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My experiences
  • BubbaBubba
    Posts: 7
    I've had the helix now for about 8 months. I've been through trial and error experiences plus got lots of good advice here.

    First of all the helix rocks! I've had countless hours of orgasms of the type I never have experienced in my life. Here's what works best for me:

    Cleanliness is essential. I always give the rectum a washout and small enema before hand and never had any troubles. No more than about a cup of water though - too much means some will come back at you later when you dont expect it. Not cool. Lube up in the ususal way.

    I have two favorite positions. The first is with 3 pillows piled in a stack then me lying on my belly with my bum in the air. I'll start by doing some klegels and just experiencing the sensations. Over the months I have learned to control the aneros pretty well. When I angle my pushes I can get the head pushed down against my prostate which brings on the orgasms pretty quickly. Since I'm bent over anyways, I like to spank myself a bit, but that's another story. :oops:

    Unlike most people on the board, I like to hold and stimulate my penis during the session. I've never had great control over ejaculations before, but with all the muscle tightening that happened since using the aneros, I can stop an ejaculation really well, and by letting go of my penis before I get too far. First orgasm (non ejac) I will get in about 5 minutes .

    I then switch to my back. I followed the recomendation of one poster who suggested a small pillow in the small of the back. This allows me to rock and buck onto the helix and give a very vigorous action. I push out when my butt is upraised and then sink down with my hips to impale my anus on the down stroke. ( I have a water bed which really give a nice fluid motion) If I push with the pelvic floor muscles it moves the Helix higher in the anus hitting all the right spots . My hand is keeping my penis lightly stimulated during this time. In about 5 minutes I am moaning and writhing in ecstasy and bam! bam! the orgasms start one after another. By taking the hand off my penis before they start, I don't ejaculate, though i will ooze fluid. Once this stage hits a few strokes here and there are all that are needed to sustain continous orgasms for the next couple of hours. Once I'm thoroughly wrung out and hoarse from moaning and screaming I just keep stroking my penis when a good one hits and I come with a mind bending orgasm/ejac.

    Sometimes I reach a state where the head of the aneros is snug against my prostate and I just keep orgasming steady without a stop. Then small waves of a second orgasm build up on the base of continous orgasms. The waves build up until a super-powerful orgasm breaks over the little continous orgasms and I end up in an undescribable frenzy of moaning, crying and whipping my body around the bed. Wow!

    That's my two cents worth.


  • I read about sessions like this with envy but I have to wonder if the Aneros should come with a warning for heart patients.

  • was wondering which to get in...hope its here tomorrow..progasmm.i ordered..newbie here..