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The "sweet spot" and Super "O" veterans?
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    I am curious as to how many have achieved the Super "O" have a definite "sweet spot" vs. those that do not have, or have not located, their "sweet spot".

    I have not found my "sweet spot" and after over 2 years, I have not had the Super "O". I am trying to determine if it is "required" for the Super "O", or not at al. So, all you guys that have been having SSSOOOOO much fun, chime in. Do you have, or do not have, a "sweet spot"?
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113

    My sweet spot is where the P-tabs hit my perinium. It is much easier to feel and massage when I am sexually aroused. Have you tried massaging your perinium while using an aneros stimulator? The additional stimulation really can help. Nood
  • BubbaBubba
    Posts: 7
    Yes very definately there is a sweet spot as the head of the massager moves over the prostate and Cowpers gland. This works for me:

    Lie on back with a small cushion just above your belt line in the lower part of the lower back. This way you can pivot your butt onto the bed. Tighten your ab muscles and lift your butt a bit off the bed. Push out and try to use the pelvic floor muscles. You want to push out so the aneros pushes to the front side of your anus - toward your belly side. Once its out, lower your butt and the aneros will slide inside. You can buck your body like being on the bottom in regular sex.

    Here's the trick. Keep the pressure on the aneros so that it doesn't slide all the way in and you are using only the end two knobs. As this slides over the prostate it gives an incredible sensation and you know the super - O is not far away. If this is going slow, try a bit of stimulation to your cock to help get you up there.

    Another variation is doing the same thing on your side. I call it the pogo stick - with your feet together on your side bounce your legs around like you are on a pogo stick, while thrusting your bum back. Awesome.

    The trick is to position the aneros to the front of your anus and use only the end.

    I have found that the aneros combined with any kind of ab excersize is just heaven. Lie on your back and do leg raises etc. Wow! When I was 14, I hurt my back in a track and field injury and was told to do leg raises by my physio. I found myself curiously aroused by this and by my the time I hit 30 - 35 raises I would spontaneuously ejaculate. Didn't know what it was at the time, but I think the excersize moved around the prostate and provided for this unexpected benefit !Can't do it now without the aneros inside.

    Hope this helps.