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I get involuntaries but no pleasure...
  • qwer1234qwer1234
    Posts: 21
    I can get the aneros bopping around down there, often for quite some time. My heart rate often now starts POUNDING in my chest like I'm gonna have a heart attack. The aneros will move in and out slowly then quickly. But, after two years of aneros use, I still feel no pleasure or any sort of nicve sensation that I could concentrate on. What the hell is happening? And trust me, I've tried EVERY suggestion on this forum. I'm sure by this point I've had close to 100 sessions...
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi qwer124,

    I’ve gone back and read all your posts. You have repeatedly described physical experiences which almost exactly coincide with descriptions of whole body orgasms by other posters. (your post of 8/9/06 – “I get the anus contracting on its own…” & “I also get full body shaking/convulsing…” What exactly is your definition of what constitutes an orgasm? It seems you are in fact getting pleasure from your usage despite your protestations to the contrary (same posting – “I can say that traditional masturbation with the Aneros inserted can lead to some very powerful orgasms, so it wasn't a total loss in time and money.” ) On 11/12/06 you posted – “I lay on my side and definitely felt some warm, tingly feeling start to emanate from groin region. My breathing got rapid as well as my heartbeat. I don't think I'd felt anything like this before. It was well, nice, but not an explosion.” This is a perfect description for the start of the pleasure waves generated by your prostate.
    On 11/13/06 you posted – “I think I was getting obsessed w/ getting it to WORK. I just try to enjoy the session for what it is instead of a goal at the end. At the end, I always finish with a traditional orgasm, which, in an of itself I think you would agree is very pleasurable, no?” You’ve indicated two important aspects here, first, acknowledgement of obsessive thinking about obtaining an expected result. Second, you may have cross-wired and/or programmed yourself for pleasure denial, most people would have said that last line as “…very pleasurable, yes?” then using your own analogy you went on to confirm that with your statement “…many women have never had an orgasm, or took them YEARS to achieve one. Either it was a mental block or a bad lover. In any case, I think this is a good comparison for us non-successful users.” I think we all know that the Aneros is not a “bad lover” so what does that leave you with?
    On 1/26/07 you posted “I can only say that I am mystified as to why nothing works.” And then your very next sentence was “For ALMOST A YEAR OF USE, I get rapid heartrate coupled with uncontrollable (almost) body-shaking. Once I lube up, relax and watch some erotica I can, coupled with meditative breathing, get involuntary anal contractions that range from weak to very strong. These can last, I think, as long as I can focus and concentrate enough to keep them going. Often, these contractions can build up into one big full body "tense-up" of heavy breathing, pounding heart and body/anal muscular clenching- that always feels like its going to explode into something incredibly exciting- but then dissipates and the tension subsides...” I think anyone who reads that would conclude that something is indeed working, but then you negated your whole experience with your next sentence. “In any case, these contractions produce No Pleasure whatsoever.” And then later negated that statement when you said “My only consolation so far has been increased intensity in my orgasms when I hand-finish off a session with the aneros inserted (especially w/ the Maximus). Definitely, more pleasurable than just using the hand alone.”Today you said “I've tried EVERY suggestion on this forum.” Have you really? On 1/27/07 B Mayfield offered you some very good suggestions in response to your frustrations, did you try them? You have made no mention of having tried KSMO or of even taking a temporary sabbatical from Aneros usage.

    The pattern that has emerged here is that you are obsessively chasing an intense Super-O experience but with a traditional penile orgasm mindset. There does exist some kind of mental block for you as demonstrated by the disconnect between the very obvious and strong signals your body is giving you and your inability to interpret them as pleasurable, except when in the traditional masturbatory mode. You have desperately been searching outside of yourself for some magic technique that will cause some breakthrough for you. This is totally illusory thinking, you really need to examine your own inner reality to identify where the blockages are occurring to resolve your mind/body disconnect. Only then will you actually achieve any of the successes you are striving for.
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    sounds like ur doing pretty good compared to the i feel nothing posts..
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Wow Rumel, what a great response! Very thorough.

    My initial thought for qwer1234 would be to spend some time not finishing his sessions with masturbation for a while. If he feels as though he has tried all the suggesions that the forum has to offer, than maybe he has already explored that. It was helpful for me to get over a few hurdles.

    I wish you luck qwer1234.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    qwer1234 said:

    I can get the aneros bopping around down there, often for quite some time. My heart rate often now starts POUNDING in my chest like I'm gonna have a heart attack. The aneros will move in and out slowly then quickly. But, after two years of aneros use, I still feel no pleasure or any sort of nicve sensation that I could concentrate on. What the hell is happening? And trust me, I've tried EVERY suggestion on this forum. I'm sure by this point I've had close to 100 sessions...

