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Is Vaseline a safe lube for the body???
  • Hey guys and gals, been a aneros users for a while now (about 6 months I have the Helix :D ) and truly love it. Really starting to get to grips and understand how it works cos all of my past sesions were just bland but my most recent one was something different I just knew it, I was on the right track to the super O! I was litrally groaning with pleasure but had to end early cos of time (time truly flies when your having fun :P ) so I just jacked off into an explosive orgasms but still not a super O.

    Anyway the reason I'm starting this thread isn't just to praise the aneros but to ask a question that I just can't find a definative answear for, is Vaseline safe to be used in the anus? I started with a water based lube (GunOil H20 which is one of the best) but even that dried up then I tried Vaseline cos of its greasy properties and it worked brilliant (I also spit a bit on the end to help insertion even more) as it never drys out and feels really comfortable up there. But I started doing a bit of research and found out that it may be dangerous when being obsorbed into the bloodstream and may leave a lining that collects bacteria. Now as science being in my field I can see these as possibilities but could some one who knows what there talking about please settle my mind and tell me the real deal with Vaseline and if its truly safe? My logic is if it was so bad we would know by now right? As people have been using it for anal for years but my thoughts can run away with me so any info would be really appreciated, regards CIK 8)
  • VicVic
    Posts: 99

    I've been using Vaseline for literally years long before water-based products hit the street. Not once have I ever experienced a problem brought on by the use of Vaseline. However, unless someone here in this discussion forum is a qualified MD and is willing to disclose that qualification to further educate you on the use of Vaseline, I would strongly suggest you seek an answer from someone trained in that field.
    I too find Vaseline far superior over water-base and I seldom run dry during a session. Some say it's too messy and they can't deal with that aspect of it, but it has never bothered me and besides Vaseline has healing properties that are welcomed and leaves your skin feeling very soothed.
  • VirgVirg
    Posts: 154
    Take a look at the thread, "The REAL question about the Aneros world". There is a lot of thoughts and suggestions there about different lubes.

    There are tons of posts on lube and not too much in definitive conclusions, unfortunately. The Aneros use is unique among sex toys, as discussed in the above thread.

    Vaeline is not recommended for internal use, period. It is a petroleum based product and can promote and harbor harmful bacteria.

    Sex toys and lube are not regulated by the government, so anything goes. Be careful.

    I am currently using coconut and olive oil.

    I really wish I could offer more facts but they are just not out there, or at least, I have not found them yet but am still looking.
  • hey chrisisking...seen u alot on fleshlight forums...if thats far i'm just using ky jelly...seems to work good...
  • Well if it ain't me I'm sueing someone for using my cool username! :wink: Thanks for the info guys, I used Vaseline last night and everything seemed fine plus I only use a light coating to keep things lubed up. One thing thats bothering me is that my stomahs playing hell with me cos of all the food, cider and lager I drank over the festive season, I had the same thing last year you would think I'd learn :lol: But thats got nout to do with the aneros or Vaseline just all the fun and games you have over x-mas and then suffer from the January blues :cry: Anyway cheers for the advice fellas and if anyone knows out else let me know, thats if anyone comes on here? It seems dead!?! :(
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi chrisisking!

    I used Vaseline for years exclusively with no ill effects! I now use Albolene cause it's slicker and easier to clean-up . . .

    Later, Hlaser99
  • I use a bit of olive oil on the device. That is it.

    I'm looking to pick up some grape seed oil though, I think it might be better for some reason.