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ANEROS CAUSES IBS (life long painful cramping) DO NOT BUY!
  • Do not buy this product. The manufacturer takes no responsiblity for the product which is communicated in their disclaimer that the buyer uses it at his or her own risk. They know it causes IBS, but they keep selling it and refering to it as FDA approved and it's used for medical purposes. That's a load of bullshit. It may not cause IBS for everyone, but it does for some. It makes your bowels become more fine tuned and in the process they start sending messages back to your brain as your bowels move feces through it causing constant pain in your abdomen whenever your bowels move which is all the time. I got IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) from on inserting this thing twice with plenty of lube. I complained to managment about it and they did nothing. I have incurred thousands of dollars to diagnoise this problem. Do not buy this product unless you want a life long constant pain.

  • stmfttrstmfttr
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    That's interesting.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    i am really sorry to hear about your problem. ibs is absolutely no fun. i very much hope you can find a way to get relief and recovery.

    about the aneros causing the problem i am not sure, with due respect and despite your experiences, that the connection is necessarily there. sometimes medical problems come about on their own, and things that seem like they might be causes are really just bad coincidences.

    the reason i say this is that i have been reading this forum for almost five years and this is the first time i have encountered this issue. also, despite your intuition that the aneros sensitizes your bowels, i am not so sure that this is a persuasive explanation.

    my intuition is that perhaps you were going to get ibs anyway, and it either happened unrelated to the aneros, or the aneros could possibly have nudged it to happen a little quicker than it was going to anyway.

    also, here is a thread that discusses the irritation that excessive amounts of glycerin lubes can cause, which can appear like a short-lived ibs:

    i think it would be very useful for you to keep us posted on how this goes. let us know if it subsides. if it does, and, if you ever venture to use the aneros again, it would be very interesting to know if you get a flare-up from using it. be sure to try non-glycerin lubes

    again, let's hope you get well.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    There have been literally thousands of posts on this Forum and you are the first, to my knowledge, to state that the Aneros itself caused IBS.
    I think it is much more likely that you are having a reaction to your lubrication.

    I see that Darwin beat me to the keyboard in finding that related thread - but do check it out.

    I think changing your lube may make your IBS symptoms disappear.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hello dolphinrunner

    Sorry to hear of your pain. If you have checked out and read the thread darwin and rumel advised, you know a bit of my story. I have essentially had IBS and other gastric distress in the extreme all my life. I have been active with anal prostate massage since I was a teenager decades ago, and I am certain that the anal prostate activity is not a "cause" in my case. I was born with the condition and was cholic ridden for the first year. A perfectly healthy appendix was removed unnecessarily when I was five. Ulcers in pre-teens cured personally using yoga and visualization. Severe colitis in late teens, dairy was the trigger, and had been used heavily as part of ulcer treatment.

    I have been prescribed expensive drugs for the IBS and the current chronic painful diverticulosis. They helped a bit but no cure and still significant pain.

    The best thing I have found is a vegetable cocktail drink mixed with a heaping tablespoon of psyllium fibre and a splash of ginger beer, stirred vigourously and downed with two capsules of acidopholus probiotic supplement before dinner every day. Works miracles. Calmest gut since I was born, even though not quite perfect. Also best stool condition and so clean you hardy need wipe; closest to the dieticians' ideal. Cleanest most relaxed bowels ever for me.

    One more related story... Last week, during an intense bout of work in launching a new company and preparing two vital reports, running constantly and churning all the way, I felt a great discomfort in my chest (I am a cardiac patient) like a very uncomfortable energy storm. I was certain that it was not a heart problem.

    I had explored and successfully practised Tao Semen Kung Fu and the Microcosmic Orbit (circulating concentrated sexual/transformational/bioenergetic energies through the body in the early 1990s. I have found that both Aneros and KSMO have quickly reawakened the ability to sense, intensify and move those energies around again; like getting on a bicycle and riding effortlessly again after decades.

