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Super Orgasm - Video Post
  • So I started something that I hope sparks an interest in some people. I call upon any other people that have recorded themselves of having a full body super orgasm to post in here. Please look up the definition of a super orgasm in the WIKI before posting in this topic. ( )

    There are many varieties of a super-orgasm. This is an involuntary full body orgasm. What you are about to see may scare and shock you beyond belief. However, not all super-orgasms are like this. It's all in the mind and how you listen to the signs/signals that your body sends to you. I can have many of these or many others w/o the involuntary full body contraction. As has been said super-orgasms come in many different varieties.

    Enjoy the show... Sorry for the dirty socks...
  • Car_01Car_01
    Posts: 58
    Wow! That was intense! How many sessions did it take before you got the Super-O? Now I have to get the Progasm! Thanks for posting that.

  • Two sessions if you include Wednesday (with a lot of reading from the WIKI and other posts). However, keep in mind I am very experienced when it comes to anything anally (4 years). I have many sex toys and I bought an aneros a couple years ago. I did get discouraged when I initially got the progasm because I used it for to long one night and caused soreness to my prostate. I stopped for a long time until last week when I read about this thing called a super orgasm. I didn't even know something like that was possible and became curious. After hours of reading I was ready & convinced.

    However, I didn't achieve anything like this until last wednesday when the light went on for me. The next day is when this happened. It scared me to hell but it felt awesome and I couldn't control anything.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    i think this is ...finally... a great aneros video.

    one problem: no sound track, right? that would be a very important addition to a next one.

    yes, it looks wild in that one stretch, but for me, it is the rest of it that is so important.

    the thing to notice is how ArticWolve's ass has surrendered to the pleasure. its undulations and squeezes are very natural, but depart from a standard male sense of control during sex. he has clearly let go and allowed his ass to do the unexpected.

    i would also add that, for me, the face down position requires me to point my wiener towards my feet to avoid penis stim that short circuits to ejaculation.

    also, when on stomach, try putting your fist under your pubic region. this will add stimulation to your prostate from that direction

  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    Maybe I am missing something here. Are those contractions involuntary or are you squeezing? If I layed on my stomach, my penis would get in the way and get stimulated.

    Most of the time I lay there motionless and then the involuntaries kick in. When the muscles start moving own their own, it is awesome. The other night I started trembling and had I believe a full body orgasm, similar to what you see in the video with all the shaking. That was a first for me. It was awesome!
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    Just saw your vid. I thought I might have experienced the Super O last night but after watching, I'm thinking not. You sold me on the Progasm though.
  • Those contractions are involuntarily and some are me squeezing because it feels so incredible. Remember you do control those muscles. At a certain point of control you can't consciously control them anymore and it then becomes involuntarily. I just rode the waves so speak and relaxed my entire body. Note it may look like i'm humping the bed to stimulate myself but rest assured it didn't stimulate in any way. I had no ejaculation and no erection during any of this. Even though it felt like I was cumming endlessly.

    O'Shea, Super-O's come in many different shapes and sizes. What you explained in your other post is definitely a super-orgasm because you were able to bring it on over and over. It's amazing feeling and you are even able to do it without the darn thing inside of you is what sold me on them.
  • ArcticWolves....holy shit! lol

    Unbelievable! Super intense dude! But....I couldn't help but laugh man... it was damn funny your legs kicking all over the place like that lol! And yet at the same time I'm in awe....Rewiring must hurry up dammit!! I want that too......Kicking and all hehe

    ps. Dont suppose you could record another amazing session like that....but with sound this time?? Watching it was awesome but hearing it too would be even better!
  • There's nothing to hear man. I didn't make any noise. All's you can hear is my feet flopping. I'm pretty sure there is sound. However, I'm not a noisy person. It was 3:00AM so i had to bequiet.
  • Sorry! Your completely right...there was sound but it was very soft and I did hear your legs kicking after I turned it waaay up.....I also heard you moaning abit.....Thats the shit right there! lol

    Encore dude encore! This time not 3 in the damn morning so at least you can make some noise for us who are super curious as to what a super-O sounds like!!
  • JayDJayD
    Posts: 38
    This is amazing! It obvously shows me that I have a long ways to go to achieve this, but I'm looking forward to the rewards of the journey!
  • utubeplayutubeplay
    Posts: 40
    Hey ArticWolves,

    Thanks man for the show! When can we expect MORE??!!?

    darwin said:

    also, when on stomach, try putting your fist under your pubic region. this will add stimulation to your prostate from that direction


    Hey Darwin,

    I thought I was the ONLY ONE who ever did this! Glad to meet another guy who uses this method! I REALLY get off when I do this! The Super O's just DON"T STOP once I put my fist down there.

    I actually discovered this method when I was about 6 or 7 years old before I even hit Puberty. I would kinda rock back and forth on my fist while lying on my stomach. I would sorta push up and in while rocking. MAN did that feel GREAT and I could do it over and over again! Then I hit Puberty and I was only good for one orgasm then I would ejaculate.

    Now that I have found ANEROS I again can keep the Super O's CUMMING and CUMMING without ejaculating!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi ArcticWolves

    Thanks so much for your great video! Along with Darwin's earlier vids, they have helped me position my own experiences on the spectrum of O-types. If you were flipped on your back in your vid, your bodily actions are just like me Super-O-ing on my back while my wife massages my prostate. Only I cannot be that quiet; laughing, tears of joy, arms and legs flapping, waves of dramatic energies coursing through my body.

    Yours is the first video that I can fully identify with and I actually get energy watching it, just as Hlaser refers to his gaining energy from the Forums and the KSMO Chat (and Aneros Chat as it becomes a regular feature?). Because of old injuries and chronic pain, I cannot do this form of Super-O without causing pain fairly quickly (into the hot tub helps) and find that my body has taken me more regularly, particularly with my MGX, to the "Calm Seas" still body ecstatic Super-O that Old Wolf and some of us geezers find a fabulous gift and variant. I hope to add additional Aneros models to my Arsenal soon and we'll see which produces more of what then. You've sold me on the Progasm!

    Thanks again. Please share more.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    sadly, the videos that i made have been yanked by xtube. the reason is "copyright violation." i think it is because, in my zealotry, i included a final frame of instructions, which has "Aneros" on it. In other words, the video itself has product names in it, which i guess is a copyright violation.

    don't really have time to re-edit now.


    but, anyway, ArcticWolves video is more inspiring.

  • nodaknodak
    Posts: 24

    Where do you place your fist in the pubic region?


  • JayDJayD
    Posts: 38
    nodak said:


    Where do you place your fist in the pubic region?



    Yes, I would like to learn more about this too.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    ok, for some reason my progasm video is back on xtube. (the other two i made, which were aneros-less are still yanked. go figure).

    this one isn't as good as ArcticWolves' but, at least it does show genuine non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms...

  • bcrafterbcrafter
    Posts: 20
    :D Having seen Articwolfs video I too decided to buy a Progasm.My first use in the afternoon gave me some real good minor super"O"s .Later that nite I went for broke and rode it for about 3 hours and took breaks after every minor super o.The last one I just kept letting it work thru the first super o and as is usual it subsusided but my muscles kept it going and ended up getting the best "O" ever from the Aneros.As I said this my first use of the Progasm vs. the Helix and I just love what it did for me....I Think I spent My Money Wisely