a premature ejaculation of sorts.

    Do any experienced users have any comment for me? Does this sound like what was supposed to occur?
  • I'm as new to this as you are, but it sounds like you are well on the right track. As mentioned above by "Arctic Wolves" you should be getting most of your information at this point from the wiki. Give this a read:

    Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and read the "milestones".

    On the wiki page, look on the left side of the page where it lists various categories to click on such as "Aneros Basics", "Getting Started", Your Body" and so on. Click on those links to read all about it. It's all there. That pre-mature ejaculate/pre-cum is a good sign that you are on the right track from what I understand. :wink:
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    You’ve reported a fairly common experience for Aneros users, namely increased secretion of precum (Cowper’s gland secretion), see the user’s Poll - for some other user’s input on this topic. This is totally normal and nothing to be concerned about, enjoy the sensation of it, I certainly do.
    As regards to your technique of rocking back on the handle in order to leverage your device, I strongly recommend against this technique. It goes against the “hands-free” design intent and may in fact lead to harm or injury due to the increased forces such leveraging can impose. While you have experienced the intended massage action you have achieved it in a somewhat risky manner. I suggest you exercise care in the manner of your usage by employing only your internal musculature to manipulate your Aneros device. I would not like to hear that you suffered some pain or injury do to improper usage of this wonderful little massager.
    As megabyteme recommended the WIKI is a great place to get a lot of good information about your new toy.
  • Car_01Car_01
    Posts: 58
    You can go to the drugstore and get a rectal syringe for cheap, and it works just fine. It looks just like the one posted here except it didn't have the long ribbed attachment, just the shorter narrower one. Actually I found the cleansing experience a little bit pleasurable.

  • TahhhTahhh
    Posts: 5
    I am starting to feel more confident that, used properly, this device can enhance sensation, but I'm also beginning to recognize that actually feeling what is happening can be a bit difficult, because the sensations are so subtle.

    Today I tried again, and this time, I'm fairly certain that the Aneros use caused an ejaculation well before my penis even became erect. As I did last time, I cleaned myself, lubricated it well, inserted it, and then sat well back in a chair, so that the arm of the device inside me was made to bend slightly forward.

    I began watching an arousing film, and almost as soon as I could feel my penis stirring to erection, I began to feel the warning sensations that I was going to come. I could definitely feel fluid, but was starting to feel the "declining interest" feeling--and it was then that I realized I had actually ejaculated sperm, almost without realizing it.

    I've seen a couple of men say that they get more out of the Aneros by inserting it once they are already in a state of arousal, and I think I must do a bit of experimenting along these lines.

    What's very odd is that I really do not feel it that much, inside, but I think it is definitely doing something. The problem, so far, is that it only seems to affect me if I lean back on it to incline the inserted portion forward.

    I did manage to find a suitable bit of plastic tubing with a sink-faucet hookup at one end, and this seemed to work as a device to clean myself thoroughly before using the Aneros, which was something that was bothering me about its use.
  • TahhhTahhh
    Posts: 5
    I am now certain that the aneros has an effect on me; I'm just not sure whether I like what it does, yet.

    I had what I think is my fourth effort to enjoy it, or perhaps fifth. What I'm finding is that if I have it inserted, and then BEGIN to get an erection, even though I don't really FEEL it pressing against my prostate, inside, it must be stimulating me somehow...what has been going on is that as soon as my penis begins to stiffen, I suddenly ejaculate, long before I have had time to enjoy the pleasure.

    I think what is happening is quite similar to my experience of wet dreams, in that I'm not even fully erect before an orgasm and ejaculation occurs.

    It happened very quickly--and I didn't really have much control over it.

    I imagine that the reason for this basically unpleasant experience is that I'm not at all used to utilizing the Aneros properly: I've read more knowledgeable users insist that one should be fully aroused before insertion, and that this yields better results.

    However, I'm not dismayed at all, since these experiences are showing me that there really is a very subtle effect that the device has on me, and from here, I think it's mostly a question of me learning how to use it so that it can bring me more pleasure, rather than curtail my enjoyments.

    What's interesting is that I don't really feel the Aneros inside me, at least, I don't feel the tip or head of the inserted arm pressing from behind my penis--but the effect was unmistakable, and a total departure from my usual "timing" in masturbation and erection.

    And so, in general, I'd say I'm making some progress.

    I'm getting the distinct impression that this is a device one has to learn to use by a kind of apprenticeship, like yoga or martial arts. However, my last two or three uses have convinced me, at least, that there's something to this, and it's not just another doo-dad on the rack of a sex-shop: that the design of this instrument is quite serious, and really accomplishes some sort of internal stimulation that can trigger a sexual response.