    Last week, in a blink decision, I redirected the energy storm in my chest down to the lower abdominals where one can store the Tao SKF energies, thinking "save that for later". Very soon, pain, cramps and a nasty little bout of explosive colitis! And then it was over and all clear; no recurrence. "Stray energies" can cause many bodily symptoms and as a returning amateur to Tao, triggered by Aneros and KSMO, I know that is what happened to me with that colitis return out of the blue.

    You may be a high energy person. Your use of the Aneros may have triggered a release of energy behaving like "stray energy". Only time and further experiments on your part can determine that, if you choose. If you become used to using Aneros, you begin the "rewiring" and gaining more sensitivity and control. That energy and its discipline can be a fabulous life enhancement.

    You might also find the book "The Second Brain", by Michael D. Gershon M.D., interesting and helpful. I have believed my gut brain/nervous system to be closely linked to my "head" brain since I was young. The Aneros, KSMO, Tao "rewiring" is intimately tied to this second brain in my experience. All the best with your condition.

    PS I was also attracted to the Aneros for its prostate massage therapy benefits for BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia, from which I have suffered for many years. As a medical device, Aneros works very well as promised, and I am very thankful for the relief it brings me from the nasty BPH effects!

    PPS Still editing here... Right on Zaneblue! I have been taking Omega 3 oils for over two years and their benefits for several of my health conditions are very obviously positive.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    Also, I learned this accidentally recommending women take fish oil for libido, fish oil can help IBS.

    Here are some references:
  • Ian92Ian92
    Posts: 20
    As someone who has suffered from intermittent IBS and piles, I can actually say that my anal health is much improved since using the aneros. I concur with what others said, try a water based lube that has no glycerin. I'm betting that the lube you are using is part of this problem.

    What lube did you use for the twice you tried it?
  • The lubricant I used was Sensua Organics a chemical free personal lubricant. The ANEROS may only cause IBS in only a few people, but it's not worth it. I had zero stomach/colon problems before using this thing. I remember feeling warmth when I inserted it like it was hot to the touch, but it was not. That was just my sphincter saying things are supposed to go out of here not in. I've never had anything else in there, but a finger only a few times by a girlfriend. Makes me think twice about asking my girlfriend for anal sex. I can't even stand to have this thing in my ass so I certainly can't expect my girl to have my penis plunging in and out of her ass. That would definately hurt. The ass is mean't to be closed most the time. Having it plugged up with a device is a bad idea and can damage the muscle as well as causing IBS. Thanks for all the replies, but I doubt this pain is ever gonna go away since it's been 2 years since it started. Best of luck and SAFETY to users of the Aneros.

  • i've obviously got some type of internal medical condition you need to have checked out...myself alone have for years used the wifes vibes and dildos in my ill effects...shes used them on me...i've fucked her anally who knows how many times..have you been to the doctor?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    can i make the suggestion that we let this post wither.

    all the points that need making have been made.

  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    I "second" that motion...
  • I have had all the tests one can have and the doctor said it was the likely cause of IBS. I had a colonoskpy, MRI's with contrast, and X-rays. I never said everyone will get IBS from this, but I am sure I am not the only one who has or will.
  • I seriously doubt permanent IBS could possibly be caused by inserting a rather small lubricated piece of inert shaped plastic into your anus as few as two times. Unless the lube was caustic or radioactive. Lay off the fast food already.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I could be wrong, but I'd say it is likely folly for a Dr to assume that 2 uses of the Aneros would cause 'permanent' IBS. IMO that would be nowhere near long enough for your body to sensitize as you say to every movement through your intestinal tract. Thanks for the heads up anyway as I'll keep a watch on it. I always use water based lubes with no glycerine. I've tried about 6 or 7 and don't really have a problem with any. One seems warm when it goes in but that goes away and I don't have any problems related to Aneros use. Actually after using the Aneros for awhile it seems to slow down the my lower digestive tract.