    Hi qwer1234!

    Rumel, you have outdone yourself on this one!

    I agree with your extensive analysis of what's happening with qwer1234 "110 percent"!

    The only thing I can think of to add is maybe the frequency should be upped? (100 sessions into 2 years comes to less than 1 session per week!)

    Also, the more stimulated you are the better, so I agree with Buster's assessment concerning the use of traditional masturbatory ejaculation to "finish" a session . . . (Try abstaining for a week or so and go into a session horny and deprived!)

    Maybe this can shake something loose.

    But, I must admit, this isn't your run of the mill situation . . . sounds like a full-blown dry orgasm, without the climax, perplexing???

    Later, Hlaser99
  • It very definitely sounds like a mental block of some sort..this sort of thing can be overcome with the use of certain consciousness expanding plants such as Salvia Divinorum or dare I say Mary Jane. Cultural conditioning goes out the window and sense stimulation increases. I've literally had orgasms which reminded me of my first time at age 13. However if you're totally against the use of external substances then I'm guessing you're going to have a tough road ahead. Best of luck!
  • friday77friday77
    Posts: 25
    Your experience sounds like mine before I cut off the handle on my MGX. I can get involuntary pulses even without the aneros. However, it only felt mildly pleasureable. The tab touching the perineum didn't seem to be in the correct place for me. I've only tried it a few times since I removed the handle and wow! I can actually feel nice sensations from the tab now. It also seems to press more firmly on the prostate itself. Before cutting on the MGX's handle, I also tried the Helix with very limited pleasure. My primary interest with the Aneros products is for prostate massage for the purpose of treating and prevention of prostatitis. If ever get a super O, then this will be an added bonus.
  • qwer1234qwer1234
    Posts: 21
    Thanks Rumel for such a long reply!

    Perhaps I wasn't making myself clear: Yes, with the aneros inserted, traditional masturbation IS more pleasureable, but nothing different than when I've tried using a buttplug. Certainly not the "mindblowing/screaming/multiple" experiences that users have posted here. My body will start tensing up, shaking, and my heart rate can get very fast, but these are just physical sensations, certainly not an orgasm (trust me, I wouldn't be complaing here if it was!). It seems the aneros is contracting on its own inside my body, but not hitting anything nice, or generating some sort of sexual sensations for whatever reason. I have gotten some brief (and I mean split second) nice sensations, that I am not able to reproduce again in a session. I've tried being stoned and tipsy too, no difference. I know we're not supposed to be goal oriented, but that's pretty hard knowing why we bought the damn thing in the first place!

    I have definitley gotten burnt out on the aneros and given it a rest for a awhile. Now I am trying to just end the session w/o an orgasm which some posts have reccomended, so we'll see how that goes. I suppose it is all mental, but truly, if I have a prostate, its either devoid of nerve endings or the aneros is not reaching it as far as I can tell...
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    You did not answer some essential questions I posed in my post to you. “What exactly is your definition of what constitutes an orgasm?” Are the effects you describe random muscle spasms not associated with the Aneros usage? Clearly your body is giving you real, direct feedback to the stimulation being provided from the Aneros, does your butt plug provide the same level of excitation? Not all orgasms are equal, in intensity or duration, see the current discussion thread - for further clarification.

    If you doubt you have a prostate, don’t you think you should have that verified by a doctor? However, if you are producing seminal fluid/ejaculate from traditional masturbation, you can be 99% certain you have a prostate. If your body were “devoid of nerve endings” there would be no reaction whatsoever, as there would be no stimulation perceived for your body to respond to.

    I can tell that you are extremely frustrated with your lack of success chasing down the dream orgasm and probably reached a level of burn out some time ago. If you know you are not “supposed to be goal oriented” , why are you persisting in what you know to be a futile approach?

    “I think we all know that the Aneros is not a “bad lover” so what does that leave you with?” This is referenced to the option you stated regarding “mental blocks”. In today’s post you acknowledged “I suppose it is all mental…” Finally, you are getting an inkling of where your efforts need to be directed. The external techniques discussed by others on this Forum are not going to help you one iota if your mental state is not attuned and ready for the experience.

    “Have you really?” (tried ALL suggestions). BF Mayfield gave you a couple of excellent suggestions. One was to give yourself a break from Aneros usage. I believe the intent behind that was for you to take some time to think about your experiences and try to evaluate things in your mind to resolve the blockages. The second suggestion, to try the KSMO approach, I believe was to get you turned in a different direction to begin considering the process of mental involvement rather than the goal of orgasm. Apparently you have tried neither of those suggestions, why not?

