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Frustrated Not-So-New User
  • Hey all. I have had my Aneros SGX for about 6 months now, and I have never had a Super O. I have read these forums since I bought it. I have tried breathing, contractions, etc. All to no avail. My trials usually are about an hour to and hour and a half and yes it has felt good, but nothing mind blowing. Though I do have to say, it has been very relaxing, just lying there.

    I have had minor contractions, and I don't try too hard after having read the Bee-Line. I don't know what to do, I am at a loss. I am going to try the Helix since I think it is not hitting my Prostate. The reason why I got the SGX is I thought it was the smallest and since I had never had anything near my butt before, except for the doctor checking my prostate which hurt.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you!
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Hmmm, im no expert o Aneros by a long shot. Even though i have pleasure that is out of this world. you could be right in saying the SGX could be too small. my first one was the MGX and id never had anything up my butt, period. But i thought if im gonna try it, i might aswell try it wholeheartedly and knowing that my first few sessions would be uncomfortable.
    Just whatever you do, dont get the Progasm at this stage. !. as people say, it would be more of a glorified butt plug at this stage, and 2. it could really hurt you if not fully ready for it.
    Go get a Helix, you have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    If you have been trying for the last 6 months I think you should be able to try any of the smaller models ie MGX Helix or the Eupho. How tall are you? The SGX may not be reaching your prostate but I agree if you are new to prostate simulation and anal play the SGX was a good place to start.

  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    as my first aneros was the progasm...reason for this decision was i was already used to dildo and vibe insertions...i too would not recommend it to start with...the helix which was my second one is prolly the way to go..although i had one super-o with the progasm i'm finding now with more time working with the helix i'm enjoying it better as i can manipulate it more with varied contractions than i can the progasm...
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Harbinger!

    When I first started, I used the SGX too and for the same reasons I went to the Helix!

    My first Super-O was with the Helix too, but later-on I tried the SGX just for a change of pace and had one of my best Super-O's ever (with no P-tab, too!!

    I made the mistake of doing such extensive Mods, that I broke the P-tab off my SGX and just last week I re-bought another SGX because I had this feeling, it would really work great now that I am experienced! (AND I WAS RIGHT!)

    I guess, what I'm saying is that the Helix is a good idea, but after your re-wiring takes place, you will probably enjoy the SGX allot!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • I bought SGX because it is the smallest and recommended for guys arround 5ft 6in. Well, I do not feel anything major. I do not know if i should order different one and try.
    Will see.