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  • curbcurb
    Posts: 6

    I've had the Aneros for about a year and tonight I finally got the beginnings of the Super O. Man, I feel like a teenager after getting his first orgasm. What a high! So, as the memory fades, I'll try to write down what I did differently tonight and what I think triggered it.

    In previous sessions, I'd been able to reach the involuntary contractions, but it's always been difficult to maintain them. But tonight it was easier and much more pleasurable, I think for two reasons.

    First, I've experimented with many lubes. The ones with glycerin always gave me the \"urge to purge\" if I tried to insert any beforehand using a dropper. The silicon based ones didn't do that, but they were always a bit thin for my taste. This evening, I tried Maximus for the first time (pretty thick, easy to insert with a dropper and didn't have the laxative effect). I was very generous with the lube (about 3mL, plus generous coating on the aneros), probably more than I had ever used before. This really helped with the involuntaries.

    Second, I gave myself a LOT of time. In the past, I would have set aside an hour or 90 minutes max. Tonight, I gave myself 2 hours (but I ended up going longer ;). One thing I should say right now is that in the past, I had never felt the Aneros actually press against my prostate unless I REALLY contracted (like testicals retracting kind of contraction). Even then, it was just a mild sensation. But after about an hour and a half of regular contractions and watching some porn, I started to feel it more and more with the 25% contractions (thought at fist it was my bladder filling up, but the feeling would go away if I \"let go\"). Heartened, I kept going, well past my usual \"what the hell, I'll just have a fantastic orgasm and go to sleep\" point.

    What happened next is hard to explain. Initially, I'd been on my back with hips raised and things were feeling good, but then I decided to lie on my side, the way the instructions say (one leg tucked up, one stretched out). The sensation on my prostate changed a little bit and gradually, the feeling like needing to pee turned into that feeling you get signalling the onset of a traditional orgasm. But my penis was completely flacid and I could _control_ the intensity of the feeling. Then, I realized that if I kept it up, I might finally have the hands-free orgasm. I think that realization fueled my excitement and arousal. My heart began to pound and my body started to shake, but again, I could control it by relaxing or contracting. At this point, my anus was exhausted and I had a hard time keeping the contractions going for any length of time. But it built and built and then, pop, the Aneros flew out of my anus. Fuck! I guess my back door finally gave out. I re-inserted and tried again, got close to where I was before, but my body was saying enough was enough, so I just \"settled\" for one of the longest and most intense orgasms I've ever had.

    So, after a year of experimentation and lurking on this forum, it finally happened and I just HAD to share. ;-) Hopefully, next time, I can get to the same place quicker and/or get better anal endurance. Thanks for all the helpful tips and encouragement, chaps. And for those of you still trying, keep it up! It is SOOO worth it.

  • supportsupport
    Posts: 232
    Dear Curb:

    Congratulations! Hopefully success will be much easier for you now.

    Would you consider copying this post to the thread " My First Super Orgasm" - 2nd from the top?

    Same for anyone else reading this comment. Please be as detailed as possible so that it will help others.


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Congratulations! Stay with it, you're right there...oh and maybe just a little less lube next time. The projectile Aneros this actually happened to me too with one of my first experiences (see my original testimonial ). Isn't Maximus a glycerin based product as well ?

    B Mayfield
  • curbcurb
    Posts: 6

    Originally Posted By: B Mayfield
    Isn't Maximus a glycerin based product as well ?

    Hi B.

    Sorry, I could have _sworn_ I'd replied to this ages ago, but I guess I hadn't. Maximus does not seem to have glycerin. The main ingredient listed is propylene glycol. It's quite a different consistency than the glycerin-based lubes in that it is thicker (more like KY). I've tried KY, but I find it hard to get it into (and out of) the dropper I use. Maximus also seems to \"cling\" better to than aneros.

  • curbcurb
    Posts: 6
    Hi chaps.