    It seems to me that you have not yet let go of the traditional penile focus on macro sensations and adopted the focus on micro sensations associated with the prostate. You said “I have gotten some brief (and I mean split second) nice sensations…”. That is good, these sensations are very subtle in the beginning and easily overlooked or ignored by your mind. In your case, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, your body has obviously gotten the message; it is lamentable that your mind hasn’t. The dilemma you are facing is to resolve the mind-body disconnect you are experiencing. All the techniques in the world are not going to help until that mental blockage is resolved, it make take a change in a fundamental personal belief to accomplish that task. I certainly do wish you well in overcomming this temporary barrier in your journey.
  • qwer1234qwer1234
    Posts: 21
    Well, the KMSO method is I think the only thing I haven't tried.
    I think for me, the hardest thing is not getting some sort of pleasure/arousal off of the aneros to really concentrate on- something to work with so I know I'm on the right track no matter how long it takes me. Again, I can hold the aneros in gently and eventually it will start contracting on its own and my heart will get faster. If I do this long enough, sometimes parts of my body will start jerking around and tensing up uncontrollably. This is pretty strange to say the least, but I wouldn't describe it as an orgasm. For sure, the aneros IS causing all this, so it must be stimulating something down there! But, I can get out of breath/pounding heart from jogging too, I wouldn't characterize it as orgasmic either...
    It feels like when my body starts shaking uncontrollably, that the spell is actually broken/shortcircuited and my body comes back down to normal. Its actually very confusing. Is this some sort of aneros orgasm?? If it is, I can't say its very interesting or erotic. The aneros contracting in my anus, just feels bland, it might as well be kneading my kneecap. It more feels like a buildup to something else that then subsides and goes nowhere. I've probably been stuck at this stage for 1.5 years now. I don't really use the aneros anymore, it just feels like I could be doing other things with my time. I know we're not supposed to be goal oriented, BUT, it's impossible to not have a little bit of wish fufillment somewhere in the back of your mind when you put it in!
    Reading some of these other posts, guys describe "pre-cum leaking copiously, sensual waves of bliss, the prostate being engorged with pleasure etc etc..." If I could even a little bit of this, I would be happy. I could at least have SOMETHING to work with- even if it took me another two years!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    It seems to me you are suffering from two basic problems. First, you have bought into the “hype” of other people’s postings and at some level of consciousness believe you should also be experiencing these intense events. This is thinking that will bind you to failure, you are a unique individual with your own unique qualities, as such your experiences will be uniquely yours, all those other posts should merely familiarize you with sensations you MAY experience not that you WILL or SHOULD experience. Your body has already given you at the very minimum many mini-O’s, even if you don’t recognize them as such, that is exactly what they are, right there is your demonstration of “SOMETHING to work with”. You have verified the Aneros massager is stimulating you and producing results.
    Secondly, somewhere in your past, early in Aneros use I suspect, you programmed yourself to deny pleasurable feelings associated with this toy. It could have been something as simple as saying to yourself “…this thing will never give me any pleasure…” and your subconscious took that in and accepted it as the truth. That is all it takes sometimes to create negative mental self programming. It also could have been triggered by someone else’s comment, but in any event this has created a mental block for you that continues to elude your conscious mind as reflected in your statement “It feels like when my body starts shaking uncontrollably, that the spell is actually broken/short circuited… Its actually very confusing.” A perfect example of your cross-wired purposes is contained in your statement “…the hardest thing is not getting some sort of pleasure/arousal off of the aneros …”. If you examine the logic of the statement , it reads as if you are working hard to NOT get pleasure. I know that is not your conscious intent and yet there’s the apparent contradiction in the way you’ve stated things.
    I think the KSMO approach may actually work better for you in that you may discover the blockages more readily through that process than trying to deal directly through the Aneros journey. After you have success with KSMO you may find the return to the Aneros experience greatly enhanced. I would encourage you to read ‘Buster’s blog for a description of learning not unlike your own.
  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105
    Hi qwer1234,

    I frequently experience pelvic contractions during my sessions. It’s only when they have stopped do I feel waves of full body tingling. To me, these waves are blissful but not intense or long lasting which is why I haven’t characterized them as Super Os. They typically last for about 15 seconds or so before dissipating. Sometimes if the contractions are at a steady tempo, I can just barely feel these same waves of tingling along with the contractions. When the contractions stop, the tingling increases in strength and is definitely noticeable and pleasurable. They are definitely orgasmic since this is what I feel during my edging sessions.

    Do you feel anything after the contractions stop? For me, the longer I have the contractions, the more likely I’ll have the full body tingling and the longer it will last. I’ve also noticed that my anus gently contracts in sync with the tingling waves. I haven’t always felt these waves though. In my early sessions with the Aneros when I just started having contractions, I didn’t feel the tingling at all. It was only after a period of time that I began to experience them. Hopefully you are feeling something other than just the contractions. Don’t discount or disregard any feelings or sensations as nothing important – that’s a sure way to keep them from growing. Do you feel a more urgent need to masturbate after your Aneros session? If so, then it’s definitely getting you more sexually aroused which is something in itself.