    I have had some IBS symptoms off and on for years before using the Aneros. I think most of that was I tended to eat almost no fiber, fruits, veggies, and I tended to go for lots of cups of coffee and spicy foods like Mexican, Thai, etc. When I noticed that was a problem I cut back on it and added some benefiber (about 4 to 5 tsp daily) in the morn. That and cutting back on the spicy and caffein really helped. I take a lot of fish oil now as well. It may help IBS, but it can also be disruptive if you aren't careful. Make sure and start in small doses, always with a meal and problably with additional fiber. Only use highly purified, high concentration EPA /DHA fish oil.

    My Mom has had a really bad case of IBS for awhile now. She has trouble eating without problems. There are so many potential causes of IBS. Really look hard at your diet, and lifestyle. Make healthy changes and additions as I have mentioned. Check your meds to make sure they don't cause a potential digestive problems. Check for bacteria or other systemic problems such as giardia. Check for fungus. Get a good probiotic with lots of beneficial strains of bacteria to aid digestion. If you've taken lots or large doses of antibiotic in the past your own digestive flora could have been killed off. You can also try prebiotics to feed your own intestinal bacteria, and finally find some good digestive enzymes. It's tough to diagnose and solve. Be patient and don't give up. You'll solve this eventually if you are persistent and learned.
  • why no glycerin?
  • anyone?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    do a forum search on glycerin...
  • VicVic
    Posts: 99
    Firstly, sorry to hear about your condition "dolp" that kind of in-balance is not pretty at the best of times, not to mention the worst times or any time. However, I seriously doubt the cause to be contributed to the Aneros and furthermore would be very cautious about any MD who would tell you that is is indeed the culprit. Men have been using penetrative devices anally for centuries and the "bottom" line does not point to them being the cause of said condition. Mind you, abusive action in that region of the anatomy will show cause for pain and displeasure. For the most part abusive action is brought on by any mind altering substance that will trick the mind into not feeling pain at the time of action but will show up the following morning. I have been into solo-penetration for years without side effects and I've used devices much larger than this skinny little piece of plastic and greater in length. I am always aware of any pain that occurs and will stop immediately so as to not incur discomfit. In conclusion I think a doctor is just plain lazy to tell anyone point-blank that this tiny, tiny Aneros has created such displeasure and is the major cause of a disease. SECOND OPPINIONS are always helpfull.
  • Within 1 month of using the aneros I had the pain. It was mild at first. Just a pain in my side. I just woke up with it one day. I had previously pitched the Aneros after the 2nd insertion because I felt it was too hard to get out and after cumming while I had it in, even though I felt the orgasm as if it were clearer or more exagerrated it didn't feel that good to me and certainly not as good as the ads and company made it out to be. After using it, and feeling that warm sensation, after that I always noticed that warm sensation when defecating. I am not sure if it tuned in my brain to my bowels or if it just damaged the sphincter and now it felt different.

    Anyway I did not make the connection with the pain in my side to the Aneros since I pumped a lot of iron I figured I just pulled some soft tissue in my side. That's what my doc thought too so we waited six months. Same old pain, but sometimes much worse so I went to a specialist and he started all the heavy testing, the colonskopy, MRI's, and X-rays. Absolutely nothing showed up wrong. When this happens the doctors attribute the pain to IBS. The pain is linked to my bowels cause all I have to do is think about eating and it starts to hurt.

    I understand lots of people use the Aneros successfully, but unfortunately for me and probably a few other people it can cause IBS. Lots of things in life can be fun and enjoyable and even a few people get lucky and don't get hurt. There's lots of old people who have smoked all there life and never develop cancer. They are the lucky ones, but don't kid yourself smoking does cause cancer. Just because a few people have escaped it doesn't mean it doesn't cause cancer. The same with the Aneros, just because most people don't get IBS from it, doesn't mean no one can. I recommend not using the device and if the manufacturer cared about their customers they would at least issue a warning with the device just like cigarettes have a warning.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Dolphinrunner , You’ve made your point that you have suffered an unfortunate incident and are having to deal with a painful condition that may or may not be Aneros related. I sincerely hope that time will allow your body to fully heal itself. It is indeed unfortunate that not ALL people can enjoy ALL things in life. I hope that you are thankful for ALL the good things in your life that you CAN enjoy healthfully.

    darwin said:

    can i make the suggestion that we let this post wither. all the points that need making have been made.