    So, after my initial almost-there experience, I tried a few more times without any luck (having a family limits the time one can spend on such endeavors). Talk about frustration: you know it's there, you know what it feels like, but somehow it remains out of reach. Well, finally last night I got back to the \\\\\\\"zone\\\\\\\" and managed to have the full Super-O without the projectile aneros problem.

    This time I was more careful and paid more attention to what I was feeling. Early on in my experimentation with the aneros, I found it difficult to know if I was on the right track, despite the excellent guidance offered by the members of the forum. So, I'll try to describe it in my own words and maybe that will strike a chord with someone else on the path.

    First, I think I know what I was doing wrong. Despite all the advice to the contrary, I was trying too hard to make it happen. It's really hard to get away from the notion that you just have to push these buttons and you'll get there. Last night, I tried to back off a bit and just let things go where they would. I got this mental picture of building a fire, little by little. Put too much wood on at once and you smother it. You want to coax it a little at a time.

    So, about those contractions. I was always a bit unclear whether or not these were Kegel squeezes or not. I've always associated Kegels with PC and anal contractions, but they really are different. It was hard at first (at least for me) to isolate one from the other, but over the months of using the aneros, I found it easier and easier. I still can't completely contract my anus without getting some PC muscle involvement, but I think I've managed to focus more on the anus and that seems to really help. After doing about 20 minutes or so of steady contractions, I can get the involuntary ones going pretty easily and I know I have enough lube when I can actually feel the aneros going in and out. Something else I've been doing (as Jedi Master B suggested) is abdominal and rectal contractions along with anal contractions. That really made me feel my prostate getting massaged.

    For a long time when I first started experimenting with the aneros, I'd get to these involuntaries but they just wouldn't seem to go anywhere. Again, I think it's because I was too focused on making something happen rather than just lying back and letting it happen. At some point, I just made myself relax, and really take my time. It's then that I noticed my body slowly increasing the level of contractions for me. If I tried to help it along too much, it went away and I'd fall back to the base level when I let go of the contraction. But then I could start over and the contractions would steadily increase again. This is what I think everyone refers to as \\\\\\\"riding the wave\\\\\\\". I've found that the key to riding the wave is to find the right level of coaxing without pushing it too hard. Again, the fire analogy seems apt.

    As I ride this wave, I start to notice my body tensing (especially my legs and abdomen). Higher still, I start to shake all over and I know I'm really getting close. I find it hard to stay at this point for too long, so I often end up relaxing and coming off the wave. When I do that, however, I get a very pleasant sensation in my prostate, a fullness that I often associate with extreme arousal. This is another sign I've come to associate with being really near the Super-O. I'll probably go up and down this wave several times. But each time, my arousal gets a bit higher and now my heart rate increases and my breathing gets faster (almost panting). This is where I got to the last time when the aneros decided to vacate my anus rather abruptly. THIS time, however, I used less lube and I was able to \\\\\\\"hold on\\\\\\\". Thank heavens, because the feeling got really, really intense. I got the \\\\\\\"point of no return\\\\\\\" feeling I usually get with traditional orgasms. I think I could have backed off and let the feeling last, but I just gave myself up to it. And it went on and on and on, like a continual orgasm that must have lasted for at least 15 seconds and just soaked the towel I'd put down. Wow. That's all there is to say.

  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115

    So it sounds like you had an ejaculation orgasm?
  • curbcurb
    Posts: 6

    Originally Posted By: FleshJoe

    So it sounds like you had an ejaculation orgasm?

    Yup, I ejaculated, no question about it. But it was "hands free" and with a completely flacid penis. And afterward, my arousal didn't plummet like after traditional orgams. If it hadn't been for the fact that I had to get up early in the morning, I might have continued.

    I had a session last night and I got to the peak a number of times, stayed there for several wonderful minutes, but just couldn't seem to nudge myself to the ejaculation point. Part of the reason was probably because my wife wanted to be involved and I couldn't focus on myself 100%. But that's okay, we had a LOT of fun afterward.