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Alternative model for a not really effective Helix ?
  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30

    For anyone that stepped away from the Helix and experienced more succes with another model.

    I have a Helix and an Euphoria (accidentally bought MGX clone with a wider p-tab contact surface). The Helix gives me the least sensations of both. The p-tab barely touches my perineum when I'm relaxed, and only starts to make some contact when I have an erection + I squeeze real hard. It is my understanding that decent p-tab contact is crucial to start this ping-pong effect between perineum and prostate nerves. So after a lot of tries (almost a year) and different experiences I seem to be stuck. Maybe the Helix isn't just the right model for me. (I'm 5.9Ft, average in about all body sizes)

    The Eurporia's tip/shape seems to make directer contact with my prostate compared to the helix (I feel the difference right away after insertion), but the tap is really big and round (whereas the MGX has a flat sharper p-tab), so I can't really say I feel decent perineum stimulation with either models. I also have the feeling when I scan for my sweet spot it is a bit further away from my anus compared to both models p-tab <-> anus distance.

    So shape-model wise, I'm inclining to the MGX, but p-tab wise, I'm more inclined to the Eupho. The shape of the eupho is again something different, and besides that it's the most delicate model for more advanced users as well. Years ago I had some spinster relaxation therapy (later seemed totally, badly diagnosed problem). But I blew the sensor trough the roof, so I had pretty healthy ans rather trained muscles down there, so I don't think that is an issue. it's more an issue of hitting the right spots with the right intensity etc.

    Any help or advise would be great. thx

  • MaximusMaximus
    Posts: 64
    I find the MGX a more consistantly stimulating device than the Helix or the Eupho. On the whole I think I like the Eupho more than the Helix as well.

  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30
    Thx Maximus,

    hmmm, maybe I should go back to the basics and try an MGX. I just hope my next buy will get my closer because these toys are quite expensive when you start stacking em.

    Gave the helix another try yesterday, and when inserted correctly ( the p-tab really just hovers above my perineum skin. did a search again and I can feel a more sensitive little bump about 1/4 of an inch further away from my anus, so the p-tab handle seems too short to put the p-tab in the right spot.

    I've been comparing the models by layering them on top of each other in photo-software, to get a better idea how they compare on shape, length, angle, tap-distance en height etc. problem is that the pictures on the site have different overall scale.

    thx Guys,
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I've found the Helix is quicker and lighter in approach than the MGX. True the p-tab doesn't press as well, but will touch when you are really stimulated and pulling it into you. Anyway, I've learned I can get started and warmed up faster with the Helix. For me it doesn't require as much contractions and effort to start it working. When I am primed I switch over to the MGX and it does it's magic!
  • HelikzHelikz
    Posts: 30
    Thx OH!!

    Any other opinions on this matter out there?