    Virg said:

    I "second" that motion...

    The motion has been seconded and the motion is passed. Let us finally move on!
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Hey my Mom started taking Flora Source

    She claims it is making a world of difference for her. It has like 16 different beneficial bacteria. Testimonials of this product are amazing. This is probably your real cure! :)

    Also, start taking highly concentrated, high purity fish oil daily. Work up to 1600 EPA/ 1200 DHA (4 1000mg capsules). IBS can be helped by fish oil as it helps to reduce inflammation. You many need a bit more. Check - ask Dr Sears for dosage recommendation. Likely if it isn't true IBS then fish oil will cure it anyway as it will reduce inflammation and problems all over your body with time and the proper dosage. Since you may have IBS you probably want to take fiber with it and build slowly as you tolerate it, and only take with meals.

    Let us know if my 2 suggestions help. There is no downside that I am aware of, and it can only improve your condition. PS: Tell your doctor if you are on cumiden or aspirin therapy before starting to take high dose fish oil.
  • Im wondering now if anybody can have IBS from having something in the ass than...Actually there is someting every day pushing and touching....if i go to the toilet. and there ate millions of wives with curious husbands who find anal sex hot so poor wives allow him to do it...Not to mention all the gays with regular anal sex.

    If i follow this idea, most of the IBS people should be gay and the rest is str8 women. Or even bad eating habits.
    So i doubt using sex toys would cause IBS, more probably is that already existing IBS can be worse after using them. for me IBS is the medical term for "we dont know what your problem is" anyway right after "food allergy" and "sensitive".

    "Anal sex per se is not directly associated with IBS, but there are a couple of caveats. 1) If anal sex is rough, without adequate lube, than structural damage to the delicate tissues (cuts, scratches, etc.) can occur. This can make your IBS symptoms worse, as diarrhea, constipation, cramping, can feel worse after rough anal sex. 2) The following is my theory, as I have not seen this formally accepted by medical authorities: If your partner cums inside your ass, those seminal proteins (prostate secretions, sperm, etc.), even in the absence of any virus or other germ, can cause irritation and possibly a mild allergic response. This too can make IBS more severe, as there is an autoimmune function component to IBS (as well as other conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, etc.). Therefore I would recommend that your partner pull out before he comes."
  • silentproteus:

    I think you're on to something. I mean seriously, a piece of insert plastic is not going to cause IBS. Much more likely it was a chemical in a lube he was using (glycerin is used in a lot of different lubricants). Either that or he simply didn't use enough lube and there was some abrasion.


    So to use your cigarette analogy, lung cancer would be caused by the physical insertion of the filter of a cigarette through your puckered lips, not from the chemicals inhaled.

    SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Quitting Aneros Use Now Greatly Reduces Serious Benefits to Your Sense of Well Being and Pleasure.
  • Thanks to all for the suggestions. I have heard positive things about fish oil. Some people on this board seem to be responding personally and emotionally about this device. Like I said I don't doubt it can bring pleasure to a lot of people. It's just unfortunately me and possibly others can trigger IBS from it. Cigarettes do cause cancer. Not sure where the guy is going with that. The ass is designed to have flow out of it, not into it. This is a medical fact. By changing this process you force the internal sphincter muscle open for an extended period of time. This is not a natural movement of the muscle. For some people it messes with the nerves and triggers IBS. I am not the only one on here with complaints. Some one else has a posting about the aneros causing urinating problems. This message is not for happy users of the aneros, but those considering purchasing it. Racing cars is fun and pleasurable, so is casual sex. But are the risks worth the rewards? Only the user can make that call. I am just informing people about the risks because the greedy owners of this company will not tell you because they want your money. Do you really think they care about customers? If they did the ANEROS would not come with a DISCLAIMER OF RESPONSIBILITY. You make the call. And as a response to others about anal can cause damage and is much more likly to cause damage then vaginal sex. If you want to risk IBS then go ahead and do it, but there will be no one to blame because you have been informed if you read this thread.