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what kind of O?
  • I just wanted to share my first good session to see how anyone might react... last night was my 3rd session with the progasm... total session lasted only 45 or 50 minutes from start to complete clean up... rather short? anyway, to set the scene, i actually had techno music playing lightly in the background, and transitioned from the bed on my side with one leg extended and the other bent, to on my knees kneeled by the bed with my arms resting on the bed 4 times... i went from bed to bedside back to the bed and eventually back to the bedside... I was in a total transe... words cannot describe the experience i had when i went back to the bedside for the second and final time of the night... HOWEVER, i cannot say that it actually felt "good" like ejaculation, but i guess i could say it was rather "exhilerating." for at least 2 solid minutes, by whole body was in a complete transe, shaking and twitching with a unique high TOTALLY different from ejaculation... it was a rather unique experience to say the least... im not sure how else to describe how i felt other than that, and im not sure which O catagory you could place that experience in, which is why I wanted to share... after that crazy O, and i regained my strength which was significantly lost for a few minutes, i had a super-T like never before! Keep in mind that i have jerked off with something inserted before which hightened the feeling a bit and the O, but NEVER have I EVER had a super-T after having an O with the aneros! HOLY CRAP! now that felt "good." I had a 2 minute O the traditional way... awesome... needless to say, i slept like a baby... but since i am a noob with the aneros, any questions/comments on my experience would greatly enhance my knowledge on what it is that you think i actually experienced... Thanks... By the way, I use the Progasm
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    It sounds like you were in the super-O zone to me. IMO the rewiring process that men go through to super-O is very unique. Most men have never experienced anything like the super-O. It is very different from the traditional-O. I remember after my first thinking what in the (insert sentence enhancer here) just happened. You are one of the lucky ones it took me a few months to have my first super-O. Do not be shocked if it does not happen again right away but you will learn more about your body with each time you use the aneros. The super-O's will become easier to achieve too. Welcome to the forum.

  • what do you mean by the "rewiring process" that men go through?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,423

    Check out the PM I sent you, then check out the Rewiring section of the WIKI -
    If you read much of the WIKI many of your questions will be answered.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey itaintezbnme!


    It sounds like your "re-wiring" IS definitely taking place!
    (I assume you took Rumel's link to the Wiki?)

    We ALL have different experiences and a Super-O comes in lots of different packages,
    so don't be surprised if you experience some very extreme sessions!

    Just enjoy the journey!

    Later, Hlaser99