    It may also help to be a little analytical during your masturbation sessions. This is a nice tip from KSMO. Try to notice what you are feeling just before and during your ejaculations. How fast is your heart rate and breathing? Do you feel any tingling? Is it steady or in waves? Where is the tingling? Are your nipples erect and sensitive? Answering questions like these may help you detect these feelings in your Aneros sessions and perhaps help you realize that you were or are having some sort of orgasms after all!

    For me, I just enjoy using the different Aneros models just for the physical sensations that they provide - it just simply feels good to have it inserted. The orgasmic waves are something extra.

    Trying KSMO and/or listening to BrainSync Ecstasy are both excellent things to try. I recently listened to my HypnoFantasy Male Masturbation session that I bought not too long ago and Nikki has you “injaculate” several times which basically means to feel wave after wave of pleasure. It had been a while since I first listened to it, but I was having lots of pelvic contractions and was feeling lots of pleasure during that session. I definitely need to listen to that one some more!

    Hope this helps,

  • oscaroscar
    Posts: 10
    To some extent this is my experience. I have been using aneros for two months. After one month good progress with contractions. These are very strong. Initially the spasm would be muscualr tigtening through the body, that recurred after the session, but now they are more sexually focused. These feel pleasurable, in the way a yawn feel pleasurable, rather than an orgasm. The contractions feel like a very strong orgasm, but there is no associated significant pleasure. I have enjoyed the sessions (twice per week for an hour or so) but I am not feeling the levels of moaning ecstasy some report.
  • evil-zombieevil-zombie
    Posts: 172
    just about say 80% of my sessions yield the thigh and hip trembling in the early stages...first 30 minutes or so...i enjoy this though it seems a lil freaky feeling it happen...thats letting you know that the aneros is definately working for you...if you were getting no response from it ..well then you would be just laying there..correct?...
  • qwer1234qwer1234
    Posts: 21
    The whole body shaking thing is a little freaky the first time it happens. When it did, i thought I was onto something big, but I've let the convulsions go on for almost and hour, but after a while it just gets, well, boring... Every aneros session has really been the same for 1.5 years. Relaxation, gentle forced contractions, breathing, followed by involuntary anal contractions, increased heartrate/breathing, sometimes my limbs shake and tense up... and then it all peeters out. Usually, I just end the session by whacking off (at least I get to have some fun). Though now, I'm going to not end the session with masturbation, whcih some have suggested. So, I'll see what happens there. Some sort of "pleasure wave" I have yet to feel through the aneros contracting in my anus, it just feels bland and non-sensual.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Rumel has made some excellent suggestions here. But it is clear that it is high time for you to change things up a something different.

    Weeks ago I suggested KSMO . While it is by no means a panacea, it has gotten things moving for many users (with some finding that it pushed them over the top).

    You've been at this for 1.5 need something to provide a different perspective on this....KSMO has the potential for doing just that.

    Check it out!

    BF Mayfield
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Likely you need to work on your brain chemistry. My recomendation is to try the Orgasmic Diet or something similar. Orgasm happens in the brain. The shaking and sensations you describe are a precursor to greater things. But IMO it is up to the brain to 'click over' and release.

    For me I go through the shaking, tremors, etc you describe in the beginning of a session. It continues to intensify. This is usually pleasurable particularly in the back of my head / neck (brain). If I am rested and everything is right with me I will Super O. The best of what I experience may lead up to extreme shaking and sensations, but eventually it RELEASES. THe orgasm really occurs for me after a lot of the shaking. I enter a phase where my body is just releasing or emitting energy. I am being drained and it is just like waves of pleasure leaving me. This goes on for awhile.

    I will say also that there are times with the MGX where I will reach a climax and even wet ejaculate during a Super O. I may be shouting by that point. I have a feeling others may not believe this exists. I started a thread on it, but I definitely experience. I suppose I could try videotaping, but that may be a bit embarrasing. :oops: Anyway, I don't mean to brag, I just want you to realize what is possible. But if you have been at it that long realize that something is wrong. If you talk to Zaneblue or many women you'll find that many of them can't experience the big multi orgasms either. Zane has learned that the diet seems to make a big difference. I have always been on something similar anyway, so perhaps that is why I am so orgasmic. I'm not positive why I am just happy I am. :D

    Anyway, it seems like it is something like that to me. Perhaps you've had an injury of some sort in the past? Perhaps you need a different model. Perhaps the P-tab isn't in contact with the perineum? Give it all a try. Best of luck. It sounds like it is frustrating for you. I promise it is worth the hunt.