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First Timer -- Just ordered MGX
  • So after many weeks of contemplation about buying one of these I finally gave in and ordered the Aneros MXG model. I think what really convinced me was all the testimonials and forum related conversation stating that the sensations are incredible. I am somewhat nervous about the pain involved with first time it really pain or just uncomfortable? I also read that proper use shouldn't be painful at all and it will insert without issue. Just looking for some feedback~

    I will return here with an after session follow up to share my experience, can't wait for that package to arrive!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Silence,

    I would not expect the thing to hurt or be uncomfortable too much. Obviously, you are doing something new and there has to be a certain amount of getting used to it. Take your time with your first insertion and you will know at that point where you stand. The thing is not massive, so don't be too concerned.

    I am sure that you have read others say that you should not expect too much on your first time out, so keep your expectations low.

    Good luck and welcome aboard.
  • tnkylntnkyln
    Posts: 22
    I might assume that you have never had a Prostate exam before? If not no big deal. Your concern about pain or discomfort is asked by most. Pain is the body telling you something is wrong and to discontinue immediately or get it fixed.. Discomfort is the body telling you something is not normal and be careful.

    When you get your unit, look it over. The discomfort that you will feel is between the tip and where the stem narrows. The tip is rounded nicely to start the opening and entering procedure into the rectum. Once the tip starts to enter, the anal muscles and nerve endings sense an intruder and try to maintain a closed entrance. You will have to overcome the body control and do a gentle pushing to accomplish the insertion. While the anus is forcing open there will be some degree of discomfort but if you have the unit lubed well, are relaxed, and with smooth pressure it will be over real soon. You need to look at the shaft and imagine that the discomfort will be there as long as the head and shaft are on the walls of the anus. Once it gets past the body, about 3 inches, it quickly inserts itself due to the contraction of the anal muscles.
    Even though I am used to anal exams, I still prep myself for insertion by lubing my middle finger, and entering my anus. The muscle and skin is about 1/2 inch thick and you will easily know when you get through. I like to keep the finger in a few seconds and then bring it out. Lube the finger again and do it a second time. This time it is easier because the walls are already lubed. Go in as far as you can and then move your finger in and out of the canal without removing your finger. You should be relaxed by now and your finger should be sliding real easily.
    When you are ready for Aneros insertion, again be gentle but steady and firm. Once you know you are in the opening, push through it. Yes a bit of discomfort but only 2-3 seconds depending how fast you push through the opening. Once in, the feeling is so good you will have forgot about the insertion concern.

  • A simple tip that may help those who think insertion or removal is painful...

    While you are doing your deep breathing and relaxing, get your body and your mind calm. Think about relaxing your muscles, visualize those tense muscles relaxing and your body will respond.

    Right before you insert your Aneros, contract your anal muscles with everything you have in you. Use all the strength you have and hold it for as long as you can. When you're ready to stop, relax completely and gentle nudge your well-lubricated Aneros inside. Most people will find this tension prior to the relaxation/insertion has a whipsaw effect on the muscles and loosens things up in a helpful manner.
  • Alright that sounds very do-able and I doubt I'll have much issue with proper amounts of lube. Thank both of you for the input! My MGX was suppose to arrive today but I missed the delivery so they wont re-deliver until the 15th =(. I guess I am in no hurry, the waiting game continues!
  • So I finally received my MGX a few weeks ago and promptly gave it a test drive. Me being a person who has no experience whatsoever with anal play I wasn't really sure what to expect. I used a good amount of lube and tried to relax the best I could. My first session was mainly getting use to feeling something foreign and adjusting...I had no real feelings of an orgasm, but that is okay because I figured it'd take some getting use to.

    On my second attempt just a few days ago insertion was much easier and smooth, I was able to relax and let my body explore it's boundaries and ability. During this session I did begin to feel an orgasm arising but I kept getting too excited I think and would lose the feeling before it peaked haha. I plan on another session tonight, it seems like every session gets better and better even if it is small improvements =).
  • tnkylntnkyln
    Posts: 22
    Sounds as if you are on your way. The insertion phase is always most difficult the first time. After that the fear is gone and expectations take over.

    Now another phase seems to have been realized. The very subtle signals the body sends to the brain telling it something is feeling good in the rectal region. Unless one can get a hold of those signals, it will probably be near impossible to progress to mini 'o's' and beyond. Most that post here that are dissapointed and give up never understood how subtle these initial contractions can be.

    This experiance is not one that comes on easy like flipping on a light switch. Yes there are a lucky few that go over the top very first use but that is an exception not the norm. And I am sure you have read others telling that they were very successful and then at some time lost it and have been unable to get the feelings back. Just take your time. There will be good days and there will be better days.